TECH BUYER May 2020 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US46378620

Post-COVID-19: A CIO Recovery Guide — Creating a New Digital Business Budget

By: Robert MulthaupAdjunct Research Advisor, Joseph C. PucciarelliGroup Vice President & IT Executive Advisor

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Post-COVID-19 — Creating A New Digital Business Budget

Situation Overview

Figure: The Five Phases of the Post-COVID-19 Recovery

Steps for IT Post-COVID-19 Budgeting: Remaining Competitive in Times of Uncertainty

Step 1 — Empower the Leadership Team to Steer the Budgetary Course

Step 2 — Initiate an Agile Digital Business Playbook Around Each Phase of the Journey to Recovery

Step 3 — Adopt a Multidisciplinary, Flexible, and Short Cycle Time Decision-Making Process

Step 4 — Establish Greater IT Cost Transparency and the Ability to Forecast IT Service Portfolio Scenarios

Budget Leadership Through the Five Phases of Post-COVID-19 Recovery

Phase 1: Crisis — Business Continuity

Table: Phase 1: Playbook Program with Sample Agenda and Actions

Phase 2: Slowdown — ROI Focus

Table: Phase 2: Playbook Program with Sample Agenda

Phase 3: Recession — Operational Resiliency

Table: Phase 3: Playbook Program with Sample Agenda

Phase 4: Investment — Acceleration

Table: Phase 4: Playbook Program with Sample Agenda

Phase 5: Recovery — Innovation

Table: Phase 5: Playbook Program with Sample Agenda

Delivering the Post-COVID-19 Recovery Budget

Scenario Planning — Place Your Bets

Figure: Planning Scenario Cost Curves, 2019–2022

Advice for the Technology leader

Figure: Essential Guidance

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