rssmarketingandsales IDC RSS alerts IDC Market Glance: Digital Agency Services, 2Q21 <P>This IDC Market Glance gives buyers a high-level view of the customer experience (CX) services provider landscape. This document shows a selection of the leading CX services vendors, and it lays out key segments of the market.</P><P>The CX services market contains multiple vendor types with a diverse set of backgrounds. These vendors use a mix of business and IT consulting, technology implementation services, and creative services to help clients grow their brands, to improve the customer experience associated with their offerings, to connect better to customers, citizens, trading partners, and other stakeholders, and, of course, to drive up revenue.</P><P>IDC now mostly uses the term <I>CX services</I> rather than the previously used term <I>digital agency services</I> to describe the activities of these providers. Although many of the providers in this market still describe themselves as agencies, many others no longer use (or may never have never used) the term <I>agency</I> to describe themselves.</P> Market Presentation Fri, 23 Apr 2021 04:00:00 GMT Douglas Hayward Positioning Software for CX Differentiation and Lasting Loyalty <P>With goods and services increasingly interchangeable in both the B2B and B2C spaces, enterprises will need to use customer experience principles and technologies to attract, acquire, and keep customers. This study uses data from the IDC European Software Survey released in November 2020 (n=763) to reveal how enterprises are establishing a foundational software layer for managing customer engagement and how that translates into market demand. It also presents data on the technology solutions enterprises use to differentiate themselves. It concludes with guidance on how technology suppliers should position their customer-related portfolios. </P><P>"In the first <I>Karate Kid</I> movie, Mr. Miyagi told Daniel to trust the quality of the karate he knows rather than the quantity. The same can be said of software that facilitates customer engagement. European enterprises are indeed investing in cutting edge tools. But they rank core applications related to marketing operations, data management and analysis, and security as central to their customer experience strategies. IT suppliers would be well served to incorporate that focus into their positioning." — Research Manager Mark Yates, IDC Europe</P> Market Perspective Thu, 15 Apr 2021 04:00:00 GMT Mark Yates B2B Marketing and Selling in the Future Enterprise: How to Reach Your Customers in the New Normal <P>This IDC Web Conference presents a discussion by IDC's Randy Perry (vice president, Sales Enablement Practice) and Chad Quinn (CEO of Ecosystems, a leading SaaS provider of collaborative value management software) concerning research findings from IDC's January 2021 <I>Excellence in Value Selling Survey </I>and best practices for marketing and sales to employ in 2021.</P><P>The digital economy is quickly advancing, and recent pandemic disruption has only served to further increase the urgency of addressing digital transformation requirements across all businesses and industries. The future enterprise is here — marketing and sales teams must now align technology and business outcomes to a value story to survive.</P><P>As the tech industry prepares to move toward recovery, the "new normal" will require different tactics and strategies. Learn how to bridge the gap between marketing web teasers and sales value conversations to effectively generate high-quality leads and ultimately make it easier for sales to close the deal. We discuss how to break down silos between marketing and sales teams and explore the role value management plays in breaking down these silos.</P> Web Conference Proceeding: Tech Supplier Wed, 31 Mar 2021 04:00:00 GMT Randy Perry, Chad Quinn, CEO, Ecosystems Key Marketing Skills for a Hybrid Work Reality <P>This IDC Survey Spotlight explores the top 5 skills most critical to the evolving remit of marketing organizations in a world where most marketers and many clients are working remotely. This IDC Survey Spotlight includes data from IDC's January 2021 <I>Marketing Barometer Survey.</I> It provides results and analysis from a survey of 46 senior marketing leaders in the United States. Respondents came from the high-tech industry across B2C, B2B, hardware, software, and services companies and a range of SMB to enterprise organizations. A key goal of the survey was to understand how marketing is responding to new requirements to work and deliver strong customer experiences as new ways of hybrid work continue to evolve during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic recovery.</P><P>"The dramatic shift to remote and hybrid ways of working in 2020 has heightened the need for skills in digital engagement and experience skills in 2021," says Amy Loomis, research director, IDC's Future of Work. "CMOs and other marketing leaders are in a unique position to build and collaboratively share their expertise across functions as they continue to understand the connections between customer and employee experiences," says Laurie Buczek, research vice president, CMO Advisory Practice.