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Feb 2016 - IDC PlanScape - Doc # US41039916

IDC PlanScape: Customer Engagement Planning for Payers

By: Jeff RivkinResearch Director, Payer IT Strategies

Table of Contents

IDC PlanScape Figure

Figure: IDC PlanScape: Customer Engagement Planning for Payers

Executive Summary

Why Is Customer Engagement Planning for Payers Important?

Overcome the Historic Customer Fear of Health Insurance Companies and Develop a Loyal, Trusting Relationship

To Be Technically Equivalent to Other Industries in the Mind of the Customer

Connect Physical Life and Digital Experience

Enable Transaction Ease by Providing Customer-Facing Software That Is Easy to Use

Enable Patient Care Ease

What Is Customer Engagement Planning for Payers?

First, Separate the "Customer Experience" from "Customer Engagement"

For Payers, It Is Not Quite "Retail Customer Engagement" But That Is a Reasonable Model to Measure Customer Engagement Maturity

Historically, Customer Engagement Was Disconnected from Patient Engagement

Five Contact Points Drive Consumer Engagement with the Health System

Conversely, Five Contact Points Drive Consumer Engagement with Payers

Solution: Extend the CRM Model to Unify the Customer and Patient Approaches

Who Are the Key Stakeholders?

Tripartite Integrated Strategy

Internal Coordination

External Partners

How Can My Organization Take Advantage of Customer Engagement Planning for Payers?

Adopt Retail Best Practices as the Maturity Benchmark

Reinvent Customer Intimacy Through Relationship, Relevance, and Reciprocity

More Than Retailers, Increase Respect for Privacy/Security; Rethink "Opt-In"

Enable Marketing Sophistication by Adopting Customer Engagement Software

Optimize Your Marketing Efforts Segmenting Administrative and Clinical Data

Ease the Enrollment Process and Set the Stage for an Ongoing, Powerful Lifetime Customer Relationship

Digitally Transform Your Customer Service Efforts Making Every Interaction an Opportunity

Adopt This Marketing Technology to Help the Company Survive a Breach

Be Continuous in Your Presence with Your Customer, Providing Loyalty/Stickiness

Open the Traditional Network for Member Convenience for Continuous Presence

Open the Traditional Network to Virtual Care for Continuous Presence

Use Connected Devices for Continuous Presence

Use Technology to Move and Capture the Message toward Patient Well-Being, Not Just Good Health

Use Social Media for Continuous Presence

Essential Guidance

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