Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Talent Limitations

Situation Overview

The Future of Work: The Challenge of Talent Limitations

New Talent Sourcing Models Disrupt Traditional Ways of Working

Building a Competitive Talent Strategy

Table: Rethinking the Talent Equation

The Shift to Human Experience Management

Table: Seamless Onboarding and Discovering Potential

Customer- and Employee-Balanced Focus

Table: Customer- and Employee-Balanced Focus

The Shift to Human-Machine Collaboration

Automation for Productivity and Enduring Human Value

Humans and Machines Collaborate: Creating an Exceptional Employee Experience

Table: Creating Exceptional Employee Experiences

The Shift to Secure, Agile Work Environments

Secure, Agile, and Enduring Engagement

Table: Secure, Agile, and Enduring Engagement

Integrated Diverse and Reconfigurable Teams

Table: Integrated Diverse and Reconfigurable Teams

Building Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Adopting a Sustainable Talent Model

Figure: Talent as Competitive Advantage: Innovation-Based Growth

Advice for the Technology Buyer

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