rssmarketingandsales IDC RSS alerts IDC Perspective: Enablement and Engagement Technologies Lead Sales Tech Spend Priority <P>This IDC Market Perspective examines the priorities of sales technology investments for enterprises and identifies opportunities for sales enablement and engagement vendors to continue to provide value.</P><P>"The move to digital selling has generated a surge in sales technology spending with sales enablement and sales engagement emerging as top priorities for organizations," says Michelle Morgan, research manager of Sales Technology Applications at IDC. "Sales organizations must be ready to sell to customers anywhere, on any channel, at any time and be capable of capturing each engagement in real time to provide a prescriptive approach to sales enablement and engagement."</P> Market Perspective Mon, 16 May 2022 04:00:00 GMT Michelle Morgan Marketing Effectiveness and Metrics that Matters in a Digital-First Era <P>This IDC Survey explores the marketing perspective on what is marketing effectiveness and the evolving ways of measuring marketing's contribution in the digital-first era. This document examines which programs across awareness and demand are viewed as growing or decreasing in importance for effectiveness. It also explores important contributing factors across culture, people, processes, and technology.</P><P>This document digs deeper into what marketers' feel is the best way to demonstrate marketing's value, along with what is the hardest to measure. It highlights how marketing leaders view the tie of revenue and outcomes-based quota to marketing employee performance.</P><P>This document is intended to help B2B tech vendor marketing executives better understand methods and tactics to maximize marketing effectiveness and deliver desired outcomes in this next digital era.</P><P>"The fusion of physical and digital worlds is fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and relate. Tech buying behavior has subsequently changed, and a new reality faces marketers. A new logic is needed to maximize the effectiveness of marketing and measure success in a digital-first era," says Laurie Buczek, research vice president, CMO Advisory Practice.</P> IDC Survey Mon, 16 May 2022 04:00:00 GMT Laurie Buczek, Warren Lane Zoho Launches "Zoho Marketing Plus," Providing Enterprise-Grade Functionality to Midmarket Clients <P>Marketing leaders at growth companies –rapidly scaling organizations under 1000 employees – are often trapped between SMB point solution and over-powered platforms. Zoho Corporation's recently launched Zoho Marketing Plus addresses this gap nicely, providing robust capabilities in one integration-friendly, workflow-centric, modestly priced, platform.</P> IDC Link Mon, 16 May 2022 04:00:00 GMT Roger Beharry Lall Divergent Strategies for Dealing with Software Price Inflation <P>This IDC Survey Spotlight illustrates the divergent strategies that different market segments and industries may use to cope with software costs should inflationary pressure cause vendors to raise prices.</P> IDC Survey Spotlight Fri, 13 May 2022 04:00:00 GMT Gerry Murray 2022年 国内CDP市場動向:収益レジリエンシー獲得のためのCX/CDP活用 <P>本調査レポートでは、IDCが定義するソフトウェア市場のうち、CRM(Customer Relationship Management)アプリケーションに含まれるマーケティングキャンペーンアプリケーションおよびデータ管理ソフトウェアに属するデータインテグレーション/インテリジェンスソフトウェア/データベース管理システムにまたがって存在する「顧客データプラットフォーム(Customer Data Platform)」市場(以下、CDP市場)について国内市場動向の調査結果を述べる。COVID-19の感染拡大で進んだ顧客のデジタル化/ボーダレス化による顧客エクスペリエンス(CX)向上の必要性や2022年4月に施行された「改正個人情報保護法」への対応などを契機として、ユーザー企業においてCDPの機能である顧客データの統合/同意管理/顧客データ保護などに関する必要性が拡大しつつあるとIDCではみている。</P><P>「今後CDPの活用を通じてユーザー企業が収益レジリエンシーを維持、拡大するために、ITサプライヤーはCDPの長期運用につながるCX向上のためのロードマップ作成支援、CDP活用を促進する連携ツールの提案、CDP活用した収益レジリエンシーを強化するためのデータ収集/活用支援を積極的に行うべきである」とIDC Japan ソフトウェア&セキュリティのシニアマーケットアナリストである太田 早紀は分析している。