TECH SUPPLIER Jun 2022 - Vendor Profile - Doc # US48533522

Capgemini Engineering's Big Bet on 5G and Edge Services


Abhishek Mukherjee
Mukesh Dialani
Table of Contents

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In This Vendor Profile

Situation Overview

How 5G Can Be a Strategic Enabler for End-User Enterprises

5G’s Impact on Telecom Operators/Carriers

Change in Dynamics for the Network Equipment Providers

Tailoring Connectivity Using Private 5G Network

Edge Powering 5G Connectivity Services

Company Overview

Company Strategy

Capgemini Engineering's 5G and Edge Solutions Value Propositions and Offerings

Figure: Capgemini Engineering's 5G and Edge Value Proposition

Figure: The Pillars of Capgemini Engineering's 5G and Edge Solution Offering

Capgemini Engineering's Edge Computing Framework — ENSCONCE

Capgemini’s Smart 5G Connected Platform

Figure: Capgemini Engineering's 5G Connectivity Platform and ENSCONCE Edge Platform

Capgemini Engineering's Partnerships in Delivering 5G and Edge Services

Figure: Capgemini Engineering's 5G and Edge Solution Partnerships

Constant Innovation Across Centers of Excellence and 5G Labs

5G Industry-Focused Lab — France and India

5G Network Engineering-Focused Lab — Portugal

Use Cases Crafted for Overall Connectivity and 5G and Edge Solutions

Capgemini Engineering's Case Studies on 5G and Edge

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Case Study 3

Future Outlook

Essential Guidance

Advice for Capgemini Engineering

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