TECH SUPPLIER May 2022 - Market Perspective - Doc # US49057122

5G Indoor Coverage and Evolution of Distributed Antenna Systems


Bill Rojas
Ajeet Das
, Shiv Putcha,
Rohit Mehra
Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: The Future of 5G DAS Is Active 5G Small Cell Architecture

New Market Developments and Dynamics

Who Is Actually Responsible for Indoor Coverage in Commercial and Residential Properties?

Case Study: Hongkong Land — World's First Multi-Operator, Neutral Host DAS, 1997

Passive DAS Versus Small Cell Active DAS and Hybrid DAS

Figure: Passive DAS Versus Active Small Cell DAS

Business Models for Shared Indoor Infrastructure

Neutral Host — CBRS (United States)

Small Cell Sharing Models

Figure: Small Cell Infrastructure Sharing Models

Multi-Operator Small Cells — Neutral Host

Hosted Open RAN

Advanced 5G Indoor Technologies

mmWave Can Also Be Used for Indoor Deployments

Case Study: 5G Indoor in Northeast Asia

Case Study: SoFi Stadium (Los Angeles, California)

Future Outlook

Coexistence Between 4G Indoor and Active 5G DAS and the Role of the Edge

Outlook for Neutral Host

Regulation and Industry Collaboration Are Vital

The Next Generation of DAS Will Support Both mmWave and Sub-Terahertz

Advice for the Technology Supplier and Integrator

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