TECH BUYER May 2020 - IDC PlanScape - Doc # US46011920

IDC PlanScape: Privacy Engineering


Mike Chapple
Table of Contents

IDC PlanScape Figure

Figure: IDC PlanScape: Executive Summary of Privacy Engineering

Executive Summary

Why Is Privacy engineering Important?

Figure: The Overlap Between Security and Privacy Concerns

What Is Privacy Engineering?

Security and Privacy Objectives

Figure: Privacy Engineering Objectives




Problems Arising from PII Processing

Figure: Problems Arising from PII Processing

Who Are the Key Stakeholders?

Executive Leadership

Chief Privacy Officer

General Counsel

Chief Information Officer and IT Leadership

Chief Information Security Officer and the Cybersecurity Team

Technology Architects and Engineers

How Can My Organization Take Advantage of Privacy Engineering?

Designate a Senior Privacy Official

Focus on Outcomes

Meet Compliance Obligations But Think More Broadly

Adopt a Risk-Based Approach to Privacy

Advice for Technology Leaders

Related Research


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