TECH BUYER Feb 2021 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US47423121

IT Virtual Leadership: Leading the Move Back to the Office

By: Eric BloomAdjunct Research Advisor

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Leading the Move Back to the Office

Situation Overview

Key Challenges to Your Move-to-Office Initiative

The Need for a Formal Change Management Plan

An 11-Step Back-to-Office Change Management Plan

Step 1: Understand Your Employees' Current State

Step 2: Clearly Define Your Desired End State

Step 3: Identify Specific Unmovable Stumbling Blocks

Step 4: Identify Specific Removable Stumbling Blocks

Step 5: Formulate Your Back-to-the-Office Change Management Plan

Step 6: Work with HR to Make Any Needed Policy Changes or Additions

Step 7: Coordinate with Needed Internal Support Functions

Step 8: Write Your Communication Messaging

Step 9: Define the Critical Success Factors (CSFs), Measurements, and Feedback Loops

Step 10: Plan Implementation

Step 11: Ongoing Measurement and Monitoring

Advice for the Technology Leader

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