TECH BUYER Dec 2022 - IDC Perspective - Doc # LA48864322

Remote Operations First in Latin America


Waldemar Schuster
Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Remote Operations First

Situation Overview

Smart Operations in Hybrid Workplaces

The Permanence of Digital-Native Remote Work and Operations

Remote Operations Are to Modernize

remote operations in Latin America

The Cloud for Remote Operations in Modern Workplaces

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Leverages Remote Operations Automation and Data Processing

The Skills Gap May Slow Down Remote Operations Initiatives

Remote OT/IT Operations convergence in Modern Workplaces

Resilient Businesses and Operations Transformation Need OT/IT Converge

More Applications for Operations

Adapt the Traditional Work Models

Remote Operations and Monitoring

Remote Operations Use Cases

Asset Management in Remote Operations

Security in Remote Operations

Remote Operations Trends And Drivers

Global Trends

Latin America Trend Context

Advice for the Technology Buyer

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