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Situation Overview

Future Outlook

Prediction #1: A New Wave of Innovative Security Solutions from "Traditional" CEE-Based Players Will Bring Enhanced Security to the Broader Market in 2017

Prediction #2: Through 2020, as the IoT Ecosystem Develops, Spending on IoT Technologies Will More than Double

Prediction #3: The Development of Enterprise Mobility Will Drive the Expansion of the Mobile Management Market Beyond Simple MDM, Doubling Spending on Enterprise Mobility Software by 2020

Prediction #4: The "Employee Market" Will Stimulate HR Process Digitization and Growing Demand for Soft HR Solutions in 2017

Prediction #5: Interest in Blockchain Technology Will Increase in CEE Markets as Fintech Quickly Catches up with Public Sector Initiatives

Prediction #6: Design-Thinking Approaches Will Gain Wider Acceptance in Solution Development Processes by 2020

Prediction #7: LoB Professionals Will Be Involved in Analytics and Reporting Processes, While Spending on Big Data and Analytics Will Almost Double in the Region, Leading to Increased Enterprise-Wide Penetration of Self-Service BA and BI Tools

Prediction #8: The Number of Social CRM Projects That Integrate Sales Support, Customer Service, and Marketing Functions Will Increase; at Least 25% of Enterprises Will Use Behavioral Analysis to Reach Their Customers by 2020

Prediction #9: Vendor Cloud Pressure Is Set to Drive the Database Market's Evolution in 2017

Prediction #10: Within Two Years, 20% of CEE IT Workers Will Use Cognitively Enabled Personal Assistants

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