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IDC's Worldwide Digital Transformation Taxonomy

Figure: Digital Transformation Primary Segments for BOVC

Digital Transformation Taxonomy Changes for 2020

Table: Summary of BOVC Use Case Changes, 2020

Taxonomy Overview

Understanding and Using IDC's Digital Transformation Taxonomy


Brand-Oriented Value Chains

Digital Mission: Engaging Consumer Experience at Scale

Strategic Priority: Digital Supply Chain

Figure: Digital Supply Chain

Digital Supply Chain Program: Capabilities-Based Procurement

Table: Use Case Detail for Capabilities-Based Procurement

Digital Supply Chain Program: Extended Planning

Table: Use Case Detail for Extended Planning

Digital Supply Chain Program: Logistics Automation

Table: Use Case Detail for Logistics Automation

Strategic Priority: Smart Manufacturing

Figure: Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing Program: Strategic Asset Management

Table: Use Case Detail for Strategic Asset Management

Smart Manufacturing Program: Agile Replenishment

Table: Use Case Detail for Agile Replenishment

Smart Manufacturing Program: Quality

Table: Use Case Detail for Quality

Strategic Priority: Omni-Experience Consumer/Customer Engagement

Figure: Omni-Experience Consumer/Customer Engagement

Omni-Experience Consumer/Customer Engagement Program: Consumer Commerce at Scale

Table: Use Case Detail for Consumer Commerce at Scale

Omni-Experience Consumer/Customer Engagement Program: Advanced Channel Management

Table: Use Case Detail for Advanced Channel Management

Omni-Experience Consumer/Customer Engagement Program: Omni-Channel Trade Promotion

Table: Use Case Detail for Omni-Channel Trade Promotion

Strategic Priority: Innovation Acceleration

Figure: Innovation Acceleration

Innovation Acceleration Program: Innovation Platform

Table: Use Case Detail for Innovation Platform

Innovation Acceleration Program: Omni-Source Innovation

Table: Use Case Detail for Omni-Sourced Innovation

Innovation Acceleration Program: Life-Cycle Analytics

Table: Use Case Detail for Life-Cycle Analytics

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Appendix: IDC's Digital Transformation Spending Guide

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