Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Future of Digital Infrastructure Framework — Rapidly Adopt New Technologies for Competitive Advantage

Situation Overview

Digital Infrastructure Defined

Challenges When Moving from Infrastructure to Digital Infrastructure

Figure: Worldwide Share of Infrastructure Hardware Spending for Cloud and Traditional Environments

Figure: Ecosystem Transformation: Transition from Cold-Blooded to Warm-Blooded Animals

Figure: Transition from Traditional to Digital Infrastructure: Ensure Ever Faster Delivery of Reliable Digital Services and Experiences

The Three Facets of Digital Infrastructure

Cloud-Centric Technology

Software-Defined Everything

Memory-Driven Infrastructure

Heterogeneous Computing

Cloud-Based Orchestration Platforms


Ubiquitous Deployment

Asset Usage Model (Dedicated and Shared)

Consumption Model (Capex, Subscription, and as a Service)

Location (Core, Network, and Edge)

Autonomous Operations

Cloud-Based Provisioning/Optimization/Control

Cross-Cloud Data Management

Self-Regulating Infrastructure

AI-Enhanced Planning/Operations

Skills Transitions

Advice for the Technology Buyer

Establish a Digital Strategy for Infrastructure: Expanding KPIs

KPIs for Resource Optimization

KPIs for Consistent Resiliency

KPIs for Continuous Enhancement

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