rssbigdata IDC RSS alerts IDC Market Glance: Intelligent Urban Transportation, 3Q21 <P>This IDC Market Glance provides an overview of the vendors participating in the worldwide intelligent urban transportation ecosystem.</P> Market Presentation Fri, 23 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT Matt Arcaro Reclassifying File Storage — A New Approach for the Future of Digital Infrastructure <P>This IDC Market Perspective is introducing a new scale-out file storage market segmentation. With most enterprises in the midst of digital transformation, next-generation applications are being deployed that are highlighting the real differences in scale-out file storage architectures. As a result, IDC will be moving from publishing a single IDC MarketScape type for scale-out file system to publishing at least two (and possibly more). This document explains the new file storage market segmentation and why this change is being made now. Vendors that play in this market may want to take note of these changes, which are being undertaken in response to the much larger sea change that is taking place in unstructured storage today.</P><P>"With the new demands being placed on file storage environments as part of digital transformation, it is instructive to say architecture matters," said Eric Burgener, research vice president, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group at IDC. "IT organizations will need to match workload requirements to architectures more closely than ever before to achieve the best results from new file storage platform deployments, and vendors will need to adjust their marketing to cater to a savvier potential customer base going forward."</P> Market Perspective Tue, 20 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT Eric Burgener Worldwide Continuous Analytics Software Forecast, 2021–2025 <P>This IDC study provides the five-year forecast for the continuous analytics software market and delivers insight into drivers of market growth.</P><P>"Because of how we now consume data, companies and customers have a growing expectation of immediate, relevant experiences and communication," says Amy Machado, research manager, Streaming Data Pipeline at IDC. "Real-time datastreams and processing will become the norm, not the exception."</P> Market Forecast Tue, 20 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT Amy Machado Microsoft Introduces Windows 365, a Cloud PC Service that Offers Companies Virtualization without the Complexity <P>On July 14<SUP>th</SUP>, Microsoft announced the availability of Windows 365, a desktop virtualization service built on Azure Virtual Desktop. Microsoft described it as an end-user service that makes it easy for an employee to securely stream a full Windows experience, including apps, data, and settings to their personal or corporate devices. But perhaps more importantly, Windows 365 also addresses an organization's need to simplify their end-user compute and device provisioning with a minimal or shrinking number of staff members. It also hints that Microsoft has fully embraced the idea that the end-user environment can exist separately from the device, a necessary first step towards creating intelligent digital workspaces.</P> IDC Link Mon, 19 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT Shannon Kalvar, Tom Mainelli The Challenges and Opportunities of a Hybrid Banking Infrastructure <P>This IDC Web Conference examines the challenges and opportunities of a hybrid banking infrastructure. As the banking industry recovers from the challenges of 2020 and endeavors to quickly pivot back to innovation, the hybrid infrastructure consisting of public and private cloud alongside traditional deployment models opens the gates for improved resiliency, more efficient operations, and faster innovation cycles. This session proposes how the hybrid infrastructure will support the future of banking and how significant challenges in the new model can be overcome.</P> Web Conference Proceeding: Tech Buyer Fri, 16 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT Jerry Silva Worldwide Analytics Data Platforms Software Market Shares, 2020: Data Warehouse, Data Lakes, Data Lakehouse, Data Intelligence, Data Integration, and Continuous Analytics <P>This IDC study includes market sizing and vendor shares of the analytics data platforms software market. It includes vendor revenue for years 2018–2020 and corresponding shares and growth rates of the largest vendors worldwide. This study includes similar information about the four segments of this market, including data warehousing (DW), non-relational analytic data stores (e.g., data lakes, data lakehouses, and graph databases), data integration and intelligence (DII), and continuous analytics.</P><P>"The analytics data platforms software market grew 13.4% in 2020, the same rate as in 2019, highlighting the strong demand among organizations across industries and regions to become more data driven; support ongoing business intelligence, analytics, and machine learning use cases; and balance self-service with control and governance requirements," said Dan Vesset, group vice president, Analytics and Information Management practice, IDC.</P> Market Share Thu, 15 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT Dan Vesset, Stewart Bond, Carl W. Olofson, Amy Machado Direct-To-Customer (D2C) Business Models in Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Manufacturing <P>Product reach and customer engagement have been the key priorities for most of the manufacturers who were looking at creating business models of the future. The need was for an application that goes beyond proving CX by creating a highly interactive and dynamic portal that integrates product visibility, delivery transparency and order management through a seamless back-end management.</P><P>"Manufacturers are quite clear on the digitalization needs that are needed to scale and meet the changing market needs. Organizations do recognize that an online presence, be it through a marketplace or enabled through their own dedicated order management portals is the need of the hour that can provide faster product and service deliveries while enabling the option of choice and customization", says, Sampath Kumar Venkataswamy, research manager, IDC Asia/Pacific Manufacturing Insights.</P> IDC Perspective Wed, 14 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT Sampath Kumar Venkataswamy, Stephanie Krishnan Cybersecurity in IT/OT Convergence Initiatives <P>This IDC Perspective examines the current evolution of the IT/OT security landscape, highlighting the latest trends, challenges, and solutions that European organizations face in the market as well as the new opportunities it brings for network security vendors.</P><P>"Organizations embarking on their IT/OT convergence initiatives face new challenges that result from opening OT to a vast and advanced cyberthreat landscape. Increased connectivity and interoperability between IT and OT increase the threat surface for cyberattacks, while integration initiatives will create new vulnerabilities for cybercriminals to exploit," said Romain Fouchereau, research manager, IDC European Security.</P> Market Perspective Fri, 09 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT Romain Fouchereau Worldwide Global DataSphere and Global StorageSphere Structured and Unstructured Data Forecast, 2021–2025 <P>This IDC study provides a forecast of structured and unstructured data in the Global DataSphere and structured and unstructured data stored in the installed base of storage capacity in the Global StorageSphere. Various market dynamics and trends impacting the mix of structured and unstructured data are highlighted and discussed, and definitions of structured and unstructured data are included in the Market Definition section.</P><P>"Unstructured data continues to represent the vast majority of data in the Global DataSphere and Global StorageSphere, but the volume of structured data is growing faster driven by more organizations using metadata to contextualize unstructured data and by consumers and organizations continuing to adopt and deploy connected IoT devices," according to John Rydning, research vice president, IDC's Global DataSphere.</P> Market Forecast Fri, 09 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT John Rydning 6G: Fulfilling the Promise of 5G <P>This IDC Perspective summarizes the initial efforts to define and standardize the next generation of wireless cellular technology known as the sixth generation (6G) of wireless communications and its impact on businesses. The technology is summarized to help IT managers prepare for a fundamental shift in network architecture.</P><P>"Wireless network upgrades have occurred on a predictable 10-year cycle. Although 6G networks are not expected to be deployed until 2030, the technology will change the underlying capabilities of mobility in a fundamental manner. This will require extensive planning by IT managers to maximize the potential of the technology," said Will Stofega, program director, IDC's Mobile Phone program.</P> IDC Perspective Wed, 07 Jul 2021 04:00:00 GMT William Stofega