TECH SUPPLIER Aug 2022 - Vendor Profile - Doc # EUR249571422

Sustainability Index for Cloud Infrastructure and Datacenter Providers Vendor Profile: Google


Zuzana Kovacova
Elisabeth Clemmons
, Marta Muñoz Méndez-Villamil
Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Vendor Profile

Situation Overview

IDC's Technology for Sustainability and Social Impact Index Framework

Figure: IDC's Sustainability Framework — the Three Pillars

Tech Vendor Performance

Technology as an Enabler


Company Overview

Google Sustainability Strategy

Figure: Google's Sustainability Performance Against IDC's Sustainability Framework

Google's Overall Performance Against IDC's TSSI Index

Pillar One: Technology Vendor Performance


Social Sustainability

Supply Chain for Company Operations

Operational Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Pillar Two: Technology as an Enabler


Energy Sources for Datacenters

Datacenter Energy Efficiency

Sustainable Ecosystem & Services

Pillar Three: Tech4Good

Donations and Volunteering

Good for Local Communities

Solutions for Good

Future Outlook

Energy Efficiency Performance of Cloud Delivery

Sustainability-Related Priorities

The Business Opportunity of Sustainability

Essential Guidance

Advice for Google

Explore Collaboration with Providers of Carbon Accounting Capabilities

Keep Leveraging the Group Ecosystem to Drive Innovation

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