TECH SUPPLIER Sep 2020 - Market Perspective - Doc # US46810219

Pervasive Application Edge Defense: An Application-Based Framework for Trust

By: Christopher RodriguezResearch Manager, Cybersecurity Products, Frank DicksonProgram Vice President, Cybersecurity Products, Jay BretzmannProgram Director, Security Products

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: The Growing Need for an Application-Centric Approach to Security

New Market Developments and Dynamics


Industry Dynamics


Application Risk Varies Drastically

Figure: Enterprise Applications and Web Applications

Figure: Enterprise Application and Web Application Risks

Applications Move to the Edge

Figure: Changing Infrastructure: From the Datacenter to the Edge

Application Differences Run Deep

Comparing Internal and External Applications

The Audience Is the Root Issue

Figure: Applications Designed for Divergent Goals and Priorities

Figure: The Root Issue: Two Different User Audiences

Market Strategies

Identity Is Key

Figure: Application Security Approaches: User Identity from Two Different Perspectives

Active Protections Are Necessary to Offset Missing Identity Context

Figure: Threat-Based Protections That Supplement Lack of Identity

Integration of Existing and Emerging Security Technologies

Figure: The PAED Framework

Scenarios/Use Cases

Figure: Beneficial Use Cases of a PAED Framework

Achieve Secure Access

Advance to "Next Generation" Web, API, Mobile Application Protection

Promote Digital Trust

DevSecOps and the Shift-Left Imperative

Taxonomy Guidance

Figure: IDC's Coverage of PAED Technologies

Vendor Examples

Advice for the Technology Supplier

Identity Context Is Critical

A Platform Approach Provides Deeper Integration

Protection Must Follow Applications to the Edge

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