rsspricingandvaluation IDC RSS alerts IDC Market Glance: Office of the CFO for Estimating and Pricing, 2Q24 <P>This IDC Market Glance provides vendors that offer capabilities to support the estimating and pricing capabilities within the Offer/Order-to-Cash Operational Value Stream. Estimating and pricing has a significant impact on the cash flow of an organization, but often the technology solutions for the capabilities are not invested in; we wanted to highlight the different capabilities to the technology vendors that offer them. </P> Market Presentation Wed, 15 May 2024 04:00:00 GMT Heather Herbst Worldwide Monthly Technology Investment Monitor, March 2024: Economic/IT Spending Expectations for 2024, Digital Infrastructure, Accelerated Computing, and Future of Work <P>This IDC Survey presents IDC's Worldwide Monthly Technology Investment Monitor for March 2024.</P><P>IT leaders' concerns about economic disruptions restricting technology investment plans in 2024 are lower than in 2023, but the leaders are still cautious. The biggest change is a strong intention to increase investments in areas related to generative AI (GenAI). In March 2024, IDC connected with IT leaders around the world to gain an insight into how they continue to navigate disruptions and prioritize technology investments, with a focus on their digital infrastructure investments, plans for accessing accelerated computing capacity, and prioritizing workforce improvements.</P><P>In IDC's 2024 <I>Future Enterprise Resiliency </I><I>and </I><I>Spending Survey</I><I>,</I><I> Wave </I><I>3</I><I>,</I> IDC asked 887 IT decision-makers in North America, Asia/Pacific, and Western Europe to indicate how concerns about inflation, recession skills shortages, GenAI, and other developments are affecting technology investments for the next year.</P> IDC Survey Wed, 15 May 2024 04:00:00 GMT Rick Villars, Mary Johnston Turner, Anu Mehta IDC: Indian Smartphone Market Grew by 11% YoY in 1Q24 to 34 Million Units INDIA, 14 May 2024 – According to the International Data Corporation ’s (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker , India’s smartphone market shipped 34 million smartphones in 1Q24, with 11.5% growth YoY (year-over-year), making it the third consecutive quarter of growth in shipments. Research Press Release Tue, 14 May 2024 04:00:00 GMT Economic Outlook and Dedicated Infrastructure: Flexible Consumption Preferences for GenAI, 2Q24 <P>This IDC Survey provides key findings from IDC's 2024 <I>Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending (FERS) Survey, Wave </I><I>2</I><I>,</I> which includes IT spending expectations for GenAI in 2024. This survey of 896 respondents in North America, Asia/Pacific, and Western Europe was conducted in February 2024. The findings presented here focus on flexible consumption and financing for dedicated IT infrastructure for GenAI.</P> IDC Survey Wed, 08 May 2024 04:00:00 GMT Lara Greden Preference for OEM Vendors and Partners When Selecting an As-a-Service/Flexible Consumption Provider for IT Infrastructure <P>This IDC Survey Spotlight answers the following question: When evaluating flexible as-a-service (XaaS) consumption models for IT infrastructure, do companies prefer to work with the OEM directly or a partner?</P><P>In 1Q24 (January 2024), IDC conducted a survey of 600 IT decision-makers to understand their view of as-a-service offers for IT infrastructure, including Dell APEX, HPE GreenLake, Pure Storage Evergreen, Leonvo TruScale, Google Anthos, Cisco Plus, NetApp KeyStone, and AWS Outposts. They represented a cross-section of industry verticals from the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. </P><P>IDC shares survey data and guidance for as-a-service infrastructure providers.</P> IDC Survey Spotlight Thu, 25 Apr 2024 04:00:00 GMT Lara Greden EMEA ISV Survey, 2024: Products, Pricing, and Innovation Strategies <P>This IDC Survey provides insights into ISV products, pricing models, and innovation strategies. Based on IDC's 2024 <I>Europe, Middle East,</I> <I>and</I> <I>Africa ISV Survey</I> that was fielded from January to March 2024, it combines responses from over 400 ISVs and software-as-a-service providers across 16 countries.