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Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: AWS re:Invent 2020 Highlights

Situation Overview

AWS for Industrial

GP3 Volume Types

AWS Glue Elastic Views

Use Cases

Amazon Redshift

What's New

Amazon Redshift delivers innovation to meet modern company data needs.

Use Cases

AWS Outposts

What's New

Use Cases

AWS Systems Manager Change Manager

Use Cases

AWS Audit Manager

Use Cases

AWS Trainium

Use Cases

AWS IoT Greengrass

What's New

AWS DevOps Guru

AWS Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL

AWS Babelfish for PostgreSQL Open-Source Project

Microsoft SQL Server Workloads on Amazon EC2

AWS Proton

What's New

Use Cases

AWS Nitro

Key Features


What's New

Advice for the Technology Buyer

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