Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: AIP — An Interoperable Framework for AI Infrastructure Stacks

Situation Overview

AI Infrastructure Requirements

The Three Dimensions of AI Infrastructure — Scale, Portability, and Time Dimensions

Introducing the "AI Plane" — A Full Infrastructure Stack for AI Workloads

Figure: IDC's AI Plane

Application Plane

Workload Specific


Data Plane

Data Management

Persistent Data Access

Data Stores/Repositories

Control Plane

Computing Platform Selection Layer

Compute Resources

Software-Defined Infrastructure

Location/Deployment Selection

Types of AI Planes

Open AI Plane

Figure: Open AI Plane — Open Source Stack

As-a-Service AI Plane

Figure: As-a-Service AI Plane

Advice for the Technology Buyer

Start with Business Outcomes

Develop Right Application and Data Architecture

Choose the Right Reference Stack

Decide Whether to Buy Versus Build

Leverage Right Partnerships

Advice for the Technology Supplier

IDC's Point of View

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