rsscloudcomputing IDC RSS alerts Banking & Financial Services Organizations Ratchet Up ICT Spending in Bid to Become Digitally Resilient Corporate Press Release Tue, 28 Jun 2022 04:00:00 GMT Digital-First World: Enterprise Applications Are Shifting and Reshaping as the Digital World Evolves <P>This IDC Perspective looks at the shifting and reshaping landscape of enterprise applications and their use within organizations of all sizes. Organizations are moving into the digital-first world and as they do, the enterprise applications are shifting and reshaping to help small, medium-sized, and large organizations become more digitally enabled. Vendors have varying methods to help the organizations from modularity to full decomposition to SaaS and cloud enabled to suites and best-of-breed options.</P><P>"The digital-first world has arrived and with it are new pathways to digital enablement across all size of businesses," said Mickey North Rizza, group vice president, Enterprise Software. "Organizations are learning they can quickly fill in the blanks, build their own, add/delete and change up the business, and move to integrated suites. Ultimately each digital-first world journey is different. Understanding the business pain points, desired outcomes, and timing are the critical drivers to selecting the best course of action."</P> IDC Perspective Tue, 28 Jun 2022 04:00:00 GMT Mickey North Rizza Ericsson and Red Hat Announce Partner Solution Strategy Expansion Aimed at Lowering Network Infrastructure Complexity <P>Within the global communications services industry, “cloudification” of the network—moving network functionality from purpose-built hardware to virtualized network functions and/or containerized cloud native microservices—continues to evolve. In like manner, establishing “cloudified” operations and monetization management solutions—real-time and dynamic operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) delivered through any number of cloud procurement models—are now essential ingredients in the current network technology refresh cycle. At the same time, complexity increases with each network configuration, new standards release, or vendor product introduction.</P><P>To tame the growing complexity beast and to provide a good experience for communications service provider (SP) customers, Ericsson offers a full cloud stack including network functions, cloud platform, orchestration, and lifecycle management responsibility. However, recognizing communications SP expectations at a time when the industry needs collaboration more than ever, Ericsson complements its infrastructure offerings by engaging with partners including Red Hat, VMware, Google, and AWS. </P> IDC Link Tue, 28 Jun 2022 04:00:00 GMT Karl Whitelock The Ecosystem of Connectedness: Cloud Economics and Complexity Necessitate Collaboration <P>This IDC Market Perspective looks at the how most enterprises see a fragmented technology supplier landscape to support their road map to connectedness and how a united and collaborative "connectedness ecosystem" of network, cloud, SI, and digital infrastructure landscape will solve that problem and drive faster, more profitable outcomes. Demand for wireless-led and cloud-driven connectivity have accelerated the digital transformation of the enterprise, forcing a transformation across the entire connectivity ecosystem. </P><P>"The future of enterprise connectivity is no longer driven by the telco, as IDC data shows that just 21% of enterprises see the telco as their primary source of staying connected," noted Paul Hughes, research director for IDC's Future of Connectedness Agenda Program. "Enterprise connectedness requires building flexibility and openness into cloud-centric strategy that enables application access, ease of operation, and integration across networks, IT, clouds, and critical applications. No single supplier can truly deliver on the promise of keeping data in motion, thus highlighting the importance of collaborative road map across the connectedness ecosystem to ensure 5G, MEC, SDN, and cloud transformations produce demonstrable benefits." </P> Market Perspective Tue, 28 Jun 2022 04:00:00 GMT Paul Hughes The Future of Industries in Latin America <P>The future of Latin American industries and organizations looks exciting but still challenging. Most consumers have turned to the Internet for whatever product or service they want; they also want secure payment methods and effective delivery. This translates into reliable, secure, and fast technologies from the beginning to the supply chains' last mile to provide satisfactory experiences that build digital trust and gain the customers' loyalty. Additional to this trend, the latest disruptions from 2020 have unleashed an economic crisis and global inflation that has tightened with Russia/Ukraine war. Nonetheless, organizations must look further toward the Future of Industries, begin by adopting a new mindset, keep up with their digital transformation, and refresh their strategies toward business continuity, resilience, and growth.