rssmobility IDC RSS alerts Aruba Outlines Plans for SD-Branch; Enhances Network Visibility for Enterprise/IoT Edge <P>Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, recently held its annual Atmosphere 2019 conference in Las Vegas, where the company welcomed some 3,000 customers and partners. At the conference Aruba launched new network visibility capabilities, provided additional details on the company's software-defined branch (SD-Branch) strategy and introduced its next series of products for the next-generation of WiFi (WiFi 6). </P> IDC Link Thu, 18 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT Rohit Mehra, Brandon Butler 2019年 国内ネットワーク機器市場 MNOの5G戦略分析:B2B2X型の5G産業応用 <P>本調査レポートは、B2B2X(Business to Business to Consumer/Business)型の第5世代移動通信システム(5G)の産業応用分野開拓という視点から国内MNOの動向を分析し、コマーシャルユース領域での5G市場の成長性を展望すると共に、B2B2X型の5G産業応用におけるMNOの課題や新しいビジネスモデルの可能性を考察するものである。IDC Japan コミュニケーションズのリサーチマネージャーである敷田 康は「5Gの産業応用を意図したB2B2X型共創/協創におけるサービス開発では、MNOは自社の顧客基盤やポイントプログラムなどの所有アセットをフル活用して、「顧客企業」と「エンドユーザー」とのエンゲージメントを継続的に強化する仕組みの導入を検討すべきである。その仕組みによって生まれる顧客企業の収益から、レベニューシェアやシステム使用料を得るビジネスモデルを描くことが可能となる」と述べている。</P> Market Perspective Wed, 17 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT Ko Shikita 5G-NFV Commercial Readiness: B2B2X Partner Ecosystem Enablement Is Strategic for Digital Services Rollout <P>This IDC Market Perspective explains some of the business strategies and operational IT challenges that comm. SPs and other industry verticals face. Growing top-line revenue means that business model innovation must be a key part of the ongoing strategy of any business, as technology evolution, competition, and regulatory change alter the global business landscape. Taking advantage of a digital services strategy will help comm. SPs define compelling new services and contextual customer experiences while enhancing partner channels, increasing operational efficiency, and adding speed to value. However, most installed IT systems were never meant to address multiparty collaboration, combine digital services and experience with products sold, or simultaneously process real-time revenue flows for both customers and partners as resources are consumed. Meeting these and other requirements from today's services environment, while bridging the gap between "old business" and "new business," is the primary purpose of a digital business platform (DBP). DBPs can deliver the needed capabilities that can arm comm. SPs with the ability to address real customer challenges rather than continuing to offer traditional predefined services.</P><P>"Many companies have found that inventing, delivering, and inventing again to stay abreast of customer expectations is not prudent, too costly, and not fast enough to satisfy demand. This is where partners add significant value, regardless of industry or geography. But orchestrating partner contributions and interfacing with installed systems to maintain continuity between a company's past and its changing future means complexity in service design, partner expectations, and revenue tracking needs. This is why a digital business platform is so relevant," says Karl Whitelock, research vice president, Communications Service Provider Operations and Monetization.</P> Market Perspective Wed, 17 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT Karl Whitelock China Gaming Market Shares, 2018: The Market Has Gone through a Year of Slowest Growth in the Recent Decade <P>"The Chinese game market bore a slowing revenue growth in 2018. Under the influence of environmental variation, the overseas market became the game vendors' focus area," said Turian Tan, gaming market analyst at IDC China. "Although the industry suffered winter, the game vendors should still adhere to the quality-first strategy, create innovative products, and improve the ecological system construction to make the future market more standardized, sustainable, healthy, and motivate stable development."</P> Market Share Wed, 17 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT Turian Tan MWC19: Enterprise Mobility — Still the Heart of the Digital Workplace <P>This IDC Market Note examines the recent mobile enterprise announcements made by vendors at MWC19 such as the news of closer collaboration between Google and Samsung. Operator strategies discussed at the show with IDC Europe highlight the importance of enterprise mobility to European organizations and a desire to become providers of broader IT solutions. Enterprise mobility offerings from operators will factor more prominently into their arrays of solutions offered to customers.</P><P>"Enterprise mobility is a critical component of the digital workplace," said Kevin Restivo, research manager, Enterprise Mobility at IDC Europe. "Vendors are working to make it easier for partners to develop solutions and manage the services that are in place."</P> Market Note Wed, 17 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT Kevin Restivo, Rosie Secchi Swisscom Launches Commercial 5G, but are 2G and 3G the Real Story? <P>Switzerland has become one of the first European markets to make 5G mobile services commercially available. In our view, the main driver for bringing 5G to market quickly in Europe is to increase network capacity and efficiency, rather than to access new revenue streams.</P> IDC Link Wed, 17 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT John Delaney Telecommunications Insights: European Technology Priorities and Strategies Outlook 2019 <P>This IDC Market Presentation outlines the major themes that will affect European communications service providers in 2019 and beyond and the impact these changes will have on their suppliers and partners. They relate to areas including 5G, network virtualization, and telco cloud, telco Capex/Opex, customer experience, AI customer service, edge computing, and narrowband IoT.</P> Market Presentation Wed, 17 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT Mike Cansfield, Bruno Teyton, Dusanka Radonicic, James Eibisch, John Delaney, Rosalind Craven The Supreme Court of Appeal's Judgment on Telkom SA's Ducts: A Game Changer for the Fiber Market in South Africa? <P>This Market Note assesses the likely implications of the South Africa Supreme Court of Appeal's ruling that permits Vodacom to use Telkom SA's ducts to deploy fiber-optic infrastructure in an estate in Cape Town. In addition, the note examines the new market conditions that will be faced by internet service providers in the country. </P><P>"This judgment by the Court of Appeal is groundbreaking, in the sense that it may boost the fiber market on one hand and impede investments in fiber deployments to residential estates and business office parks on the other. The incumbent fixed-line operator may face significant losses if this judgment is confirmed by the Constitutional Court." — Senior Analyst Mervin Miemoukanda, IDC South Africa</P> Market Note Wed, 17 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT Sabelo Dlamini, Mervin Miemoukanda Worldwide Service Provider Router Market Shares, 2018: Core Routing Leads Sharp Global Rebound as Carriers Invest in Backbone Capacity Ahead of 5G Rollouts <P>This IDC study reviews worldwide service provider router revenue for 2018.</P><P>"Carriers invested aggressively across the world in 2018 in building backbone capacity to support the growth in users and video content across the current generation of both wireless and wireline metro networks and to future proof against the expected data tsunami to be unleashed as 5G rollouts begin in 2019." — Rajesh Ghai, research director, Carrier Network Infrastructure at IDC</P> Market Share Wed, 17 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT Rajesh Ghai, Petr Jirovsky European Telco 2025 Services Transformation Outlook 2019 <P>This IDC Market Presentation outlines the major themes that will affect European communication service providers in 2019 and beyond, and the impact these changes will have on their consumer and enterprise service offerings and go-to-market strategies. They relate to areas including 5G, media delivery/streaming, portfolio expansion, fixed/mobile convergence, customer service, private LTE, and location-based services.</P> Market Presentation Tue, 16 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT Mike Cansfield, Rosalind Craven, John Delaney, James Eibisch, Dusanka Radonicic, Bruno Teyton