TECH SUPPLIER Jun 2022 - Market Perspective - Doc # US49084722

Computer Vision: A Technology Accelerator for Agriculture 4.0


Matt Arcaro
, Aron Cory, Ph.D.
Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Computer Vision — A Technology Accelerator for Agriculture 4.0

New Market Developments and Dynamics


Critical Challenges Facing Agriculture Today

Embracing Innovation and Agriculture 4.0

What Is CV?

Common Horizontal CV Use Cases

How Organizations Gain Access to CV

Understanding the CV Life-Cycle Process

Figure: CV Process Life Cycle

Investigating the State of CV Adoption in Agriculture

Agricultural Domains: Unique Requirements for Different Functions

Agronomy: Imaging "Sources" Support Different CV Functions

Satellite-Enabled Use Cases

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle–Enabled Use Cases

Unmanned Ground Vehicle–Enabled Use Cases

Fixed-Mounted Camera Enabled Use Cases

Livestock: Key Areas of Focus for CV



Animal Behavioral Analysis

Diseases and Illness

Processing: CV Provides Use Cases

Sorting and Grading

Diseases and Spoilage

Livestock Inspection

Identifying and Evaluating CV-Enabled Use Cases in Agriculture

Table: Agriculture CV-Enabled Use Cases

Advice for the Technology Buyer

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