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Dec 2016 - Industry Developments and Models - Doc # US42081416

The Evolving State of PaaS, Part 2: The Disruption of Container Management Platforms and Serverless Functions

By: Larry CarvalhoResearch Director, Platform as a Service, Al Hilwa

Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Study

A Note on Terminology

Figure: Cloud Application Platform and Developer Service Components

Situation Overview

The Software Revolution and the Need for Abstraction

The Roots of PaaS

Different Categories, Forms, and Styles of PaaS

Market Categories of PaaS

Delivery Forms of PaaS

Styles of Application PaaS

The Characteristics of Deployment-Centric PaaS

Containers — the Central Abstraction in PaaS

The Containers-Microservices Connection

The Golden Era of Deployment-Centric PaaS

Figure: Evolution of Software Architectures

Living in the PaaS Lane

Source-to-Image Variations

Future Outlook

The Rise of Container Management Platforms

Herding Containers

Putting the Fork in Docker

PaaS Evolves to Container Management

The Emergence of "Serverless" Cloud Functions

The Out-Abstracting of PaaS

Essential Guidance

Enterprise Considerations for Using PaaS

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