rsshardware IDC RSS alerts Digital Realty: An Asia/Pacific Perspective <P>This IDC Market Note provides an Asia/Pacific–focused update on Digital Realty's physical footprint, types of customers, key accounts, strategic direction, product portfolio, recent M&A activity, and R&D successes. It highlights the pivot of Digital Realty from wholesale colocation services to higher value-added connectivity services through its partnership with Megaport. </P><P>"Over time, Digital Realty has found ways through partnering and other means to transform itself and engage in other activities besides wholesale colocation services. With its partnership with Megaport, the company has transformed in an instant from a wholesale colocation provider to a key player in a sophisticated network/cloud fabric ecosystem," says Dr. Glen Duncan, associate research director, IDC Asia/Pacific Datacenter Research.</P> Market Note Fri, 19 Oct 2018 04:00:00 GMT Glen Duncan Software Defined Everything and NFV <P>This market perspective aims to provide a summary of the most important SDx trends in Latin America, using an analysis of primary and secondary information sources.</P><P>This analysis includes definitions and a description of the main SD-WAN and SD Infrastructure worldwide trends and its impact in Latin America. Finally, this document provides key recommendations for vendors and service providers.</P><P>"The large geographical footprint of some countries in Latin America, coupled with the relatively limited availability of MPLS in small cities, will strongly boost the growth of SD-WAN, since it will allow organizations with great geographical dispersion (for example, banks, retail or energy) to have a greater variety of access alternatives for their remote branches, especially those further away." says Diego Anesini, Research Director, Latin America. "Different Software-Defined components could pave the way towards making a Software-defined Datacenter a reality, where companies could act on business decisions in a more flexible, scalable and dynamic way in order to respond to a fast-changing environment and ecosystems. SDI could become a key complement of any agile / design thinking philosophy as it closes the gap towards a real programmable and further automated and self-resilient infrastructure. The supplier that manages to position itself as the key enabler for this infrastructure transformation could certainly have a winning ticket on its hands." says Juan Pablo Seminara, Research Manager, Latin America.</P> Market Perspective Fri, 19 Oct 2018 04:00:00 GMT Juan Pablo Seminara, Diego Anesini European IDC CIO Summit, 2018: The CIO as Orchestrator of the Digital-Native Enterprise <P>This IDC Perspective provides an overview of this year European IDC CIO Summit 2018 — <I>"</I><I>The European CIO of 2019: The Orchestrator of the Digital Native Enterprise</I><I>"</I> <I>—</I> that took place in Cascais last September. This was a good opportunity to measure the pulse of the European CIOs' maturity, needs, and dreams, as well as a moment for sharing best practices and experiences around some of those Innovation Accelerators that are reshaping European industries' digital road maps. This document details the key topics in the three-day event, leveraging the results of a pre-event online survey that involved almost European CIOs and providing a sneak peek into the series of workshops that characterized the event.</P><P>"Digital determination needs to be throughout the organization — it can't just be the CIO — although she/he needs to be part of that as the orchestrator of the digital native enterprise," said Thomas Meyer, IDC European Group Vice President. "A few keywords are crucial for the CIO of 2019: digital determination, single strategy, building a road map, digital trust, culture and skills, and bringing together enterprise IT and the digital owners."</P> IDC Perspective Thu, 18 Oct 2018 04:00:00 GMT Philip Carter, Thomas Meyer, Margaret Adam, Carla Arend, Roberta Bigliani, Duncan Brown, Meredith Whalen, Archana Venkatraman, Giorgio Nebuloni, Ivano Ortis, Andrea Siviero, Jan van Vonno, Danielle Hernandez, Philip Carnelley Splunk &gt; next: Make things happen with data <P>The running theme of Splunk.conf18 as expressed by Splunk CEO Doug Merritt was, "Make things happen with data." In security, 'data' has two, broad meanings. The first concept is that logs can be correlated to look for anomalous behavior or matched against pre-set rules to find indicators of compromise (IOC). But the second layer is the whole ecosystem around for using data in security including user interfaces (UI), data enrichment, the orchestration of tools, search, and event sequencing; and Splunk made appreciable strides in many of these facets of security. </P> IDC Link Thu, 18 Oct 2018 04:00:00 GMT Konstantin Rychkov, Sean Pike, Christopher Kissel Turkish Manufacturing Sector — "Smart is the New Normal" <P>This IDC Market Perspective discusses technology investment trends in the manufacturing sector in Turkey. Efforts to improve efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, and provide better products and services are boosting the local use of ICT in manufacturing. By focusing on the technology spending priorities of CIOs, this study reveals the hot technology topics in the Turkish manufacturing industry.