rssitbuyer IDC RSS alerts IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise Analytics and AI Business Process Services for Finance and Accounting 2024 Vendor Assessment <P>This IDC study represents a vendor assessment of providers offering enterprise analytics and AI business process services for finance and accounting through the IDC MarketScape model. The assessment reviews both quantitative and qualitative characteristics that define current market demands and expected buyer needs for analytics and AI business process services for finance and accounting. The evaluation is based on a comprehensive and rigorous framework that assesses how each vendor stacks up, and the framework highlights the key factors that are expected to be the most significant for achieving success in the market over the short term and the long term.</P><P>"In an era where data is the new currency, this IDC MarketScape unveils how leveraging analytics, machine learning, and AI can revolutionize finance and accounting services. As CFOs and finance leaders increasingly prioritize cognitive platforms, this assessment guides through the transformative potential of outsourcing finance analytics to third-party providers to benefit from skilled resources, industry expertise, and advanced solutions and in-depth insights into operations. Discover how embracing intelligent operations and technology optimization can not only enhance core metrics but also pave the way for commercial success in the digital world," says Ali Close, research manager of IDC's Intelligent Finance and Customer Care Business Process Services program.</P> IDC MarketScape Tue, 16 Jul 2024 04:00:00 GMT Alison Close IFS Acquires EmpowerMX: The Moment of Service Continues to Expand <P>This IDC Link highlights the recent news that IFS acquired EmpowerMX, a maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) technology vendor. The acquisition extends IFS' capabilities in MRO and broadens its domain expertise in the aerospace, aviation, and defense industry.</P> IDC Link Tue, 16 Jul 2024 04:00:00 GMT Aly Pinder The CIO and Leading Technology Roles in EMEA: Developing Into Business Leaders <P>This IDC Perspective examines the evolving nature of the technology C-suite across EMEA organizations, from the evolution of the role of the CIO to the emergence of new roles such as the Chief AI Officer. It also provides guidance on how technology decision-making evolves when multiple technology leaders are present, and the importance of empowering the technology C-suite as an integral part of the business.</P><P>"With technology now a strategic enabler of business strategy and operations as well as multiple leaders present at once, organizations must provide structure and coordination around the technology C-suite to avoid the creation of new organizational silos and unleash true innovation," said Martina Longo, research manager, IDC European Digital Business Strategies.</P> IDC Perspective Tue, 16 Jul 2024 04:00:00 GMT Martina Longo Business Value Engineering, 2024: Bridging the Gap Between Technology Investments and the Value Delivered <P>This IDC Tech Buyer Presentation was first presented at Celosphere 2023 and was updated in June 2024. Business value engineering (BVE) is a data- and insights-driven methodology and set of tools for automation and process improvement planning and continuous improvement. The overall objective of BVE is to drive consistent success in process improvement by switching from a technology-first mindset to an outcomes-first approach. Key to BVE is the ability to:</P><UL><LI>Accurately identify how tasks, business processes, and customer value streams are inefficient. </LI><LI>Use statistical analysis and modeling to project financial and business benefits that could be achieved with the improvement.</LI><LI>Accurately map the technologies needed to achieve the improvement. </LI><LI>Continuously measure the performance before, during, and after improvements are made.</LI><LI>Continuously improve by operating proactively via monitoring while rapidly identifying new opportunities for greater efficiency.</LI></UL> Tech Buyer Presentation Mon, 15 Jul 2024 04:00:00 GMT Maureen Fleming IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Intelligent Digital Asset Management 2024 Vendor Assessment <P>This IDC study provides an assessment of the intelligent digital asset management (DAM) systems used for persuasive digital experiences and presents the criteria most important for companies to consider when selecting an AI/ML- or a GenAI-enhanced DAM solution. This assessment discusses both quantitative and qualitative characteristics that explain success in the DAM serving as a centralized repository for managing and optimizing digital media assets across industries. The intelligent DAM offers functionalities like intelligent workflow automation and integration capabilities; DAMs are evolving toward dynamic media and composable services, highlighting their critical role in today's digital landscape and future advancements. The evaluation is based on a comprehensive and rigorous framework that assesses vendors relative to the criteria and one another. The study highlights the factors expected to be the most influential for success in the market during both the short term and the long term.</P><P>"Utilizing a digital asset management system as a storage for images, videos, and other rich media is a thing of the past. Future developments in DAM focus on dynamic media capabilities, immersive 3D experiences, and leveraging generative AI for content creation and management, indicating a shift toward more intelligent, efficient, and personalized content management and distribution processes," said Marci Maddox, research vice president, IDC's Digital Experience Strategies program. "Operating a digital business requires adopting AI/ML and GenAI within the DAM system to not only increase rich media creation and management but also deliver brand consistency and maximize digital asset ROI."</P> IDC MarketScape Mon, 15 Jul 2024 04:00:00 GMT Marci Maddox HPE and HPE Financial Services in the AI Era, where as-a-Service and Circular Economy Strategies Drive Revenue IDC Link Fri, 12 Jul 2024 04:00:00 GMT Lara Greden Managing Technical Debt While Investing in the Future <P>This IDC Tech Buyer Survey Spotlight explores the critical challenges CIOs face in aligning digital infrastructure with business goals, emphasizing the common focus on AI and security with the underlying issue of technical debt. It examines the factors driving overspending on digital infrastructure and provides guidance for technology buyers. The survey responses were collected from 616 IT professionals in IDC's <I>Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending (FERS) Survey, </I><I>W</I><I>ave 3</I>.</P> Tech Buyer Survey Spotlight Thu, 11 Jul 2024 04:00:00 GMT Mona Liddell IDC MarketScape: European ESG Technology Services for CSRD Compliance 2024 Vendor Assessment <P>This IDC study uses the IDC MarketScape model to provide an assessment of several providers offering ESG technology services for CSRD compliance in Europe. This IDC MarketScape is an evaluation based on a comprehensive framework and a set of parameters that assesses providers relative to one another and to those factors expected to be most conducive to success in each market during both the short and long term.</P><P>"The EU CSRD regulation is imminent, and the risks of not being prepared for this new EU directive are significant for any organization operating within EU markets. With a majority of affected companies not sufficiently prepared, more and more companies are seeking support from technology vendors. This IDC assessment has shown that the technology vendors in this relatively new space have rapidly started to build capabilities to support customers with the data and technology challenges associated with CSRD reporting and wider corporate ESG/sustainability efforts. With tech vendors expecting these offerings to form a significant future growth opportunity, the race for market share has only just started, and IDC's evaluation takes a first-ever look at the relative positioning of key vendors in this early stage." Katharina Grimme, associate vice president and research lead on sustainability, IDC Europe.</P> IDC MarketScape Wed, 10 Jul 2024 04:00:00 GMT Katharina Grimme, Zuzana Kovacova, Angela Salmeron Digital Sovereignty: Ensuring National Survivability <P>This IDC Perspective highlights the U.S. federal government's commitment to digital sovereignty, exploring how cloud and emerging technologies like cybersecurity, AI, and GenAI are deployed as critical elements of national survivability. It discusses the drivers for digital sovereignty, including the commitment to multivendor for resiliency, the impact of AI and GenAI on warfighting intelligence, and the need for speed to market in defense agencies leveraging commercial technology.</P><P>"Collaborations with industry and allies, alongside technology innovations and programs like the DIB Cybersecurity Program, aim to bolster digital sovereignty through improved information sharing and enhanced defense capabilities," says Adelaide O'Brien, research vice president, IDC Government Insights.</P> IDC Perspective Sun, 07 Jul 2024 04:00:00 GMT Adelaide O'Brien How AI Can Improve IT Sourcing and Procurement <P>The IDC Perspective explores the transformative potential of AI in IT sourcing and procurement, highlighting its ability to enhance efficiency, productivity, and decision-making. With examples from McKinsey, Deloitte, and SAP Ariba, the document underscores the growing adoption of AI across industries and its significant benefits in managing a spectrum of technology purchases, from commodities to emerging technologies. It advises CIOs on implementing AI, balancing build-versus-buy decisions, and managing change, aiming for incremental success in AI integration.</P><P>"AI transforms IT sourcing and procurement, blending efficiency with innovation for a competitive edge in the digital era," says Dr. Ron Babin, adjunct research advisor with IDC's IT Executive Programs (IEP). </P> IDC Perspective Sun, 07 Jul 2024 04:00:00 GMT Dr. Ron Babin