</P> IDC Survey Spotlight Tue, 30 Mar 2021 04:00:00 GMT Laurie Buczek, Amy Loomis, Ph.D. IDC PlanScape: Digital Signage to Maximize ROI <P>This IDC PlanScape provides a road map for hospitality and travel companies to leverage digital signage to deliver on business outcomes by enhancing customer and employee experiences and engagement, driving ROI and improving operations.</P><P>"Self-directed experiences have been a persistent component of digital transformation road maps, but COVID-19 has exacerbated the need for smart signage and dynamic digital displays," says Dorothy Creamer, senior research analyst, Hospitality and Travel Digital Transformation Strategies, IDC. "The use cases for digital signage in hospitality and travel are growing exponentially as the technological capabilities expand and costs of hardware decrease. Digital signage is no longer a static investment but, with proper planning, can be a flexible part of digital transformation and business resiliency strategies."</P> IDC PlanScape Mon, 29 Mar 2021 04:00:00 GMT Dorothy Creamer Optimizely Delivers Deep Customer Insights Value with Zaius CDP Acquisition <P>Optimizely Inc. announced the acquisition of Zaius, adding a repository of digital customer data and AI-based segmentation and customer journey orchestration technologies to its digital customer experience platform. These new capabilities will further improve Optimizely's value to new and existing customers.</P> IDC Link Tue, 23 Mar 2021 04:00:00 GMT David Wallace, Gerry Murray, Marci Maddox B2B Marketing's Achilles Tendon: The Impact of Disconnected Data <P>This IDC Survey Spotlight explores tech marketing leaders' point of view on the future of marketing. IDC's <I>Barometer S</I><I>urvey </I>explores the strategic role of marketing, expectations, accountability, skill sets, and mindsets required in the next 12–18 months. This IDC Survey Spotlight outlines barriers to delivering customer-centric marketing. This document highlights how disconnected and disparate data impacts marketing's ability to execute. This document is intended to help tech vendor executives better understand their buyers and therefore adapt their experience and marketing practices to improve customer experience and business results.</P> IDC Survey Spotlight Tue, 16 Mar 2021 04:00:00 GMT Laurie Buczek, Warren Lane 2021年 世界と国内のCxO調査: CxOの新たな役割と、テクノロジーの活用 <P>本調査レポートは、CxO(Chief X Officer:最高X責任者)がこれから担う新たな役割と、テクノロジーの利用などに関して、IDCが世界18か国のCxOに対して行った「<I>IDC CxO Survey</I>」(2020年12月~2021年1月実施)の結果をまとめたものである。本調査レポートで分析した主な項目は以下の通りである。</P><UL><LI>経営上の優先事項</LI><LI>担当領域におけるテクノロジーの重要性</LI><LI>担当領域におけるテクノロジー投資の優先度</LI></UL> IDC Survey Mon, 15 Mar 2021 04:00:00 GMT Yukiharu Yorifuji IDC PeerScape: Practices for Enabling the Future of Customer and Consumer in Contactless Retail <P>This IDC PeerScape examines the main challenges retailers face when engaging customers and consumers. It also suggests starting points for technology buyers to differentiate customer experience (CX). Lessons from companies that are increasingly moving toward hyper-personalized and contextual customer journey show the way artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) foundations, customer data, dynamic supply chain, and loyalty management improve customer experience. Retailers are entering a new era of the shopping experience that require companies to respond in real time to customers' expectations, taking into account the context and inputs that might impact their choices. The practices that IDC selected in this study enable retailers to track frictionless and contactless customer journey evolution at speed and scale. Therefore in this study, IDC has identified five practices that retailers are adopting within their business CX strategies to enable real-time contextual customer experience in the future of customer in retail.</P><P>"Delivering customer experience at scale is the strategic opportunity enabled by real-time and contextual offerings," said Ornella Urso, senior research analyst, IDC Retail Insights. "To reach contextual customer experience, retailers need to activate a dynamic, iterative, and multilayered process that aims to enhance mutual trust and loyalty, brand-customer conversations, and personalized shopping journeys."</P> IDC PeerScape Mon, 15 Mar 2021 04:00:00 GMT Ornella Urso Five Ways Marketing Is Leading Digital Resiliency <P>These event proceedings were presented at IDC Directions in March 2021.</P><P>How do you find success in a world with increasing volatility, uncertainty, and complexity? You avoid traditional, outdated approaches to managing and operating your business. The most dramatic digital transformation has occurred at the point of customer engagement. Now that the initial lift and shift into the digital world has occurred, marketing is at the tip of the spear on reimagining how companies respond to acceleration and changing customer expectations. This session will shift your thinking about flipping digital into a horizontal capability, building an intuitive customer data engine, creating content like a media mogul, orchestrating engagement across the entire buying journey, and digital tools and ecommerce evolving the face of sales.</P> Conference Proceeding: Tech Supplier Fri, 12 Mar 2021 05:00:00 GMT Laurie Buczek