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Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Toward the AI-Powered Contact Center

New Market Developments and Dynamics

Market Background and Drivers

Contact Centers Have Been Under Pressure for Some Time

COVID-19 Dials Up the Pressure, Highlights the Value of Virtual Agents

AI Technology Providers See Opportunity, Bring Economies of Scale

Figure: Timeline of Contact Center AI Announcements from Major Cloud Platform Providers

The Contact Center AI Market Opportunity in Europe

Four Key AI Use Cases in Contact Centers

Figure: AI Technologies Supporting Key Contact Center Use Cases and Applications

Key Vendors in the AI-Powered Contact Center Ecosystem

Contact Center Software Vendors





Content Guru





Large Public Cloud Providers

Google Cloud




AI Contact Center Start-Ups



Contact Center AI Adoption Trends

Customer Expectations Signify Immaturity

Technical Implementation Remains Complicated, but Vendors pin Hopes on the Cloud Easing the Challenge

Consumption-Based Pricing Models of AI Services Have Slowed Progress, but Practices are Changing

Focusing on Agent Experience is a Critical Aspect of Several Agent- and Customer-Facing Use Cases

Virtual Agent Development Requires Unique Skills and Often Multiple Iterations

Customers Remain Confused About the Different Capabilities and Offerings of Vendors

COVID-19 Changed the Market Landscape and the Technology Demands of Different Industries

Debate Continues as to Whether Virtual Agents Should Admit to Being Virtual

Organizations Need a Strategy for Vendors Making Changes to Their AI Technologies and Platforms

How Will AI Affect the Contact Center Software Ecosystem?

AI Will Grow the Contact Center Software Market, and Vendors That Fail to Integrate AI Will Lose Market Share

Contact Center Software Vendors' Customer Relationships Give Them Significant Power

Cloud Vendors with AI Offerings aim to Work With Customers Indirectly

Stickiness of AI Vendors' Technologies Could Give Them Some Flexibility to set Prices, Particularly With Existing Customers

Orchestration Will be the Real Value Play

AI-Driven Process Transformation Will Require Significant Expertise, Creating a Major Opportunity for Consultancies and SIs

Advice for the Technology Suppliers

Advice for Contact Center Software Players

Advice for AI Specialist Vendors

Advice for Consultants and Systems Integrators

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