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IDC TechScape: Worldwide Adoption of Major Technologies in Media and Entertainment, 2022


Alex Holtz
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IDC TechScape Figure

Figure: IDC TechScape: Worldwide Adoption of Major Technologies in Media and Entertainment, 2022

In This Study

Figure: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and Managed Services Categories

Technology Markers of Momentum

Table: IDC TechScape Technology Markers of Momentum — Adoption of Major Technologies in Media and Entertainment, 2022


Over-the-Top and Streaming Platforms

Figure: Over-the-Top and Streaming Platforms Markers of Momentum

Connected TV

Figure: Connected TV Markers of Momentum

Software-Defined Workflows

Figure: Software-Defined Workflows Markers of Momentum

Cloud and Virtualization

Figure: Cloud and Virtualization Markers of Momentum

Imaging (8K, HDR, HFR)

Figure: Imaging (8K, HDR, HFR) Markers of Momentum

IP Transport and Networking

Figure: IP Transport and Networking Markers of Momentum

ATSC 3.0

Figure: ATSC 3.0 Markers of Momentum

Targeted/Programmatic Advertising

Figure: Targeted/Programmatic Advertising Markers of Momentum


Figure: Metaverse/Tokenization Markers of Momentum


Figure: Blockchain Markers of Momentum

Innovative, Tailor-Made Solutions that Enable Disintermediation


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Figure: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Markers of Momentum

Low-Latency Streaming (LL-HLS/LL-DASH)

Figure: Low-Latency Streaming (LL-HLS/LL-DASH) Markers of Momentum

Cloud Media Asset Linking

Figure: Cloud Media Asset Linking Markers of Momentum

Data Analytics

Figure: Data Analytics Markers of Momentum

Examples of M&E Data Applications

Mobile 5G

Figure: Mobile 5G Markers of Momentum

Security (Cyber, Protection, Encryption)

Figure: Security (Cyber, Protection, Encryption) Markers of Momentum

Internet of Things

Figure: Internet of Things Markers of Momentum

Edge Computing

Figure: Edge Computing Markers of Momentum

Closed Captioning and Subtitling

Figure: Closed Captioning and Subtitling Markers of Momentum

AI/ML- and Cloud-Based Solutions Simplify Delivery

Automated, AI-Based Improvements for Dubbing Workflows

Virtual Production (Unreal Engine)

Figure: Virtual Production (Unreal Engine) Markers of Momentum


Cloud-Based Production Automation

Figure: Cloud-Based Production Automation Markers of Momentum

Features of Modern-Day Native Cloud-Based Production Automation Solutions

Cloud-Based Integrated Playout

Figure: Cloud-Based Integrated Playout Markers of Momentum

Remote Production

Figure: Remote Production Markers of Momentum

Social Media (Aggregation, Monitoring, Publishing)

Figure: Social Media (Aggregation, Monitoring, Publishing) Markers of Momentum

Immersive (AR/VR)

Figure: Immersive (AR/VR) Markers of Momentum

Interactive Polling and Gaming

Figure: Interactive Polling and Gaming Markers of Momentum

Other Features Enabling Creative Talent to Produce Live and Interactive Content

Fan Engagement

Figure: Fan Engagement Markers of Momentum

Technology Adoption Outlook

Implications for Business Leaders

IDC TechScape Methodology

IDC TechScape Categories and Definitions: Transformational, Incremental, and Opportunistic

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