Table of Contents

IDC's Worldwide Blockchain Spending Guide Taxonomy

Figure: IDC's Standard Industries

Blockchain Spending Guide Taxonomy Changes for 2020

Taxonomy Overview

What Is a Vertical Industry?

Economic Entities, Enterprises, and Establishments

IDC's Sectors and Associated Primary Vertical Markets

Table: IDC's Worldwide Sector and Vertical Taxonomy: Company Examples of Primary Markets by SIC, NACE, and JSIC Codes


Key Characteristics of Blockchain

Table: Characteristics of Blockchain

Blockchain Types

Permissionless Blockchain

Permissioned Blockchain

Distributed Ledger Technology Versus Blockchain


Cryptocurrency or Currency Token

Utility Token

Asset Token

Security or Equity Token

Identity Token

Overlap with Other IDC Spending Guide Research

Overlap Across 3rd Platform Technologies

Overlap Across Innovation Accelerators

Overlap Between 3rd Platform Technologies and Innovation Accelerators

Addressable Market

Table: IDC's Worldwide Semiannual Blockchain Spending Guide by Industry Use Case, 2020

Technology View of the Blockchain Market

Table: Blockchain Technology Definitions

Deployment View of Blockchain

Public Cloud Services (Own IP)

On Premises/Others

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