</P> IDC Survey Wed, 17 Apr 2024 04:00:00 GMT Andreas Storz, Stuart Wilson, Josh Budd IDC Innovators: Price Optimization for Usage and Recurring Revenue Models, 2024 <P>This IDC Innovators study highlights emerging vendors revolutionizing pricing optimization for recurring and usage-based revenue models, addressing the complex challenges of setting competitive, value-based prices in an increasingly subscription-oriented market. These innovators, including Continuous Technologies, Corrily, Ibbaka, and m3ter, offer unique solutions that leverage technology to enhance pricing strategies, reduce customer churn, and support growth in various industries, from SaaS to healthcare, by providing advanced analytics, consumption models, and integration capabilities.</P><P>"Optimizing pricing for recurring revenue models is evolving; leveraging technology and data analytics is key to optimizing revenue strategies and reducing customer churn," said Mark Thomason, research director for Digital Business Models and Monetization.</P> IDC Innovators Fri, 29 Mar 2024 04:00:00 GMT Mark Thomason Worldwide Monthly Technology Investment Monitor, January 2024: GenAI Plans, GenAI Implications for External Services Providers, AI-Ready Infrastructure, AI Platforms, and GenAI Enhancement of Apps <P>This IDC Survey presents the worldwide monthly technology investment monitor for January 2024. Enterprises are fully engaged in the transition to AI everywhere. The development of investment plans and setting priorities, which started in 2023, is now set for 2024 and early 2025. IT leaders recognize that GenAI models/platforms are major new workloads that will require new approaches for making app, AI platform, and AI-ready infrastructure build/buy decisions, with a focus on data and models. </P><P>IDC's 2024 <I>Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending (FERS) </I><I>S</I><I>urvey</I><I>,</I> <I>Wave 1</I><I>,</I> investigates how IT and business leaders in enterprises around the world are assessing GenAI's potential impacts on their organizations. It is the first of four (quarterly) IDC documents based on GenAI-centric <I>FERS </I><I>S</I><I>urveys</I> that will investigate the implications of GenAI across regions, technologies, and industries. It focuses on issues related to GenAI adoption and the implications for IT investment, governance, and partnering decisions. It also explores enterprise leaders' GenAI road map plans as well as the potential challenges and risks that GenAI poses for organizations.</P> IDC Survey Wed, 27 Mar 2024 04:00:00 GMT Rick Villars, Jennifer Hamel, Mary Johnston Turner, Neil Ward-Dutton, Mickey North Rizza Generative AI Pricing Models: A Strategic Buying Guide <P>This IDC Perspective provides a definitive overview of the generative AI (GenAI) pricing models to help IT and sourcing professionals budget for GenAI deployments across multiple types of use cases. The generative AI pricing landscape is complicated because of the interdependencies across the tech stack. In addition, the relative "newness" of this market means that it is going through rapid packaging and pricing evolution, which brings a level of volatility that makes it difficult to plan or budget for. Early AI technology movers employ a low discounting strategy, signaling ongoing pricing model refinement. Enterprises are advised to take a cautious "wait and see" approach for noncritical use cases. In the evolving market, enterprises should evaluate providers based on flexibility, transparency, and accessibility, considering various pricing structures.</P><P>"In this fast-moving GenAI pricing landscape, enterprises should evaluate providers based on flexibility, transparency, and accessibility, considering various pricing structures," says Philip Carter, group vice president of Worldwide Thought Leadership Research at IDC. "With this document, IDC aims to provide a definitive overview of the generative AI pricing models to help IT and sourcing professionals budget for GenAI deployments across multiple types of use cases."</P> IDC Perspective Tue, 26 Mar 2024 04:00:00 GMT Philip Carter, Robert Parker, Brian E. Clarke, Chris Murphy, Teodora Siman, Elaina Stergiades, Mark Thomason, Ashish Nadkarni, Ritu Jyoti How Do Cloud Cost and Pricing Requirements Change When Different Cloud Platforms Are Consumed? <P>This IDC Survey Spotlight draws upon IDC's 3Q23 <I>CloudPulse</I> <I>S</I><I>urvey</I> results to assess the requirements cloud buyers have for cost and pricing across different platforms and considers how these are reflected when buyers make cloud vendor decisions.</P> IDC Survey Spotlight Fri, 22 Mar 2024 04:00:00 GMT Penny Madsen