rssmarketingandsales IDC RSS alerts Kairos Acquires Facial Recognition Company EmotionReader <P>On July 12, Kairos announced its acquisition of fellow facial recognition company EmotionReader for an undisclosed amount. Following the deal, Kairos will be able to enhance its service with emotion detection features and expand beyond its current market reach. </P> IDC Link Thu, 19 Jul 2018 04:00:00 GMT Oren Raviv IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Learning Management in Integrated Talent Management 2018 Vendor Assessment <P>This IDC study represents a vendor assessment of the learning management and development capabilities offered as part of an integrated talent management solution through the IDC MarketScape model. This assessment discusses both quantitative and qualitative characteristics that explain success in this market. This IDC MarketScape covers a variety of vendors participating in the integrated talent management market. The evaluation is based on a comprehensive and rigorous framework that assesses vendors relative to the criteria and to one another, and it highlights the factors expected to be the most influential for success in the market, in both the short and the long term.</P><P>"Vendors that are laser focused on the unique needs of specific verticals continue to win new logos and achieve greater results with clients in these areas," says Lisa Rowan, research vice president, HR, Talent, and Learning Strategies for IDC. "But just as important is a vendor's ability to support clients beyond implementation — through critical client success strategies and strong partnerships — to drive adoption and enable transformation in talent management."</P> IDC MarketScape Mon, 16 Jul 2018 04:00:00 GMT Lisa Rowan, Kyle Lagunas Worldwide CRM Applications Market Shares, 2017: Digital Transformation Fuels Customer Experience Initiatives <P>This IDC study examines the vendor revenue performance in the CRM applications market for 2017. The CRM applications market grew an outstanding 10.1% in 2017 to reach $37.1 billion in revenue. Despite acquisitions, the top 5 vendors represented 40.5% of the total market, showing an expanding, not consolidating, market.</P><P>"The functional aspects of CRM applications is taking a back seat to the 'experience' created by a company," says Mary Wardley, research vice president for IDC's CRM Applications and Customer Experience. "After iterations of adding technology, digital transformation is driving an examination of current versus future requirements. Organizations are looking for business partners and technology that will enable them to build that future framework now."</P> Market Share Mon, 16 Jul 2018 04:00:00 GMT Mary Wardley Network of Teams: The Future Agile Marketing Organization <P>This IDC Perspective projects how the current marketing staffing trends will evolve to a future marketing organizational structure, discusses why this evolution is necessary, and provides guidance on how companies can best work toward a team-based future. To gain advantages inherent in the digital transformation, leaders must evolve their marketing organizations from 20th century–style functional silos to team-based structures that will capacitate an agile business. </P><P>"IDC's research finds that tech marketing organizations have already embarked on this transition to teams," says Kathleen Schaub, vice president of IDC's CMO Advisory and Customer Experience practices. "Leaders may call these new organizations tiger teams, circles, lateral organizations, networks, or squads. Whatever term is used, the objective is the same: Remodel the organization into a new structure that better serves today's empowered customers and attracts new workers who have fresh expectations."</P> IDC Perspective Mon, 09 Jul 2018 04:00:00 GMT Kathleen Schaub SAP Marketing Cloud: A Windfall of AI for Marketers <P>This IDC Vendor Profile assesses SAP Marketing Cloud with respect to the AI-enabled use cases currently in market, its road map, and its platform for enabling partners and customers to leverage its AI platform in its marketing applications.</P> Vendor Profile Mon, 09 Jul 2018 04:00:00 GMT Gerry Murray Auckland Council wins international IDC Smart City Award MEDIA RELEASE Research Press Release Wed, 04 Jul 2018 04:00:00 GMT Innovation Accelerators in Customer Experience: Artificial Intelligence <P>This IDC Perspective is one of a series of documents that looks at the impact of innovation accelerator technologies like AI on the customer experience. </P><P>"Artificial Intelligence is a key technology in improving the engagement with a customer and in the experience a customer receives from a company," says Alan Webber, research director for the Digital Customer Experience at IDC. "AI is still a relatively nascent technology within the customer experience journey, but it is already having a significant impact from powering chatbots to supporting sales efforts to driving analytics and analysis to better understand the customer. We expect increased adoption of AI by organizations to continue to specifically address customer experience issues as more and more CX-specific AI solutions are created."</P> IDC Perspective Wed, 04 Jul 2018 04:00:00 GMT Alan Webber, David Schubmehl Worldwide Advertising Software Forecast, 2018–2022 <P>This IDC study explores global trends in advertising software usage and spending. It covers spending in the United States, Canada, Western Europe (WE), Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), the Middle East and Africa (MEA), Japan, the Asia/Pacific region excluding Japan (APEJ), and Latin America (LA). Focusing mostly on the U.S. market, this study analyzes the current state of the major advertising software segments, including ad exchanges, ad servers, ad verification software, attribution software, data management platforms (DMPs), data vendors, demand-side platforms (DSPs), dynamic creative optimization platforms, search engine marketing (SEM) software, social media marketing (SMM) software, and supply-side platforms (SSPs). </P><P>"Despite fierce M&A activity at the top, even the top 7 vendors only stand for one-third of total spending on advertising software. In other words, there is still a lot of potential for mergers and acquisitions," said Karsten Weide, IDC's VP for Media and Entertainment.</P><P>Follow Karsten Weide on Twitter at @karstenw.</P> Market Forecast Fri, 29 Jun 2018 04:00:00 GMT Karsten Weide, Tim McAtee IDC's Worldwide Digital Transformation Use Case Taxonomy, 2018: Customer Experience <P>This IDC study discusses digital transformation (DX) in the customer experience that companies provide and its influence on prioritizing use cases for investment as well as the strategic priorities and programs that are driving technology spending.</P><P>"Customers, whether B2B or B2C, are digitally transforming, and the best companies are employing digital technologies to both differentiate themselves from their competitors and stay on par with where their customers are," said Alan Webber, IDC research director for Customer Experience. "The digital transformation of the customer experience leading to a differentiated experience must start with an understanding of the alignment or mis-alignment between the company and the digital journey the customer is on."</P> Taxonomy Mon, 25 Jun 2018 04:00:00 GMT Alan Webber, Gerry Brown, Greg Girard, Leslie Hand, Jordan Jewell, Wayne Kurtzman, Gerry Murray, Silvia Piai, Kathleen Schaub, Mary Wardley, Melissa Webster SAP C/4HANA Introduction: Customer Experience Includes Fulfillment <P>At SAP SAPPHIRE NOW 2018, held June 5–7 in Orlando, Florida, SAP took on the CRM applications market with a new/rationalized set of cloud-based CRM offerings. The new CRM "suite" offering will be sold under the name SAP C/4HANA, to complement the SAP S/4HANA ERP suite. The new offering is also receiving a new classification as a customer experience product set, with a fundamental focus of its connection of the front office to the back office, "demand chain to supply chain," integrating to billing/invoicing, maintenance, and so forth. This new approach by SAP speaks to its core competencies and shifts the conversation from suites, standalones, and best-of-breed applications to a platform, end-to-end process prospective. Road map, execution, and customer's receptivity will be tested in the next 12–18 months as SAP pursues its stated direction of "becoming the CRM applications market leader." IDC attended SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 and met with SAP executives, partners, and customers. </P> IDC Link Wed, 20 Jun 2018 04:00:00 GMT Mary Wardley, Jordan Jewell