TECH BUYER Jul 2022 - IDC Perspective - Doc # EUR149422322

The Anatomy of Patient Value: Priming a New Strategy for Digital Health


Nino Giguashvili
Silvia Piai
Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: The Anatomy of Patient Value — Priming a New Strategy for Digital Health

Situation Overview

Key Takeaways

Driving Patient Experience Though a Digital Front Door

Digital Front Door Opening New Opportunities for Patient Experiences

Investing in Patient Experience for Business Success and Resilience

Patient and Workforce Experiences are Intertwined

Empowering Workforce, Transforming Employee Experience

Greater Focus on Workforce Experience Improvement

Meeting the Diverse Expectations of the Workforce, Balancing Stakeholder Needs, Managing Change

Opening IT Systems to the Wider Ecosystem for Greater Sustainability: Expanding Care Beyond Hospital Walls, Managing the "Extended" Workforce

Enabling Data-Driven Intelligent Ecosystems

New Regulation in the European Health Data Space

New Opportunities Created by EHDS

Intelligent Use of Health Data: Massive Opportunities at all Levels

Enabling Data-Driven Intelligent Ecosystems: Collaboration is the Way to Go

Challenges to be Addressed to Capture the Great Momentum

Building Trust, Compliance as a Key Strategic Asset

Digital Identity as a Building Block for Trusted Healthcare Environment

A Digital Identity Strategy That Creates Care, not Barriers

Trust as a Precondition to Foster Innovation, Compliance as a Critical Asset

The Future of Innovation: Accelerate and Scale

An Innovative Approach to IT Technologies and Capabilities

Scaling Intelligence Through Transparency and Clinicians' Engagement

Future Proofing Healthcare Innovation, Nurturing Innovation Culture

All-New Set of Skills
Driving the Cultural Shift
The Future of Transformation is Human: Technology Will Augment, not Replace, Health Professionals
Avoiding Deadlocks, Embracing Ecosystem Intelligence

Advice for the Technology Buyer

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