TECH SUPPLIER Jun 2022 - Vendor Profile - Doc # EUR249200922

Sustainability Index Vendor Profile: Orange


Zuzana Kovacova
Dusanka Radonicic Gohner
Vladimir Kroa
Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Vendor Profile

Situation Overview

IDC's TSSI Index Framework

Figure: IDC's Sustainability Framework

Tech Vendor Performance

Technology as an Enabler


Company Overview

Orange Sustainability Strategy

Figure: Orange's Performance Against IDC's TSSI Index

Orange's Overall Performance Against IDC's TSSI Index

Pillar One: Technology Vendor Performance


Social Sustainability

Supply Chain for Company Operations

Operational Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Pillar Two: Technology as an Enabler


Energy Sources for Datacenter

Datacenter Energy Efficiency and Overhead

Circular Economy-Hardware Efficiency

Sustainable Ecosystem and Services

Pillar Three: Tech4Good

Solutions for Good

Executive Support and Partnerships for Good

Donations and Volunteering

Good for Local Communities

Future Outlook

Sustainable ICT Infrastructure for Sustainable Businesses

Efficiency Achieved Through Sustainable Practices

The ICT Industry Is Crucial for Implementation of Sustainable Practices

Essential Guidance

Advice for Orange

Communicate the Sustainability Proposition of Orange Datacenter Offerings

Turn Sustainability Expertise into Proactive Offerings

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