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IDC's Worldwide Digital Transformation Use Case Taxonomy, 2022: Asset-Oriented Value Chains in the Manufacturing Industry


Jan Burian
Simon Ellis
Jeffrey Hojlo
Lorenzo Veronesi
Reid Paquin
Aly Pinder
John Snow
Robert Parker
Table of Contents

IDC's Worldwide Digital Transformation Taxonomy

Figure: Digital Transformation Primary Segments for AOVC

Digital Transformation Taxonomy Changes for 2022

Table: Summary of AOVC Use Case Changes, 2022

Taxonomy Overview

Understanding and Using IDC's Digital Transformation Taxonomy


Asset-Oriented Value Chains

Digital Mission: Collaborative Innovation

Strategic Priority: Digital Supply Chain

Figure: Digital Supply Chain

Digital Supply Chain Program: Capabilities-Based Procurement

Table: Use Case Detail for Capabilities-Based Procurement

Digital Supply Chain Program: Extended Planning

Table: Use Case Detail for Extended Planning

Digital Supply Chain Program: Logistics Automation

Table: Use Case Detail for Logistics Automation

Strategic Priority: Smart Manufacturing

Figure: Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing Program: Strategic Asset Management

Table: Use Case Detail for Strategic Asset Management

Smart Manufacturing Program: Smart Plant

Table: Use Case Detail for Smart Plant

Smart Manufacturing Program: Enterprise Quality

Table: Use Case Detail for Enterprise Quality

Strategic Priority: Connected Engagement

Figure: Connected Engagement

Connected Engagement Program: Customer Connection

Table: Use Case Detail for Customer Connection

Connected Engagement Program: Specification Management

Table: Use Case Detail for Specification Management

Connected Engagement Program: Service Model Innovation

Table: Use Case Detail for Service Model Innovation

Strategic Priority: Digital Innovation

Figure: Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation Program: Advanced Digital Simulation

Table: Use Case Detail for Advanced Digital Simulation

Digital Innovation Program: Formula Management

Table: Use Case Detail for Formula Management

Digital Innovation Program: Product Innovation Platform

Table: Use Case Detail for Product Innovation Platform

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