rssbigdata IDC RSS alerts Japan 3rd Platform Forecast by Vertical Segment and Company Size, 2024–2028 <P>This IDC study classifies domestic industries into 21 industry sectors, including 17 categories of businesses, and 4 categories of nonbusiness: central government, local governments, education, and consumers. It also presents the actual (2023) and forecast (2024-2028) 3rd Platform spending in each sector. Likewise, the document analyzes the market across five employee size segments and provides forecast data for 3rd Platform spending by industry vertical and employee size. The market forecasts used in this document take into account the impact of regional conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, as well as economic trends such as inflation and the weak yen.</P><P>In the construction and transportation industries, caps on overtime work, which had been waived because of issues with the nature of work and trade practices, would come into effect in April 2024. Ko Shikita, research manager at Verticals and Cross Technologies, IDC Japan, said, "For these businesses, it is likely that awareness of reducing overtime hours will increase not only among onsite workers but throughout the company. IT suppliers should review their solutions, including those that previously had the primary objectives of reducing costs and ensuring safety, from the perspective of contribution to reducing overtime hours, and seek to expand opportunities for the employee experience solutions business."</P><P>This is the English translation of the Japanese document #JPJ52028024.</P> Market Forecast Fri, 12 Jul 2024 04:00:00 GMT Ko Shikita, Hitoshi Ichimura IDC MarketScape: 中国数字政府一体化大数据平台2024年厂商评估 <P>本IDC 研究聚焦于中国数字政府大数据平台市场上的主流厂商,选取 10多家典型的大数据厂商进行重点研究,涵盖国内软件开发商、综合性ICT厂商等。IDC 对入选的大数据厂商的能力和战略进行综合评估,评估标准包括收入规模、产品技术能力、市场和生态以及未来发展战略等维度。各维度根据市场情况进一步划分为若干细分项,并配以不同权重,从而形成 IDC MarketScape 综合评分体系。IDC分析师基于对各个厂商和最终用户的深入访谈,对各厂商进行综合分析并确定其在IDC MarketScape中的相对位置,同时探讨了厂商的特点和战略,总结了发展趋势,旨在为技术买家进行产品选型提供参考。</P><P>"虽然宏观经济存在不确定性,数字政府大数据平台也经过很多年的建设,但在当前业务协同、数据要素流通、大模型等市场、技术驱动之下,数字政府大数据平台市场空间进一步扩大,同时为支撑、创造新的业务及场景,也在积极进行架构、体系升级。厂商要在这场变革中胜出,构筑全栈的数据要素能力是其核心竞争力。"——IDC中国助理研究总监孙吉峰表示。</P> IDC MarketScape Wed, 10 Jul 2024 04:00:00 GMT Jifeng SUN 中国数据库审计市场份额,2023:合规场景双引擎驱动 <P>本IDC研究报告主要阐述2023年中国数据库审计市场的规模、厂商份额、技术发展变化等内容。</P><P>“随着企业数字化转型的加速,数据安全合规性愈发受到企业重视。从发展角度来看,大模型加持下AI能力的应用有机会大幅度提升数据库审计在数据访问行为识别方面的能力,从而提高审计的准确性和有效性;云计算的发展为数据库审计开辟了新的赛道,为市场注入新的活力。但是,日益增长的数据量和丰富的数据共享、数据流通场景需求也在不断挑战技术厂商的产品能力。”——IDC中国网络安全分析师陈佳表示。</P> Market Share Wed, 10 Jul 2024 04:00:00 GMT Jackson Chen 中国银行业本地部署分布式事务型数据库市场份额,2023 <P>本IDC研究报告主要阐述2023年中国银行业分布式事务型数据库市场的市场规模和厂商份额,展现市场特征以及各厂商的差异化布局,同时描述了近年来的市场变化,并据此为技术提供商提供合理化建议。</P><P>IDC中国基础软件市场研究经理李凌霄表示:"在近四年间,头部银行在事务型数据库方面遭遇了严峻的技术考验,通过密集的技术实验,他们成功验证了分布式事务型数据库在本土化转型中的实际应用价值和可行性,过程中积累的丰富策略与实战经验为数据库的升级替换策略提供了坚固支撑。展望2024年,伴随技术验证的稳固,不仅中小型金融机构,还有诸如电信运营商和交通运输等高度依赖数据库且业务复杂度相似的行业,都将加速推进本土化转型进程。"</P> Market Share Wed, 10 Jul 2024 04:00:00 GMT Len Li 2024 Product Quality and Digital Transformation Survey: Focus on Product Innovation and Design Changes <P>This IDC Survey presents the findings of IDC's 2024 <I>Product Quality and Digital Transformation Survey</I> and highlights what the results mean for product development organizations (engineering and R&D). Recognizing that higher quality is a primary driver for product success, this document provides data about the causes of poor quality, the business goals behind quality initiatives, and the strategic initiatives being pursued by manufacturers. </P><P>IDC's 2024 <I>Product Quality and Digital Transformation Survey</I> asked a broad range of questions to 521 decision-makers at process and discrete manufacturers across North America (United States and Canada) to determine the current state of enterprise quality management. The need for a holistic view of product quality points toward solutions that leverage AI and digital transformation based on product life-cycle management (PLM).