target audience: TECH BUYER  Publication date: Sep 2022 - Document type: IDC Perspective - Doc  Document number: # US48660522

IDC Perspective: Banking on the Cloud: Results from the 2022 CloudPath Survey


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  • Karen Augustine


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Table of Contents

  • Executive Snapshot

    • Figure: Executive Snapshot: Embracing Cloud for Digital Business

  • Situation Overview

    • Cloud Migration Accelerates and Is Gaining a Greater Share of IT Budgets

    • Figure: Worldwide Banking IT Spending and Public Cloud Share, 2021–2026

    • How Banks Choose Which Workflows to Migrate

    • Figure: Criteria Used to Determine Which Workflows Should Migrate to Public Cloud in 2022

    • Triggers to Move to Cloud and Partner Selection Criteria

    • Figure: Most Important Trigger Events Leading to Cloud

    • Actual Versus Expected Benefits of Cloud Adoption

    • Figure: Actual Benefits Often Outweigh Expectations for Cloud

  • Advice for the Technology Buyer

    • Cloud Is an Essential Component of the Digital Bank

    • Align Workload Migration with the Goal of Digital Business

    • Ensure Support for Cloud Management

    • Partner with Providers That Have Deep Experience in Financial Services

  • Learn More

    • Related Research

    • Synopsis