TECH BUYER Jul 2021 - IDC Perspective - Doc # EUR147957421

Reigniting Growth with Digital-Enabled Business Models: The Monetization Cube

By: Giulia CarosellaEuropean Digital Transformation Practice Lead, IDC, Erica SpinoniSenior Research Analyst, European Digital Transformation Practice

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Reigniting Growth with Digital Business Models — The Monetization Cube

Situation Overview

Figure: Top Drivers of Business Change for European CEOs

What is a Digital Business Model?

Figure: Osterwalder's Business Model Canvas

How to Change: The Four Strategies for a Digital Business Model

Figure: Four Strategies for Business Model Innovation

Why Are New Business Models so Important Now?

What Forces can Hinder Change?

Focus on the Revenue Engine: The Monetization Cube

Figure: IDC's Monetization Cube

Making Money from Digital Transformation Is Directly Correlated to Maturity

Figure: European Adoption of Digital Monetization Models

Implications for the Technology Architecture

Key Jobs to be Done for the Technology Architecture

Key Success Factors from a Technology Perspective

Implications from an Organizational Standpoint

Inside the Digital Dream Team: Who Is Driving Change?

Figure: Top CXOs in Charge of Signing Off New European DX Initiatives

Key Success Factors from an Organizational Perspective

In-Depth Analysis: The Zalando Case Study

The Zalando Monetization Cube

Figure: Zalando's Monetization Cube

Customer Experience and Partners' Integration Are Crucial for the Technology Architecture

A Tech Organization with an Agile Structure


Advice for the Technology Buyer

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