TECH BUYER Nov 2019 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US44538319

Marketing Investment Planner for 2020: Executive Summary

By: Warren LaneResearch Analyst, Kathleen SchaubProgram Vice President, CMO Advisory & Customer Experience

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Marketing Investment Planner for 2020 — Executive Summary

Situation Overview

About the Executive Summary

Key Finding: The Budget Boost Is Back!

Figure: Year-on-Year Company Revenue Growth Compared with Marketing Investment Change, 2012–2019

Key Finding: Awareness-to-Demand Ratio Remains Stable

Figure: Awareness-to-Demand Ratio, 2015–2019

Key Finding: The Changing Nature of Demand Marketing

Business Development Reps Increase

Figure: Business Development Reps and Direct Marketing Staff as a Percentage of Total Staff

Sales-to-Marketing Cost Envelope Nudges Toward Marketing

Figure: Sales-to-Marketing Cost Envelope in the Smallest and Largest Tech Companies

Decline of Sales Enablement Investment

Figure: Sales Enablement Marketing as a Percentage of Total Program and Staff Investment, 2016–2019

Key Finding: Investment Moving to Post-Purchase Journey Stages

Post-Purchase Journey Investment

Figure: Post-Purchase Journey Stage Investment

Increase in Loyalty, Advocacy, and Customer Marketing Staff

Figure: Loyalty, Advocacy, and Customer Marketing Staff as a Percentage of Total Marketing Staff, 2016–2019

Key Finding: Marketing Mix Continues to Evolve

Figure: Marketing Program Investment

Key Finding: Breadth of Marketing Staff Increases

Figure: Marketing People Investment

Additional Marketing Investment and Organizational Data Available

Customized Benchmark Reports Available

Advice for the Technology Marketer

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