</P> IDC Survey Tue, 09 Jul 2024 04:00:00 GMT John Snow 深化应用,创新涌现——IDC中国医保信息系统市场份额报告发布 北京,2024年7月8日—— IDC于近日发布了《 中国医保信息系统市场份额,2023:深化应用 》(IDC #CHC 5097 89 24 , 2024年 6 月 ,可点击文章左下角“阅读原文”获取完整报告 ) 报告。本次报告研究了中国医保信息系统市场的发展动态和趋势,分析了中国医保信息系统主要厂商的市场份额,并对领先厂商在2023年的市场表现给予了分析评价,可供医疗保障管理部门和医院等医疗机构在选择医保信息系统供应商时参考。 Research Press Release Sun, 07 Jul 2024 04:00:00 GMT IDC:图数据管理分析平台技术能力评估2024发布,市场进入深水区 北京,2024年7月1日——IDC DataSphere 数据显示,到 2027 年,全球非结构化数据将占到数据总量的 86.8%,达到246.9ZB。未来非结构化数据仍是数据产生和存储的主要形式,如何更好地管理数据、挖掘其背后价值则更加重要。IDC于近日发布了《 IDC TechAssessment :图数据管理分析平台技术能力评估, 2024 》( Doc# CHC51598324 ) 报告,遴选出6家代表厂商,并给出行动路线图V2.0以供市场参考。 Research Press Release Sun, 30 Jun 2024 04:00:00 GMT Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan and China) Big Data and Analytics: Market Trends and Buyers' View <P>This IDC Market Presentation summarizes the key findings from IDC's Worldwide Semiannual Big Data and Analytics Software Tracker, 2H23, incorporating data from multiple surveys. It delves into the market dynamics of big data and analytics software in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan and China) from 2023 to 2028. The document offers insights into evolving business and data analytics priorities among enterprises in the region, their investment patterns in specialized data processing solutions, and their distribution of analytics/AI workloads. Additionally, this document explores the competitive landscape, including vendor shares, and provides an outlook on the market across public clouds and various deployment types.</P> Market Presentation Fri, 28 Jun 2024 04:00:00 GMT Deepika Giri, Swapnil Shende C2G Market Presentation: Business Intelligence Software Tools and Platforms in Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan), 2024 <P>This IDC Market Presentation provides an overview of the changing landscape of advanced and predictive analytics software, business intelligence software, and location and geospatial intelligence functions in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) (APEJ). By demonstrating how vendors in APEJ address buyer needs, the document presents a unique perspective on vendor market shares — country-specific and comparative views of technology trends over the past three years — supported by insights from buyers and end users.</P> Market Presentation Fri, 28 Jun 2024 04:00:00 GMT Deepika Giri, Swapnil Shende European Predictive, Advanced, and Visual Analytics Software Vendor Shares, 2024 <P>The terms "data and analytics software" and "predictive, advanced visualization analytics software" are used in this document to ensure clarity and comprehensiveness in describing software functionalities and features. "Data and analytics software" indicates the broad categorization, whereas "predictive, advanced visualization analytics software" specifies particular advanced capabilities within the broader category.</P><P>"The combination of data democratization and GenAI is indeed a powerful force driving the acceleration of the data and analytics market in Europe, as it enhances the accessibility, capability, and overall effectiveness of data analytics across organizations." — Senior Market Analyst Wiktor Markiewicz, IDC EMEA</P> Market Share Fri, 28 Jun 2024 04:00:00 GMT Giovanni Cervellati, Wiktor Markiewicz