rssconsumer IDC RSS alerts AR/VR Headset Shipments Slow in Q1 2023 as the Market Awaits Wide Availability of Next Gen Headsets, According to IDC Global shipments of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets declined 54.4% year over year in Q1 2023, according to new data from the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Augmented and Virtual Reality Headset Tracker. Research Press Release Thu, 01 Jun 2023 04:00:00 GMT IDC TechBrief: Forklift Training in Virtual Reality and the Future of Work <P>This IDC TechBrief analyzes how companies can leverage forklift training in virtual reality (VR) for warehouse and logistics workers. We look at how forklift training in VR can accelerate digital transformation by placing learners into a virtual and immersive environment to safely learn and apply the skills necessary to operate a forklift truck on the worksite.</P><P>"Hard skills training has become a ripe area for digital transformation through the use of virtual reality, allowing users to interact with virtual objects and environments and safely develop the skills for when they are ready for the real world," says Ramon T. Llamas, research director with IDC's Augmented and Virtual Reality team. "Forklift training in VR is a clear example of this: novice drivers develop the skills to safely operate a forklift truck in VR, and should they make mistakes or get into an accident, there are no consequences as there would be in real life. Instead, it provides a valuable learning experience. Furthermore, forklift training in VR reduces the amount of time to instruct a driver. This means that managers can benefit almost immediately from having a trained and certified driver sooner rather than later."</P> IDC TechBrief Thu, 01 Jun 2023 04:00:00 GMT Ramon T. Llamas Learnings from the SaaSPath Survey: For What Capabilities Might Buyers Pay a Premium? <P>This IDC Survey Spotlight shows the results when human resources (HR) decision makers were asked about essential capabilities as part of their cloud-based core HR solution. This data was gathered in IDC's annual <I>SaaSPath</I> <I>S</I><I>urvey </I>of technology buyers; 125 of these buyers have responsibility for human capital management solutions.</P> IDC Survey Spotlight Thu, 01 Jun 2023 04:00:00 GMT Lisa Rowan U.S. Enterprises Find Value in Refurbished Corporate-Liable Devices <P>This IDC Survey Spotlight analyzes results from IDC's annual <I>U.S. Enterprise Mobility Decision</I><I>-</I><I>Maker Survey: Devices,</I> conducted in June of 2022 among 400 enterprise mobility decision makers in the United States.</P><P>In 2023, faced with an uncertain economic landscape, U.S. enterprise IT decision makers are scrutinizing IT budgets, and the secondary mobile device market is offering an attractive and practical means to help reduce IT spending. While choosing to deploy refurbished mobile devices certainly helps lower IT costs, businesses are recognizing that deploying refurbished corporate-liable devices in their environment offers several additional benefits. In addition to being more affordable, refurbished devices help enterprise organizations maintain corporate device consistency, contribute to sustainability efforts, are easy to manage, and provide all the quality and functionality of new devices.</P><P>This IDC Survey Spotlight highlights adoption trends regarding refurbished corporate-liable device deployments among United States–based companies.</P> IDC Survey Spotlight Thu, 01 Jun 2023 04:00:00 GMT Bryan Bassett Canadian Consumer Wireless, Internet, and Wireline Voice Services Forecast, 2023–2027 <P>This IDC study examines consumer wireless voice and data, residential dial-up and high-speed internet, and residential wireline voice services and addresses the current state of these markets in Canada. It provides forecasts for both subscriptions and revenue as well as the key drivers and inhibitors behind the forecast.</P><P>"In the face of a series of unforeseen global events resulting in record high inflation last year, the communications market continued to demonstrate remarkable resilience, all the while gradually recovering some lost revenue from previous years," says author Manish Nargas, research manager, IDC Canada's Consumer and Mobile Research. "On the back of high consumer reliance, advancements in network technologies, and more recent market consolidation, IDC expects that the Canadian communications players will double down in their efforts to uncover new opportunities to monetize as they look to win market share."