TECH BUYER Oct 2017 - IDC PlanScape - Doc # US43039717

IDC PlanScape: Building Compliant Cloud Environments

By: Mike ChappleAdjunct Research Advisor

Table of Contents

IDC PlanScape Figure

Figure: IDC PlanScape: Building Compliant Cloud Environments

Executive Summary

Why Is Building Compliant Cloud Environments Important?

Organizations Are Shifting Workloads to the Cloud

Figure: SMB Application Growth by Deployment Type, 2015 and 2017

Adopting Cloud Solutions May Change Compliance Strategies

Cloud Vendors Have Varying Degrees of Compliance Sophistication

Table: Compliance Offerings from Major IaaS Providers

What Is a Compliant Cloud Environment?

Define the Scope of Cloud Compliance Efforts

Table: Selected Compliance Requirements

Table: GLBA Compliance Plan Excerpt

Understanding the Shared Responsibility Model

Figure: Shared Responsibility Model for Cloud Compliance

Who Are the Key Stakeholders?

Table: Key Stakeholders

How Can My Organization Take Advantage of Building CompliantCloud Environments?

Leverage Cloud-Centric Technology

Integrate Cloud Monitoring with SOC Activities

Trust But Verify: Conduct Routine Auditing and Assessment ofCloud Vendors

Essential Guidance

Figure: Essential Guidance for Cloud Compliance

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