TECH SUPPLIER Mar 2022 - Market Note - Doc # US48955122

The Future Consumer Agenda: Mapping Out How Consumers Will Use Technologies That Drive Major Market Shifts


Frank Gillett,
Tom Mainelli
Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Business Leaders Must Track the Future Consumer Segments to Anticipate Tech or Industry Disruptions That Emerge from Consumers

In This Market Note

IDC's Point of View

Detect and Plan for Disruptions with the Future Consumer Framework

Existing Tech, Product, and Market Frameworks Fall Short

The Future Consumer Framework Maps Eight Segments of Consumer Behavior

Figure: Eight Segments of Consumers' Living and Behavior

Housing: Digital-Plus Products and Services Remake Existing Offerings

Travel and Dining: Consumers Build Ongoing Relationships Rather than Transact

Personal Mobility: Consumers Gain Many More Options for Getting Around

Money: New Players and Tech Shift Consumer Money Flows

Shopping: Retailers Move to Digital First to Chase Consumer Buying Shifts

Lifelong Learning: Learning Is Being Democratized and Scaled

Well-Being: Personal Tech Extends and Blends Healthcare and Personal Care

Entertainment: Consumers Embrace Expanding Digital Options

Map Key Tech Trends, New or Ongoing, Across the Eight Consumer Segments

Conclusion: Marketing and Strategy Execs Need a Consumer-First Framework

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