</P><P>"To remain competitive in Turkey, all manufacturers need to adopt emerging and innovative technologies as part of their digital transformation efforts. Companies in Turkey consider themselves to be on the cutting edge of IT, and most are in the process of actively transforming their IT environments to support evolving business models and meet new customer and business requirements." — Senior Research Analyst Ayse Kaptanoglu, Systems and Infrastructure Solutions, IDC Turkey.</P> Market Perspective Thu, 18 Oct 2018 04:00:00 GMT Ayse Kaptanoglu Worldwide Server Operating System Environments Forecast, 2018–2022 <P>This IDC study forecasts S-OSE shipments and installed base for the 2018–2022 forecast period. IDC projects total license shipments/subscriptions and nonpaid deployments of base S-OSEs associated with Microsoft Windows, all commercial Linux distributions, UNIX, and other S-OSEs will grow at a CAGR of 7.4% from 2017 to 2022 and reach 21.6 million shipments by the end of the forecast period.</P><P>"The emergence of newer applications, technologies, and use cases is helping set the macro direction for the market going forward," said Stephen Belanger, senior research analyst, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies at IDC. "Technologies such as heterogeneous and accelerated computing, computing architectures like massively parallel computing, and use cases like artificial intelligence and high-performance computing are putting server operating systems front and center of datacenter infrastructure."</P> Market Forecast Thu, 18 Oct 2018 04:00:00 GMT Stephen Belanger, Ashish Nadkarni 2018 U.S. Consumer Banking Channel Preference Survey: Digital Banking Authentication — The Death of User ID and Password Has Been Greatly Exaggerated <P>This IDC Perspective discusses the IDC's 2018 <I>U.S. Consumer Banking Channel Preference Survey</I> conducted among 2,501 U.S. residents who are 18+ and have an active checking account. How individuals authenticate themselves to their bank or credit union has increased dramatically as technology has become readily available to use biometrics to ensure that the person conducting the transaction is in fact who they say they are. However, many customers are content with using user IDs and passwords, thus creating a perfect opportunity to show the benefits of biometrics while helping reduce fraud and improve the overall experience.</P><P>According to Marc DeCastro, research director at IDC Financial Insights, "When it comes to improving the overall customer experience, using biometrics seems to be an ideal way to reduce friction by forcing complex passwords, challenge questions, and periodic password changes. That said, in the near term, user IDs and passwords are so engrained in how we operate that it will take time to migrate customers and capture their biometric signatures, so plan accordingly."</P> IDC Perspective Wed, 17 Oct 2018 04:00:00 GMT Marc DeCastro Cloud-Managed Networking: Transformation Strategies <P>This IDC Market Note discusses the transformation of networks and their transfer to cloud-managed solutions.</P> Market Note Wed, 17 Oct 2018 04:00:00 GMT Ksenia Efimova Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services: Fueling Logistics Networks with Global Order Management and Fulfillment Technologies <P>This IDC Vendor Profile looks at the Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services business, reviewing its products and services, business strategy, strengths, and opportunities with essential guidance. </P> Vendor Profile Wed, 17 Oct 2018 04:00:00 GMT Alison Close IoT Use Case Study: Termite Monitoring with Narrowband IoT in the Republic of China to Reduce the Use of Toxic Termiticides <P>Termite monitoring has relied on sophisticated radar instruments in the past. As a result, most households and many government structures have not had the ability to monitor termite invasion and thus could not realize an effective response. The utilization of low-power (LPWAN), Narrowband internet of things (NB-IoT), and custom miniature sensors has made it possible to monitor homes and public structures for possible infestation and thus reduce environmental pollution of the soil and ground water. "The ability to collect and aggregate the data by location enables pest control companies to exploit IoT and wireless access in order to reduce the use negative impact of toxic termiticides," says Bill Rojas, adjunct research director, IDC Asia/Pacific. He adds, "Moreover, this type of cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) analytics solution has many similarities with crime and disease control by providing crowdsourced data."</P> Market Note Wed, 17 Oct 2018 04:00:00 GMT Bill Rojas, Shaily Shah, Hugh Ujhazy