TECH BUYER Jun 2020 - IDC PlanScape - Doc # US44328619

IDC PlanScape: Autonomous Mining Operations


Benjamin Kirkwood
Table of Contents

IDC PlanScape Figure

Figure: IDC PlanScape: Executive Summary of Autonomous Mining Operations

Executive Summary

Why ARE autonomous mining operations Important?


Types of Automation

Six Levels of Automation

Figure: GMG's Mining Automation Maturity Model

Autonomation Use Cases within IDC's Mining Use Case Taxonomy

Figure: IDC's Worldwide DX Use Case Taxonomy, 2019: Mining

Who are the Key Stakeholders?

Table: Key Stakeholder's Roles and Responsibilities

How Can My OrganiSation Take Advantage of AUTONOMOUS MINING OPERATIONS?

Setting Autonomous Priorities for Existing Operations

Figure: IDC's DX Road Map in Three Time Horizons

Figure: IDC's DX Road Map for Autonomous Mining Operations

Building New Natively Autonomous Mining Operations

Implementing Automation Delivering ROI

Integrating the Front and Back Office

Centralised Monitoring and Control Centre

Transforming Architecture

Advice for Technology Buyers

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