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Feb 2016 - IDC TechScape - Doc # US41005816

IDC TechScape: Cognitive Systems Technologies, 2016

By: David SchubmehlResearch Director, Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems

Table of Contents

IDC TechScape Figure

Figure: IDC TechScape: Cognitive Systems Technologies, 2016 — Current and Future Adoption Patterns

In This Study

Technology Markers of Momentum

Table: IDC TechScape Technology Markers of Momentum

User/Data Interaction

Dialogue Management

Figure: Dialogue Management Markers of Momentum

Natural Language Generation

Figure: Natural Language Generation Markers of Momentum

Natural Language Processing

Figure: Natural Language Processing Markers of Momentum

Sentiment Analysis

Figure: Sentiment Analysis Markers of Momentum

Question and Answer Processing

Figure: Question and Answer Processing Markers of Momentum

Image and Video Analysis

Figure: Image and Video Analysis Markers of Momentum

Speech Recognition

Figure: Speech Recognition Markers of Momentum

Knowledge Representation

Automated Content Aggregation

Figure: Automated Content Aggregation Markers of Momentum

Knowledge Base Curation

Figure: Knowledge Base Curation Markers of Momentum

Knowledge Base Extraction

Figure: Knowledge Base Extraction Markers of Momentum

Knowledge Models and Ontologies

Figure: Knowledge Models and Ontologies Markers of Momentum

NoSQL Databases

Figure: NoSQL Databases Markers of Momentum


Supervised Machine Learning

Figure: Supervised Machine Learning Markers of Momentum

Unsupervised Machine Learning

Figure: Unsupervised Machine Learning Markers of Momentum


Knowledge Graph Traversal

Figure: Knowledge Graph Traversal Markers of Momentum

Ontology-Based Reasoning

Figure: Ontology-Based Reasoning Markers of Momentum


Cloud Processing

Figure: Cloud Processing Markers of Momentum

Graphical Processing Units

Figure: Graphical Processing Units Markers of Momentum

Technology Adoption Outlook

Market COntext

Figure: The Cognitive Solutions Ecosystem

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IDC TechScape Methodology

IDC TechScape Categories and Definitions: Transformational, Incremental, and Opportunistic



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