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IDC's Worldwide Services Taxonomy, 2021


Chad Huston
Table of Contents

IDC's Worldwide Services Taxonomy

Figure: Services Primary Segments

Services Taxonomy Changes for 2021

Taxonomy Overview

Comments on Services Overview Market

Table: IDC's Services Overview Market Map

Hierarchical Mapping: Services Primary/Secondary Markets

Services Market Classifications

Foundation Market View

Table: Attributes of Primary Services Markets

Figure: Full Foundation Market View

Services Extraction Market View

Table: Extraction Market Example


Standard Services View

Project-Oriented Services

Business Consulting

IT Consulting

Systems Integration

Network Consulting and Integration

Custom Application Development

Table: Distinctions Between Systems Integration, Custom Application Development, and Software Deploy and Support

Managed Services

Business Process Outsourcing

Key Horizontal Business Process Outsourcing Services

Human Resources Business Process Outsourcing Services

Procurement Business Process Outsourcing Services

Finance and Accounting Business Process Outsourcing Services

Customer Care Business Process Outsourcing Services

"Other" Horizontal Business Process Outsourcing Services

Training Business Outsourcing Services

Marketing Business Process Outsourcing

Logistics Business Process Outsourcing

Vertical (Industry-Specific) Business Process Outsourcing Services

Business Process as a Service

Application Management

Hosted Application Management

Table: Distinctions Between Hosted Application Management and Traditional Application Management

IT Outsourcing

Network and Endpoint Outsourcing

Hosting Infrastructure Services

Support Services

Hardware Deploy and Support

Deployment Services

Decommissioning Services

Support Services

Managed Support Services

Protection Services (Accidental Damages)

Software Deploy and Support

Deploy Services

Support Services

Table: Marketwise Description of Maintenance Activities

Packaged Software

IT Education and Training

Foundation Markets Outside of IDC's Standard Services View

Product Engineering and Operational Technology Services

Product Engineering Services

Figure: R&D/Product Engineering Life-Cycle Process

Product Life-Cycle Management

Embedded Technology Services

Operational Technology Services

Business Skills Training

Carrier Network Infrastructure Outsourcing

Discrete Testing Services

Outsourced Document Services

Related Markets

Services Extraction Market View

3rd Platform Extraction Markets

Four Pillars

Business Analytics Services

Figure: AI, Analytics, and Automation
Figure: Business Analytics Services Value Chain
Figure: Intelligent Automation Services Value Chain

Cloud Services

Figure: Managed Cloud Services: Extraction Market Alignment with IDC's Outsourcing-Managed Services Foundation Markets
Figure: Managed Cloud Services Family of Primary and Secondary Markets
Figure: Managed Cloud Services Primary and Secondary Markets
Figure: Penetration of Managed Cloud Services: Substitution Effect

Enterprise Mobility Services

Social Business Services

Innovation Accelerators

Internet of Things Services

Cognitive/AI Systems Services

Blockchain Services

Business Model Extraction Markets

Digital Services

What Are Digital Services?

Digital Transformation

Figure: Business and IT Services Enable Digital Transformation

Figure: The Five Dimensions of Digital Transformation

Digital Strategy Consulting Services

Table: Digital Strategy Consulting Services Submarkets

Digital Agency Services

Digital Transformation Professional Services

Digital Workplace Services

Figure: Digital Workplace Services Offerings

What Are the Main Types of Digital Workplace Services That Employees Will See, and How Will They Change Their Workstyle?

What Are the Back-End Transformations That Employers Must Make to Enable Them to Institute Digital Workplace Services Effectively?

Offshore Services

Infrastructure Extraction Markets

Figure: Infrastructure Solutions Services Markets

Security Services

Managed Services

Project-Oriented Services

Support Services

Storage Services

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Services

Datacenter Services

Server Virtualization Services

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Appendix A: IDC's Services Market Forecast and Competitive Analysis Methodology

Figure: Measuring the Services Marketplace: Spending and Revenue

Figure: Market Sizing Methodology

Demand-Side Methodology

External Services Spending

Addressable Market

Captive Market

Services Spending Model

Services Spending Surveys

Forecast Assumptions

Forecasting Methodology

Supply-Side Methodology

Company Revenue Modeling

Standards for Defining Revenue


Revenue Recognition

Captive Revenue

Services Partnering and Subcontracting Revenue

Figure: IDC's Services Vendor Subcontracting Revenue Allocation Data Model

Product Resell Revenue

Calendar Versus Fiscal Year

Treatment of Exchange Rates

Allocating Revenue to Geographic Regions

Figure: Allocating Revenue by Geography — Three Views

Historical Data Reporting

Determination of "Other"

Figure: IDC's "Other" Company Estimation Model

Vendor Revenue Allocation Top-Line Data Model

Figure: IDC's Services Vendor Revenue Allocation Top-Line Data Model

Appendix B: IDC's Services Market Forecast and Competitive Analysis Methodology

Table: Detail of IDC's Geographic Granularity



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