TECH BUYER Dec 2019 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US45652519

The CIO's Guide to Managing Budgets for Enterprise Transformation

By: Alizabeth CalderResearch Adjunct Advisor, Suya XiongResearch Manager

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Managing Budgets for Enterprise Transformation

Situation Overview

Figure: Digital Transformation Technology and Services Budget Allocation by Funding

Demonstrate Prudent Financial Management

Know Your Budget

Be Conscientious About Forecast Management

Leverage Industry Benchmarks and Efficiency Indicators

Report on and Attend to Technical Debt

Develop and Use a Road Map

Leverage Quarterly Reviews to Highlight Initiatives for Next Planning Cycle

Figure: An Executive View of the Digital Road Map Example

Demonstrate Thought Leadership

Be Understood

Lead with the Facts That You Have

Clearly Communicate Consequences

Show That You Have a Plan

Advice for the Technology Leader

Figure: Essential Guidance to Manage Budgets for Enterprise Transformation

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