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Jun 2016 - IDC TechScape - Doc # US41449816

IDC TechScape: Worldwide Smarter Datacenter Solutions, 2016

By: Jennifer CookeResearch Director, Cloud to Edge Datacenter Trends

Table of Contents

IDC TechScape Figure

Figure: IDC TechScape: Worldwide Smarter Datacenter Solutions, 2016

In This Study

IDC TechScape for Smarter Datacenter Solutions

Technology Markers of Momentum

Table: IDC TechScape Technology Markers of Momentum

Opportunistic Technologies


Figure: Containment Markers of Momentum

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Figure: Computational Fluid Dynamics Markers of Momentum

RFID and Wireless Mesh Sensors

Figure: RFID and Wireless Mesh Sensors Markers of Momentum

Close-Coupled Cooling

Figure: Close-Coupled Cooling Markers of Momentum

Incremental Technologies

Intelligent Racks

Figure: Intelligent Racks Markers of Momentum

Intelligent PDUs

Figure: Intelligent PDUs Markers of Momentum

Universal Gateways

Figure: Universal Gateways Markers of Momentum

Flywheel Energy Storage

Figure: Flywheel Energy Storage Markers of Momentum

Intelligent Alarming

Figure: Intelligent Alarming Markers of Momentum

Dynamic Infrastructure Management

Figure: Dynamic Infrastructure Management Markers of Momentum

Connectivity and Performance Mapping

Figure: Connectivity and Performance Mapping Markers of Momentum

Transformational Technologies

Dynamic Cooling Control

Figure: Dynamic Cooling Control Markers of Momentum

Predictive Analytics

Figure: Predictive Analytics Markers of Momentum

Augmented Reality

Figure: Augmented Reality Markers of Momentum

Technology Adoption Outlook

Advice for Buyers

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IDC TechScape Methodology

IDC TechScape Categories and Definitions: Transformational, Incremental, and Opportunistic



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