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European Collaboration Applications Forecast, 2021-2026

By:  Oru Mohiuddin Loading


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Table of Contents

  • IDC Market Forecast Figure

    • Figure: European Collaboration Applications Revenue Snapshot

  • Executive Summary

  • Advice for Technology Suppliers

    • Prioritize Adoption and Training

    • Help to Drive Cultural Change

    • Offer Features That Help to Create Human Connections

    • Provide a BYOC Option to Attract Business

    • Expand Integration Capabilities to Improve Collaboration

    • Target Frontline Workers

    • Make Security More Stringent

  • Market Forecast

    • Table: European Collaborative Applications Revenue Forecast by Category, 2021-2026 ($M)

    • Table: European Cloud Collaborative Applications Revenue Forecast, 2021–2026 ($M)

    • Table: European On-Prem Collaborative Applications Revenue Forecast, 2021–2026 ($M)

    • Table: European Collaborative Applications Forecast by Key Market, 2021–2026 ($M)

  • Market Context

    • Drivers and Inhibitors

    • Drivers

    • Advanced Collaboration Tools

    • Emergence of New Use Cases

    • Inhibitors

    • Negative Economic outlook

    • Significant Market Developments

    • Innovations Focus on Location-Agnostic Features

    • European Countries Are at Different Stages of Adoption

    • Figure: European Countries' UC&C Usage and Future Plans

    • Changes from Prior Forecast

    • Figure: European Collaboration Applications Revenue Forecast, 2021-2026: June 2021 vs. December 2021 Forecast Comparison

  • Market Definition

    • Figure: Link Between Software and UC&C: Market Components

    • Collaboration Applications

    • Conferencing and Virtual Events Applications

    • Email Applications

    • Enterprise Community Applications

    • Team Collaborative Applications

  • Methodology

  • Related Research