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Technology Segment Figure

Figure: Czech Republic Security Solutions Revenue Snapshot

Executive Summary

Situation Overview

Future Outlook

Table: Security Appliances Forecast by Product Type, Czech Republic, 2020-2024

Table: Security Software Forecast by Functional Market, Czech Republic, 2020-2024

Table: Security Services Forecast by Core Services Market, Czech Republic, 2020-2024

Table: Total IT Security Solutions Market Forecast, Czech Republic, 2020-2024

Technology Supplier Profiles

Table: Security Solutions Vendor Revenue, Czech Republic, 2019 ($M)

Supplier #1: ESET

Supplier #2: IBM

Supplier #3: DXC

Supplier #4: Avast Software

Advice for Technology Suppliers

Prepare for the Next Normal

Work with Clients to Address Employee and Partner Weak Links

Be a Trusted Partner

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Security Products Markets

Identity and Digital Trust

Network Security

Endpoint Security

Cybersecurity Analytics, Intelligence, Response, and Orchestration

Analytics and Intelligence


Orchestration (Automation)

Messaging Security

Web Content Security

"Other" Security Products

Security Services Markets

Security Consulting Services

Security Implementation Services

Security Operations Services

Managed Security Services

Managed Hosted Security Services (MSS Hosted)

Cloud Hosted Enterprise Security Services (CHESS)

Security Education and Training Services


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