idcpressreleases IDC RSS alerts IDC创新者:无服务、不安全,中国网络安全服务创新者报告正式发布 北京,2021年7月23日——21世纪以来,互联网、物联网、大数据、人工智能等数字技术的快速发展大幅提升了全球数字经济水平,这些数字技术在给社会和人民生产生活带来极大便利的同时,也使得网络空间的安全逐渐成为数字社会稳定发展的重要前提。 Research Press Release Fri, 23 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT Asia/Pacific* ICT Spending to Grow at 7.1% in 2021 Driven by Digital Shift Across Industries, IDC Reports SINGAPORE, July 22, 2021 – The all-pervasive digital shift by Asia/Pacific* enterprises to attain digital resiliency has helped ICT spending grow by over 7.1% to reach $950 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $1.1 Trillion by 2025, according to the latest release of Worldwide ICT Spending Guide Industry and Company Size . Digital resiliency refers to the ability of an organization to rapidly adapt to business disruptions by leveraging digital capabilities to restore business operations and capitalize on the changed conditions. Research Press Release Thu, 22 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT More Than 70% of Indian Organizations Identify Investment in Digital Trust Programs Key Over the Next Two Years, According to IDC New Delhi, July 22, 2021 – Building digital trust across the ecosystem has become a defining indicator of a successful digital transformation journey. Enterprises are accelerating their investments in cybersecurity solutions on back of the increased threats during the pandemic. A significant number of breaches involve stolen credentials and passwords act as a key point of vulnerability. According to the COVID-19 IMPACT ON IT SPENDING survey, done by International Data Corporation (IDC), close to 67% of the organizations prioritized their focus on IT/cybersecurity to build digital trust for customers, employees, and partners. Digital trust programs have been identified as a major technology investment area by more than 70% of the organizations, over the next 2 years to ensure long-term resilience and success of the business. Research Press Release Thu, 22 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT IDC:2021年中国自动驾驶平台解决方案市场研究正式启动 北京,2021年7月22日——随着自动驾驶市场的火热发展,各大玩家都在加速自动驾驶技术的研发、布局和落地,自动驾驶相关技术的需求日益凸显,特别是使能算法迭代的计算平台及相关应用的解决方案愈发重要。基于此,IDC启动自动驾驶平台解决方案市场研究,期待挖掘并展示更多有创新性技术的解决方案供应商。 Research Press Release Wed, 21 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT 首发!IDC MarketScape中国RPA软件平台厂商评估报告发布 北京,2021年07月22日——国际数据公司(IDC)于2021年1月首次启动“IDC MarketScape:中国RPA软件平台厂商评估,2021 ”研究,并于2021年7月发布最终研究结果。IDC预计,到2024年,45%的重复工作任务将通过使用由 AI、机器人流程自动化(RPA)提供支持的“数字员工”实现自动化。近年来,RPA和AI科技企业都在积极布局RPA+AI技术,这将极大促进中国RPA市场的发展与成熟,技术供应商也纷纷构建起拥有自主知识产权的RPA软件平台,打造差异化优势。 Research Press Release Wed, 21 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT 한국IDC, 2020년 국내 퍼블릭 클라우드 시장 전년 대비 25.1% 성장···데이터 기반 플랫폼 수요 및 언택트 소비 트렌드를 중심으로 클라우드 확대 2021년 7월 22일, 서울 – IT 시장분석 및 컨설팅 기관인 인터내셔날데이터코퍼레이션코리아 (International Data Corporation Korea Ltd., 이하 한국IDC, )는 최근 발간한 ‘국내 퍼블릭 클라우드 경쟁 시장 분석 보고서 '에서 2020년 국내 퍼블릭 클라우드 시장이 전년 대비 25.1% 성장한 1조 9,548억원의 시장 규모에 이른다고 금일 밝혔다. 주요 클라우드 사업자들이 데이터 기반 아키텍처 수요와 언택트 소비 트렌드를 중심으로 퍼블릭 클라우드를 도입하는 고객들에게 서비스를 확대하며 시장 성장에 크게 기여한 것으로 보인다. 변화하는 IT 환경에서 유연한 방식을 제공하는 데이터 기반 아키텍처 채택을 고려하는 기업들의 증가는 향후 국내 클라우드 시장 변화에 기여할 것이라는 전망이다. Research Press Release Wed, 21 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT IDC Introduces Inaugural Best in Future of Trust North America Awards IDC today announced the inaugural IDC Future of Trust Awards designed to recognize North American organizations that have maintained trust amid the evolving needs of their customers. Research Press Release Tue, 20 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT IDC Names Leaders and Major Players for Asia/Pacific* SaaS and Cloud Enabled ERP Applications for Manufacturing in 2021 SINGAPORE, July 20, 2021 – The IDC MarketScape : Asia/ Pacific Software-As-A-Service and Cloud-Enabled Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning Applications 2021 Vendor Assessment has identified Infor, Oracle, and SAP as “Leaders” in SaaS and cloud enabled ERP applications for manufacturing in Asia/Pacific. These vendors are assessed relative to a set of criteria around cross-application and functional integration capabilities, regional presence, pricing models, customer service management, and deployment models. The “Leaders” are closely followed by “Major Players" in the market namely (in alphabetical order) Acumatica, Epicor, IFS, Microsoft, Oracle NetSuite, QAD, Ramco, and SYSPRO along with Kingdee as a strong "Contender". Research Press Release Tue, 20 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT IDC and GTDC Announce Exclusive Partnership to Bring North American Distribution Sales Data to the Tech Industry IDC and the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC) today announced an exclusive partnership to provide weekly sales data from GTDC members in the USA and Canada to IDC. The data will be used to create IDC's newest product, the North America Weekly Distribution Tracker, powered by GTDC. Research Press Release Tue, 20 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT IDC:2020下半年中国视频云市场——机遇 “再发酵” 北京,2021年7月21日——国际数据公司(IDC)最新发布的《中国视频云市场跟踪(2020下半年)》报告显示,2020下半年中国视频云市场规模达到38.1亿美元,同比增长达到45.7%,其中视频云解决方案市场最为亮眼,调整后下半年同比增长达到75%以上。 Tracker Press Release Tue, 20 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT