rssitbuyer IDC RSS alerts IDC MarketScape: European Professional Services for Data-Driven Government 2022 Vendor Assessment <P>This IDC MarketScape analyzed the solution offerings and go-to-market strategies of 12 professional services firms that help European governments become data-driven organizations.</P><P>"EU and member states' digital transformation programs assign a strategic role to data. Senior government leaders must partner with professional service firms that can help them design, configure, implement, and operate data-driven capabilities; complement that with organizational change; and align with evolving EU policy requirements, such as digital sovereignty and ethical use of data and AI," said Massimiliano Claps, research director, IDC Government Insights.</P> IDC MarketScape Tue, 07 Feb 2023 05:00:00 GMT Massimiliano Claps Post-Pandemic Industries Embrace a New Era of Industrial Automation <P>This IDC Perspective document investigates the adoption of automation at various levels in industries post-pandemic and how it is helping for industry 4.0 revolution. The COVID-19 epidemic has brought attention to the necessity for corporations to react quickly, nimbly, and precisely. The chance to adopt intelligent automation and digital transformation is being brought by the post-pandemic era. Intelligent automation transforms the relationship between people and technology by combining technological advances, such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA), and machine learning, which enable a new level of collaboration and accelerate the levels of creativity and value within the enterprise. </P><P>After the pandemic, automation usage rose globally, and nearly half of all enterprises in Asia/Pacific plan to increase their use of RPA in the next five years. According to IDC's <I>2022 </I><I>Asia/Pacific (Including Japan) </I><I>Internet of Things Survey</I>, 50.8% of the organizations in the region are currently using digital processes for inventory management. The retail and wholesale industry has the maximum share of 72.4% for managing inventories digitally. Approximately two-thirds of employees in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) (APEJ) already collaborate with a bot for their tasks, and 60% are likely to automate their work using low-code platforms, according to the results of IDC's <I>2022 </I><I>APEJ</I><I> Future of Work Employee Perspectives Survey</I>.</P><P>"Manufacturing and industrial organizations entered a new age of technology adoption after the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic increased supply chain unpredictability, and in view of that, many organizations used reshoring, nearshoring, inventory buffering, and other supply chain diversification strategies to increase their agility and prevent an overall production downtime. This, in turn, has pushed the use of cloud-based technologies for remote collaboration and line and supply chain management," says Piyush Singh, senior market analyst, IDC Asia/Pacific Internet of Things Insights Team.</P> IDC Perspective Mon, 06 Feb 2023 05:00:00 GMT Piyush Singh IDC Opens Nominations for the 7th Future Enterprise Awards for Asia/Pacific and Japan 95% of organizations already seeing the need to adopt a digital-first strategy, indicating the inevitability of the digital business era. Corporate Press Release Sun, 05 Feb 2023 05:00:00 GMT How SMBs Leverage Their Security Services Providers to Drive Outcome-Based Security <P>This IDC Perspective discusses two SMB organizations in detail as examples of how SMBs select and leverage their security services vendors to address the most common pain points faced by many SMBs and, more importantly, achieve outcome-based security. The pursuit of business outcomes from the security investment is never exclusive to large enterprises. In conversations with SMB organizations, whether in regulated industries or not, the drive to maximize their security investment is as genuine as that of their large counterparts.</P><P>IDC defines the worldwide SMB market as follows:</P><UL><LI><B>Small business (1</B><B>–</B><B>99 employees)</B><B>:</B>  All regions</LI><LI><B>Medium-sized business (100</B><B>–</B><B>999 employees)</B><B>:</B> The Americas region and Japan</LI><LI><B>Medium-sized business (100</B><B>–</B><B>499 employees)</B><B>:</B> The rest of the world</LI></UL><P>"The pursuit of more effective outcomes from the security investment is never exclusive to large enterprises. The mindset of 'to do more with less' will never go out of fashion. It implies the preference of an easy-to-use, effectively integrated platform with fewer interfaces to manage. Thus it reduces the required training time and monitoring efforts and lowers the risk of user errors," says Cathy Huang, research director, Worldwide Security Services at IDC. </P> IDC Perspective Fri, 03 Feb 2023 05:00:00 GMT Cathy Huang IDC MarketScape: Worldwide ESG/Sustainability Strategy Consulting Services 2023 Vendor Assessment <P>This IDC study uses the IDC MarketScape model to provide an assessment of several providers participating in the worldwide business consulting services market. The IDC MarketScape is an evaluation based on a comprehensive framework and a set of parameters that assesses providers relative to one another and to those factors expected to be most conducive to success in each market during both the short term and the long term.</P><P>"With business needs surrounding ESG changing quickly, vendors are seeing a vast opportunity for expanding into the ESG market. This assessment has shown that services vendors in this space have developed key capabilities to aide their clients in developing a sustainable business strategy, embedding sustainability across functional groups, and define the business case for ESG," stated Dan Versace, research analyst, ESG Business Services at IDC. "Conversely, the assessment noted that customers were generally less impressed with the vendor's ability to provide highly educated customer services teams and offer wide-reaching services that address the intersectionality of ESG across all three pillars."</P><P>According to Versace, "For the society to meet the ever-shortening timeline to avoid and remediate issues caused by climate change and begin the 'just transition,' service providers must continually invest in developing processes both internally and externally to serve their clients along their entire sustainability journey."</P> IDC MarketScape Fri, 03 Feb 2023 05:00:00 GMT Dan Versace IDC PlanScape: Application Architecture to Support Innovation and Agility <P>This IDC study details the importance of application architecture to support innovation and agility.</P><P>"Application architecture is a critical element of strategic architecture and might be the best starting point as IT leaders and organizations define and work toward strategic architecture," says Niel Nickolaisen, adjunct research advisor with IDC's IT Executive Programs (IEP).</P> IDC PlanScape Fri, 03 Feb 2023 05:00:00 GMT Niel Nickolaisen IDC PlanScape: Omni-Channel Payment Platforms <P>This IDC PlanScape focuses on the relevance of an omni-channel payment platform as a relevant tool for retailers to meet consumers' channel-transparency expectations and as a powerful source of relevant data to help and support the retailer's strategy and development.</P><P>"Considering the general desire and challenges for retailers to reach the most advanced levels of omni-channel capabilities, providing customers with omni-channel payment solutions has become essential," said Cristiano Quattrini, associate senior advisor at IDC. " Omni-channel payment solutions can provide competitive advantages to companies such as strengthening the value chain and expanding a retailer's services."</P> IDC PlanScape Fri, 03 Feb 2023 05:00:00 GMT Cristiano Quattrini, Filippo Battaini, Sofia Poggi, Ornella Urso Mini-Bids and Market Indexing: Strategies for Contracting Logistics Services <P>This IDC Perspective examines strategies for contracting transportation services across global logistics networks to address shortcomings of traditional approaches that have been exposed as insufficient in the face of disruption. </P><P>"As contracting cycles return to more typical timelines and the mad scramble to capacity subsides, the opportunity to take a fresh approach exists to alleviate contract pain points. A collaborative, data-based approach provides the framework to sustain partnerships and supports the growth of resilient networks and operations," says Travis Eide, research director, Transportation, Logistics, and Global Trade.</P> IDC Perspective Fri, 03 Feb 2023 05:00:00 GMT Travis Eide Workload-Centric Digital Infrastructure Deployment: Best Practices for Governance <P>This IDC Perspective summarizes best practices and decision-making frameworks being used by industry leaders today and makes recommendations for how to best put these principles into action. Workload-centric digital infrastructure deployment strategies are becoming increasingly critical to the success of enterprise digital business initiatives. By using a continuous, collaborative business–focused approach to optimizing workload deployments across on-premises, public cloud, SaaS, and edge options, many organizations can improve business agility, accelerate digital business transformations, reduce costs, and improve security. </P><P>"Organizations that plan to grow by expanding digital business initiatives need to proactively implement workload-centric deployment programs in order to manage costs, ensure security, and optimize the performance of development and data science activities across their organizations," explains Mary Johnston Turner, IDC's research vice president, Future of Digital Infrastructure Agenda. </P> IDC Perspective Fri, 03 Feb 2023 05:00:00 GMT Mary Johnston Turner Four at the Forefront: Shining Examples of Big Data and Analytics in Asia/Pacific Financial Services in 2022 <P>This IDC Perspective profiles four emergent big data and analytics initiatives that are empowering Asia/Pacific financial services institutions (FSIs) to operate with the rich insights behind the large volume of data they own. These projects, which utilize institutionwide resources with a meticulous approach and a detailed plan for the rollout, have achieved measurable benefits to the organizations. </P><P>"Big data and analytics is a necessary and essential initiative to future proof financial services institutions. The initiatives we see in the region are showing benefits for FSIs in both internal operations and customer journeys. FSIs need to ensure that they have an enterprisewide strategy in place, with a strong fundamental data infrastructure, by breaking down data silos," says Abhishek Kumar, associate research director, IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific.</P><P>"To maximize the benefits from big data and analytics initiatives, banks and insurers should consider integrating big data and analytics capabilities with investments in artificial intelligence/machine learning, robotic process automation, cloud, and others to address the pain points across the organizations and drive innovations," adds Xiao Liu, research manager, IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific.</P> IDC Perspective Wed, 01 Feb 2023 05:00:00 GMT Xiao Liu, Abhishek Kumar