</P> Market Perspective Tue, 10 May 2022 04:00:00 GMT Saki Ohta IDC Perspective: Engaging Tech Buyers on Sustainable Enterprise Value: A Strategic Perspective for Tech Marketers and Sales Leaders <P>Digital enterprises face new challenges and new opportunities. Their success depends on a variety of internal and external stakeholders' continued support. Systematic metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and targets can measure and monitor these stakeholders' engagement and commitment and thereby support business value creation across the enterprise, its ecosystem, and its sustainability objectives. "Ecosystem resilience and sustainability are the new technology mantras and vendors need to align their messaging accordingly," says Dr. Chris Marshall, associate VP, data analytics, IDC Asia/Pacific. </P> IDC Perspective Fri, 06 May 2022 04:00:00 GMT Christopher Lee Marshall, Daniel-Zoe Jimenez, Linus Lai, Sandra Ng, Meredith Whalen Sales Acceleration: Latin America 2022 Tech Buying Behavior and Budgets <P>This market perspective summarizes the most important enterprise tech buyer behavior and budget trends in Latin America for 2022, using an analysis of primary and secondary information sources.</P><P>This report analyzes the businesses' and CIOs' agendas and their impact on IT budgets, digital agenda maturity status, future enterprise trends, the expected impact on the IT market, use cases, and a future outlook.</P><P>Lastly, this document provides key recommendations for vendors and service providers.</P><P>"Organizations in the region are back on their planned path o towards their digital strategy, which is generating renewed opportunities for the technology market. Understanding strategic priorities and key use cases will be critical for technology providers to differentiate their value propositions," states Diego Anesini, Research Director, Latin America. "Revenues from digital services and experiences will be responsible for at least USD 2 trillion in the region's economy by 2026."</P> Market Perspective Thu, 05 May 2022 04:00:00 GMT Diego Anesini Seismic Announces the Seismic Enablement Cloud, A First-Of-Its-Kind Unified Platform for Go-To-Market Teams <P>As more B2B sales interactions occur via digital channels, organizations have recognized that each touch point in the buying experience is valuable. While enablement and engagement solutions can help facilitate these interactions, it's often across disparate tools and systems, making personalization at scale difficult. Seismic is looking to streamline this process by bringing all the pillars of enablement under one, unified cloud with the launch of the Seismic Enablement Cloud.</P> IDC Link Thu, 05 May 2022 04:00:00 GMT Michelle Morgan Coupa Inspire 2022: Coupa Reviews Its Vision for the Business Spend Management (BSM) Space <P>The Coupa Inspire Americas 2022 conference was conducted during the first week of April, which Coupa used to promote its three-pronged strategy – Capture (all spend), Optimize (every dollar) and Amplify (community value). The areas of community, payments, and ESG were the highlights as Coupa unveiled additional capabilities and discussed some of the more than 300 new features delivered over the last year.</P> IDC Link Fri, 29 Apr 2022 04:00:00 GMT Kevin Permenter, Patrick Reymann Looking Ahead at 2022: Enterprise Priorities for Customer Experience Initiatives and Investments <P>This IDC Market Perspective discusses what are enterprises putting on their docket for customer experience (CX) for 2022 and beyond. The analysis is based on <I>Wave 2</I> of IDC's <I>Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending </I><I>S</I><I>urvey</I> conducted in March 2022. Questions explored are the types of CX initiatives that are of importance and plans of organizations to prioritize and allocate their CX transformation–related investments.</P><P>"As organizations plan their 2022 business priorities and investments, they maintain a strong inclination to improve customer satisfaction and experiences," said Sudhir Rajagopal, research director, Future of Customer Experience research program at IDC. "However, for many organizations, the next 12 months or more will see them redirecting their CX transformation-related investments toward extracting business value than continuing the trend toward purchase of more CX software and technologies."</P> Market Perspective Fri, 29 Apr 2022 04:00:00 GMT Sudhir Rajagopal