</P> Market Forecast Wed, 31 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Manish Nargas, Kasturi Rawool Future of Connectedness Case Study: Los Angeles Police Department Improves Accountability with Connected Digital In-Car Video System <P>This IDC Perspective, aligned with IDC's Future of Connectedness Framework, provides a case study of the Los Angeles Police Department and how the organization partnered with Cradlepoint and Axon for in-car wireless connectivity and high-definition (HD) video to improve operational efficiency and officer accountability. </P><P>"The Los Angeles Police Department's investment in the department's connected Digital In-Car Video System is an excellent example of a transformative engagement that aligns perfectly with IDC's future of connectedness ideology," commented Paul Hughes, research director, Future of Connectedness research at IDC. "Working with Cradlepoint and Axon, the department has seen significant business and operational benefits from real-time data access, secure cloud-based audio and video data storage for faster retrieval and analysis, and modernized business processes that improve agility and increase transparency across the entire organization."</P> IDC Perspective Wed, 31 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Paul Hughes IDC全球数字化转型场景分类,2022:体验式零售 <P>本IDC研究报告介绍了零售商在采用新流程、新技术支持企业变革过程中要对哪些关键领域进行数字化转型。本研究探讨了要实施的战略、方案和场景,重点介绍从当前流程转向数字化流程将获得哪些好处以及需要哪些技术。零售商正在加快数字化步伐,以提高运营效率,改进客户体验,应对新数字时代的挑战。韧性、无接触、自动化和可持续业务运营等新战略将推动所有打算保持竞争优势的零售商增加数字投资。</P><P>IDC Retail Insights副总裁LeslieHand表示:"零售商在利用暗藏数据流和AI创造多层次数字化体验,以及获取新收入/利润流价值方面,还有很长很长的路要走。对大多数零售商来说,实际的数字环境还不是元宇宙——离得还很远!如今,它已经是打造智能企业的基础——基础设施、连接、分析、软件和设备,为实现数字化孪生、可持续供应和订单履行运营、客户互动和员工敬业度协调以及无接触(或轻型)全渠道交易提供了条件。"</P> Taxonomy Wed, 31 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Leslie Hand, Ananda Chakravarty, Jordan K. Speer, Margot Juros, Filippo Battaini, Ornella Urso, Karen Augustine Maximize Sales and Contract Opportunities with Revenue Life-Cycle Management in the Public Cloud: Conga Connect 2023 <P>This IDC Perspective features highlights from Conga's recent customer event, Conga Connect 2023, in which it provided a comprehensive update on Conga's product portfolio, future road map, go-to-market activities, and recent company performance. Major announcements included the launch of Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud and partnerships with AWS and Accenture. Conga's Revenue Lifecycle Management Cloud is intended to digitally transform and unify all revenue operations processes within an organization, accelerate document generation, and automate sales and legal back-office processes. </P><P>"Middleware is in the midst of a renaissance thanks to cloud-based technologies and artificial intelligence," says Heather Hershey, research director of Worldwide Digital Commerce at IDC. "Complex automations and workflows often perform better and faster in the cloud. Automate away convoluted and inefficient processes anywhere you can, including sales and legal teams, so they can focus on establishing durable digital business via meaningful customer relationship development."</P> IDC Perspective Wed, 31 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Heather Hershey, Ryan O’Leary, Patrick Reymann U.S. Residential Multichannel Pay TV Subscriber Forecast, 2023–2027 <P>This IDC study presents a forecast of residential multichannel pay TV subscribers in the United States through 2027. Forecast segmentation reflects the three major market segments: cable, satellite, and telco TV services.</P><P>"IDC believes that the U.S. cable, satellite, and telco TV providers will continue to experience subscriber erosion during the forecast period as household penetration of residential services, which is now already under 50%, is expected to drop under 40% in 2025," said Greg Ireland, research director, Consumer Market Model, Future Consumer Agenda, and TV and OTT Video at IDC. "Cumulative erosion of the subscriber base across cable, satellite, and telco TV during 2023–2027 is forecast to top 20 million."</P> Market Forecast Wed, 31 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Greg Ireland Worldwide Medical Devices Key IT Deals and Initiatives Update, Q1 2023 <P>This IDC Perspective provides IDC Health Insights' overview of key IT deals, news, and digital initiatives in the worldwide medical devices market in 1Q23. This is the third in the new quarterly series of reports launched by IDC Health Insights following the expansion of its in-depth research coverage of the global medical devices industry.</P><P>"Medical devices organizations worldwide continue to embrace the transformative power of digital technology to enhance their product offerings, improve business performance, and address the needs of patients and customers more comprehensively. Expanding digital capabilities and digitally enabled offerings is viewed as imperative to respond to growing market challenges and thrive in the evolving landscape of value-based healthcare." — Research Manager Nino Giguashvili, IDC Health Insights</P> IDC Perspective Wed, 31 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Nino Giguashvili, Federico Mayr