TECH SUPPLIER Jun 2022 - Market Perspective - Doc # META49132922

Saudi Arabia Artificial Intelligence Market Highlights and Key Trends


Melih Murat
Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Saudi Arabia Artificial Intelligence Market Highlights and Key Trends

New Market Developments and Dynamics


Table: A Comparative View of Saudi Arabia’s AI Market Readiness — Ranking in a Field of 130 Countries

AI Market Evolution in Saudi Arabia

Government Initiatives to Foster Strong AI Ecosystems

Table: Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Data and AI Strategic Targets

End-User Perspective

Figure: Preferred AI Investment Models of Organizations in Saudi Arabia

Figure: Countries with the Strongest Growth in GitHub Contributors

Figure: AI Adoption Inhibitors Across Organizations in Saudi Arabia

Evolution of the AI Ecosystem

Industry Dynamics and Emerging AI Use Cases

Figure: AI Application Investment Plans in Saudi Arabia for the Next 12–18 months

Financial Services


Energy and Resources


Advice for the Technology Supplier

Create Long-Term Local Value with the Help of Saudi Nationals

Enable Customers to Derive Actionable Insights from Data

Build Strategic Partnerships with Government Authorities

Invest in In-Country AI-Ready Cloud Infrastructure

Build Ecosystem Partnerships to Drive the Creation of Innovative AI Use Cases

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