</P><P>"Indeed, the pandemic and the Russia/Ukraine war have placed Latin American countries in challenging positions. GDP reduced significantly while negative consequences such as inflation and unemployment arose. The lockdown put entire industries on hold, like tourism and restaurants were affected. In contrast, others such as education, the financial sector, retail, healthcare, telecommunications, and services faced sudden challenges that could not be postponed. Each industry has been impacted differently, but all need to align to a digital world," Pietro Delai, Director, Enterprise, Latin America, Data & Analytics.</P> IDC Perspective Tue, 28 Jun 2022 04:00:00 GMT Pietro Delai Worldwide Financial Applications Forecast, 2022–2026: CFOs Moving Beyond the Numbers <P>This IDC study discusses the worldwide market for financial applications. The worldwide financial applications market increased in 2021 to reach $37.5 billion, with revenue increasing by 11% over 2020's $33.8 billion. The market for financial applications is being driven by the movement to the cloud for more efficient and effective financial management across the enterprise.</P><P>"The role of the CFO continues to change to include more challenges beyond accounting and finance. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG); hybrid working; and talent retention are all moving rapidly into focus for today's CFO. Going forward, software vendors looking to gain market share must enhance/highlight the elements within their solution that support CFOs as their challenges evolve beyond finance and accounting," says Kevin Permenter, research director, Financial Applications at IDC.</P> Market Forecast Tue, 28 Jun 2022 04:00:00 GMT Kevin Permenter, Mickey North Rizza, Patrick Reymann, Heather Hershey Worldwide Financial Applications Market Shares, 2021: Addressing the Challenges of the Digital-First World CFO <P>This IDC study examines the market for financial applications, which is expected to see solid growth, in part because of the sharper focus on financial applications — a prominent side effect from the COVID-19 pandemic for many businesses. In many ways, the crisis has accelerated the adoption of cloud financial applications relative to on-premises and private cloud deployments.</P><P>"The office of the CFO has been engaging in digital transformation relatively slowly compared with front-office areas like customer relationship management and sales management. The rise of robust cloud solutions and the advent of intelligence financial applications have tipped the scales. Businesses are rapidly seeking and deploying modern, cloud-based applications to support the office of the CFO," says Kevin Permenter, research director, Financial Applications at IDC.</P> Market Share Tue, 28 Jun 2022 04:00:00 GMT Kevin Permenter, Mickey North Rizza, Patrick Reymann, Heather Hershey 国内クライアント仮想化市場シェア、2021年: ハイブリッドワーク時代へ向けて <P>本調査レポートでは、2021年の国内クライアント仮想化市場について分析し、同市場が現在置かれている状況を明確にすると共に、リーディングベンダーの動向や市場の変化をまとめている。</P><P>IDC Japan PC、携帯端末&クライアントソリューションのシニアマーケットアナリストである渋谷 寛は、「2022年は、すでに「ネクストノーマル(The Next Normal:次なる常態)」に突入している。従来の働き方を個社/社員ごとに適合させたハイブリッドワークとそれを支援するエンドユーザーコンピューティングが求められている。ハイブリッドソリューションへ進化するクライアント仮想化を、企業のIT環境に適合させることが重視される。そのためには0.5歩先を見据えた新しいユースケース創出が需要拡大へとつながる」と指摘している。</P> Market Share Tue, 28 Jun 2022 04:00:00 GMT Hiroshi Shibutani Data curation remains Splunk’s “Mission Control” and its central value statement, as it expands to the hybrid cloud <P>Splunk held its first in person annual user conference since 2019 from June 13-16, 2022. Several new platform announcements were made that will be helpful to Splunk Security customers and fit Splunk’s philosophy of “no data left behind.”</P> IDC Link Mon, 27 Jun 2022 04:00:00 GMT Michelle Abraham, Christopher Kissel European CRM Applications Forecast, 2022-2026 <P>This IDC study analyzes and sizes the European CRM applications market for 2021 and provides forecasts for 2022-2026. IDC divides the CRM applications market into the six functional markets — advertising, contact center, customer service, digital commerce, marketing, and sales applications — and by European country/region. </P><P>"The European CRM applications market is continuing its positive growth trajectory into 2022 and beyond. While the market is showing signs of maturing, IDC still expects a five-year CAGR just shy of 10%. The customer service and marketing applications segments are particularly buoyant, as customer-centricity initiatives related to customer listening and engagement and the underlying customer analytics trigger investments in these two functional markets," said Van Valdez, associate research director, European Customer Experience, IDC.</P> Market Forecast Mon, 27 Jun 2022 04:00:00 GMT Gerry Brown, Van Valdez