TECH SUPPLIER Dec 2021 - Market Perspective - Doc # EUR148559821

Drivers, Challenges, and Security and Privacy Implications in the European Biometrics Market


Duncan Brown
, Kyla Lam
Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: The European Biometrics Market

New Market Developments and Dynamics


Industry Dynamics

Figure: European Biometrics Solutions Adoption, 2023

Figure: European Projected of Biometrics Solutions Adoption by Industry, 2023

FIDO: The Dog with an Increasingly Loud Bark

Vendor Examples

Fingerprint and Facial Recognition: Apple TouchID and FaceID

Palm Vein Recognition: Fujitu PalmSecure and Amazon One

Two-Factor Authentication: Microsoft Hello

Heartbeat-Based Authentication: Nymi

Figure: Business Goals Driving the Adoption of Biometrics in Europe, 2021

Figure: Measurable Results from Implementing Biometric Solutions, 2021

Market Challenges

Figure: Stage of Biometrics Adoption in Europe

Security and Privacy Implications

Secondary Uses of Data

Biometric Data Breach Consequences


Figure: Biometrics Deployments and Sample Use Cases by Scale and Device Type, 2021

Biometric Hesitancy

Advice for the BIOMETRICS Technology Supplier and Services Provider

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