rsshardware IDC RSS alerts Samsung Goes Foldable and 5G to Celebrate Galaxy's 10th Anniversary <P>At its UnPacked event in San Francisco on February 20, Samsung unveiled its highly-anticipated foldable smartphone, aptly named the Galaxy Fold. Additionally, Samsung celebrated the tenth anniversary of its popular flagship phone by unveiling four different versions coming to market: the traditional Galaxy S10, the compact Galaxy S10e, the larger Galaxy S10+, and the Galaxy S10 5G. </P><P>A multiple device launch at increased price points is a bold approach for Samsung given the slowing smartphone growth worldwide. Most of the features provide incremental improvements on previous Galaxy S smartphones, and the new features keep Samsung in pace with other innovators in the market. However, Samsung still faces an audience that has been holding on to their older smartphones longer than ever before and skeptical of new features. Moreover, the new Galaxy S10 prices could stall sales. Samsung will sell millions of units, but total volumes will struggle to grow year over year. </P> IDC Link Thu, 21 Feb 2019 05:00:00 GMT Ramon T. Llamas, John Jackson, William Stofega, Anthony Scarsella Samsung Unveils Wearables for Fitness and Audio at UnPacked 2019 <P>At its UnPacked 2019 even in San Francisco, Samsung announced three new wearable devices: the Galaxy Watch Active, the Galaxy Fit, and the Galaxy Buds. It's a step away from the multi-purpose Galaxy Watch released late last year, and instead a focus primarily on fitness and activity. Conversely, the Galaxy Buds step away from the fitness tracking that its IconX predecessors did, and instead highlight its audio features for both listening and speaking. </P><P>Altogether, these new wearables put Samsung on par with its competitors and in tune with current user tastes. But unless Samsung puts significant marketing support behind them, it runs the risk of trailing market leaders by a growing margin, and vulnerable to other competitors. </P> IDC Link Thu, 21 Feb 2019 05:00:00 GMT Ramon T. Llamas Worldwide Hardcopy Peripherals Market Declined 4.8% Year Over Year to Approximately 26.7 Million Units Shipped in the Fourth Quarter of 2018, According to IDC The worldwide hardcopy peripherals (HCP) market decreased 4.8% year over year to approximately 26.7 million units in the fourth quarter of 2018 (4Q18), according to the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker. Tracker Press Release Thu, 21 Feb 2019 05:00:00 GMT Check Point CPX 360 and Analyst Conference 2019 IDC Link Wed, 20 Feb 2019 05:00:00 GMT Frank Dickson, Christopher Rodriguez Multiplied Innovation: Scaling a Technology Revolution in Saudi Arabia <P>Some of Saudi Arabia's most influential senior executives and decision makers joined top-level strategists from technology firms, telecommunications operators, and IT service providers for the "IDC Directions 2019" conference at The Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh on February 5, 2019. The event provided in-depth insights into how digital transformation, innovation accelerators, cloud, IT security, the Internet of Things, and Smart Cities are driving the growth of Saudi Arabia's ICT ecosystem. This growth is in line with the goals of the kingdom's National Transformation Program and its Saudi Vision 2030 development blueprint.</P> Market Presentation Wed, 20 Feb 2019 05:00:00 GMT Hamza Naqshbandi, Uzair Mujtaba, Jawad Khalil, Mufasir Yousuf Public Safety Trends, 2019 <P>This IDC Presentation examines key trends catalyzing the public safety marketplace for 2019. Content includes data on digital asset management, digital intelligence platforms, cloud services, solutions addressing organizational, and technical siloes. </P> Market Presentation Wed, 20 Feb 2019 05:00:00 GMT Alison Brooks, Ph.D. Worldwide Cloud IT Infrastructure Hardware Spending Forecast, 2019–2022 <P>This IDC study provides an aggregated worldwide forecast for spending on cloud IT infrastructure hardware (compute, storage systems, and network infrastructure across public and private clouds as well as traditional IT environments) from 2018 to 2022. At the time of publication, actual estimates for 4Q18 and full year 2018 aren't yet available and should still be considered as forecast. This document also assesses the impact of cloud (public and hosted private) on the location (on-premises versus off-premises) and ownership of IT infrastructure in the next five years. For detailed information on spending for each segment (compute, storage, and network) and within each region, refer to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker and Forecast data set with double counting of storage for internal server storage removed.</P><P>"Cloud technology, infrastructure, and service provider supply chains have evolved over the years into a well-oiled machine. As traditional organizations undergo digital transformation, cloud continues to become the mainstream option for their workload deployment. The next phase of that cloud evolution will be defined by broader accessibility and usability of cloud technologies, which in turn will drive further growth in cloud IT infrastructure." — Kuba Stolarski, research director, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies</P> Market Forecast Wed, 20 Feb 2019 05:00:00 GMT Rohit Mehra, Kuba Stolarski, Richard L. Villars, Natalya Yezhkova European Fixed Business Voice Platforms and Services Forecast, 2018-2022 <P>This IDC Market Forecast provides a topline 2017-2022 forecast for the European fixed business voice services market. It examines the transition from TDM to IP voice services and from on-premise voice platforms to hosted services. IDC data products, such as the <I>EMEA Telecom Services Database and Unified Communications and Collaboration Forecast</I><I>, </I>were used to develop market sizes for revenue and licenses/extensions. Other models were used to study voice equipment installed bases and business penetration by voice service. The report also features recommendations for providers.</P><P>"Players in the European fixed voice market are challenged by irreversibly declining topline revenues, but it does represent pockets of interesting opportunities. Providers need to take a proactive approach to understanding market trends and evolving enterprise communication needs to build interesting solutions based on existing and next-generation architecture," said Oru Mohiuddin, research manager, IDC Europe Unified Communications and Collaboration. </P> Market Forecast Tue, 19 Feb 2019 05:00:00 GMT Oru Mohiuddin IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Payments 2019 Predictions — APEJ Implications <P>This IDC Presentation discusses the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) (APEJ) regionalization of the <I>IDC</I> <I>FutureScape</I><I>:</I> <I>Worldwide Payments</I> <I>2019</I> <I>Predictions</I> (IDC #<B><A href="/getdoc.jsp?containerId=US43348718">US43348718</A></B>, October 2018). Each prediction is presented based on the timeline projection and the cost and/or complexity to address it. This FutureScape contains regional perspective and the implications of the 10 prediction statements. Both IT and business impacts are included to give a cross-functional understanding of the tech buyer marketplace. </P> Tech Buyer Presentation Tue, 19 Feb 2019 05:00:00 GMT Michael Sek Pheng Yeo IDC PeerScape: Peer Insights for Successful KYC System Implementations and Remediations <P>This IDC PeerScape highlights the challenges faced by three banks that have recently implemented new KYC solutions or planned and implemented a remediation effort. The examples contain a description of the problem and actions taken by each firm to address the situation. </P><P>According to Steven D'Alfonso, research director, IDC Financial Insights, "Financial institutions must digitally transform their KYC processes to remain relevant. KYC processes, as they relate to customer experience, is a competitive issue as much as it is a regulatory one."</P> IDC PeerScape Tue, 19 Feb 2019 05:00:00 GMT Steven D’Alfonso