TECH SUPPLIER May 2022 - Taxonomy - Doc # US49011922

IDC's Worldwide Quantum Computing Taxonomy, 2022


Heather West, PhD
Peter Rutten
Ashish Nadkarni
Table of Contents

IDC's Worldwide Quantum Computing Taxonomy

Figure: Quantum Computing Primary Segments

Quantum Computing Taxonomy Changes for 2022

Taxonomy Overview


Core Versus Adjacent Quantum Computing Segmentation

Other Segmentations

Core Quantum Computing Systems, Platforms, and Technologies

Figure: Core Quantum Computing Systems, Platforms, and Technologies

Quantum Computing Systems

Superconducting Quantum Computers

Cat Qubits

Application-Specific Superconducting Computing

Trapped Ion Quantum Computers

Spin-Based Quantum Computers

Other Quantum Computing Systems

Topological Quantum Computers

Photonic Quantum Computers

Ultracold Quantum Computers

Quantum Computing Platforms and Technologies

Quantum Algorithms

Algorithmic Cooling

Amplitude Amplification Algorithms

BQP Complete

Hybrid Quantum-Classical Algorithms

Quantum Algorithms for Linear Systems of Equations

Quantum Annealing Algorithms

Quantum Software Development Kits

Quantum Error-Correcting Software

Stabilizer Codes (Additive Codes)

Entanglement-Assisted Error Correction Code

Quantum Convolutional Codes

Other Quantum Computational Platforms

Core Quantum Computing Services

Figure: Core Quantum Computing Services

Quantum Computing Provisioned Services

Quantum Computing IaaS

Quantum Computing PaaS

Quantum Computing SaaS

Quantum Computing Professional Services

Development Services

Deployment Services

Adjacent Quantum Computing Systems, Platforms, and Technologies

Figure: Adjacent Quantum Computing Systems, Platforms, and Technologies

Quantum-Inspired Computing Systems

Quantum Simulators (Emulators)

Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computers

Quantum Annealers

Superconducting Quantum Annealers with Flux Qubits

Digital Annealers

Quantum-Inspired Computing Platforms and Technologies

Quantum Optics and Imaging

Quantum Imaging

Quantum Sensing

Quantum Communications and Cryptography

Quantum Teleportation

Quantum Networks

Quantum Cryptography/Quantum Key Distribution

Other Quantum-Inspired Technologies and Platforms

Quantum-Reactive Systems, Platforms, and Technologies

Quantum-Safe Cryptography (Post-Quantum Cryptography)

Lattice-Based Cryptography

Quantum Computing Safe Tape Drive

Blind Quantum Computing

Quantum Random Number Generator

Adjacent Quantum Computing Services

Figure: Adjacent Quantum Computing Services

Quantum-Inspired Provisioned Services

Quantum-Inspired PaaS

Quantum-Inspired SaaS

Other Quantum-Inspired Provisioned Services

Quantum-Inspired Professional Services

Modernization Services

Consulting Services

Quantum Computing Investments

Figure: Quantum Computing Investments

Investment Sources

Investment Recipients


Table: Examples of Quantum Computing Infrastructure Deployments, Consumption Models, and Services Market

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