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Situation Overview

Table: Review of 2016 Top 10 Predictions

Future Outlook

1. Semiconductor Growth Will Return in 2017 with Projected Growth Across All Markets Compared with Overall Contraction in 2016

2. The Automotive Semiconductor Market Will Continue to Outpace Growth in Other Markets as Advanced Driver Assistance and Infotainment Features Move Further into Midtier Production Car Models

3. Memory Shortage Will Continue Through Mid-2017, But Market Correction Is Expected by Year-End

4. NAND and Dedicated Foundry Industries Will Continue to Drive Capital Spending in 2017 and Foundry Will Ramp 10nm Production by 1H17, While NAND Will Continue to Invest in 3D Capacity and Ramp Over the Next Couple of Years

5. Intelligent Assistants Powered by Voice Interfaces Increase the Need for More Low-Power Processing and Will Drive Broader Adoption of CE Applications at the Edge

6. IT and OT Security Will See More Convergence as IoT Security and Standards, Especially in Industrial Settings, Take Further Hold During 2017

7. Cellular LPWAN Technologies Such as LTE-M and NB-IoT Will Be Rolled Out in 2017 and Will Almost Immediately Start Taking Mindshare and Momentum from Wireless LPWAN Technologies Such as LoRA and SigFox

8. 5G Will Continue to Be in the Developmental Stages in 2017 with Additional Real-Life Trials Planned in Controlled Environments and 5G Antenna and Front-End Design Will Be a Key Topic of Consideration in 2017

9. Competition in the Server-Class Microprocessor Market Will Increase in 2H17

10. SSDs Will Be in 50% of Portable PCs and Detachable Tablets (Combined) by the End of 2017, Marking the First Time SSDs Will Be the Majority of Mobile PCs

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