rssservices IDC RSS alerts 2023年 国内企業のFuture Enterprise動向調査(Wave 2:2023年3月調査) <P>本調査レポートは、デジタルファーストの時代を生き抜くために必要な企業のFuture Enterprise化の状況に関して、IDCが世界18か国/地域で行ったユーザー調査「<I>Future Enterprise Resiliency & Spending 23 Survey wave 2</I>」の結果の一部を、国内と世界の比較を中心にまとめたものである。本調査レポートでは、2023年のIT投資の見通し、データ活用、ランサムウェアの状況について、国内および世界の企業における意識の違いの比較を含めて分析している。</P> IDC Survey Mon, 29 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Yukiharu Yorifuji Canadian Infrastructure Outsourcing Services Forecast, 2023–2027 <P>This IDC study provides IDC's forecast for the Canadian infrastructure outsourcing services market for 2023–2027. It is an update of the previous forecast published in <I>Canadian Infrastructure Outsourcing Services Forecast, 2022–2026</I> (IDC #<B><A href="/getdoc.jsp?containerId=CA47670022">CA47670022</A></B>, May 2022).</P><P>"The infrastructure outsourcing services market continues to change, and the post-pandemic economy will accelerate change in the market. The decline in 1st and 2nd Platform technologies is leading to slow managed services spending on these areas, while the growth in 3rd Platform technologies to support digital transformation is increasingly incorporated into managed service engagements," says Jason Bremner, research vice president, Industry and Business Solutions at IDC.</P> Market Forecast Mon, 29 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Jason Bremner Canadian Managed IT Services Market Shares, 2022: New Players on the Scene <P>This IDC study reviews the top managed IT SPs in Canada across the five foundation markets.</P><P>"The managed IT services market in Canada performed better than expected in 2022. Some vendors capitalized on the market opportunity and grew share, while others lost share. Lowering costs and IT skills shortages continue to be the underlying drivers for spending on managed IT services, a situation that is not expected to abate in 2023 and 2024," according to Jason Bremner, research vice president, Industry and Business Solutions at IDC Canada. "Managed SPs that can evolve to meet changing client needs for discrete managed services — also called selective outsourcing — while also enabling transformation for clients will align to the market opportunity and position themselves to gain more share in this large market."</P> Market Share Mon, 29 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Jason Bremner IT Services Market Qualitative Reports 1H22 — Australia <P>This IDC Presentation provides a detailed analysis of the market and competitive landscape in IT services in Australia from January to June 2022 (1H22). It covers market size movements and growth trends in each of the macromarkets (i.e., project-oriented services, managed services, and support services) as well as key industries, such as finance, manufacturing and resources, the public sector, distribution and services, and infrastructure. The report also provides a market and vendor analysis of 3rd Platform technologies as key market drivers. The competitive analysis section includes key strategies and activities of global and local IT SPs in the market.</P><P>The data and insights within this presentation are part of the IDC Asia/Pacific Semiannual Services Tracker research, which covers 14 foundation markets across 14 Asia/Pacific countries.</P> Market Presentation Mon, 29 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Harshi Shetty Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Whole Cloud Forecast, 2021—2026 <P>"The growing trend toward hybrid cloud with best-fit and cloud strategies is fueling the greater need for cloud management, cloud economics, and automation. As complexity grows and budget constraints increase, organizations will seek to drive more value from their investments and reprioritize cloud-related projects, selecting those delivering good value in shorter time periods," says Daphne Chung, Research Director, Software and Cloud Services, IDC Asia/Pacific.</P> Market Forecast Fri, 26 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Daphne Chung, Rick Villars Asia/Pacific IT Services Market Forecast, 2022—2027 <P>This IDC study provides the revenue forecast for the APEJ IT services market for the 2023–2027 period. It includes advice for application management SPs, an analysis of the key market and industry trends by the importing market, key market drivers and inhibitors, and significant market developments.</P><P>"The IT services market in Asia/Pacific registered a modest growth rate amidst the impact of rising inflation and growing fears of recession. Buyers continue to take a measured approach to IT spending, with the spotlight now on managing cost and improving business efficiency through automation to effectively navigate the volatile economic environment," says Rijo George Thomas, research manager, IDC Asia/Pacific Software and Services Research Group. "IT SPs showcasing strong business alignment and emphasizing value delivery and innovation will continue to grow in these challenging times," he adds.</P> Market Forecast Fri, 26 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Rijo George Thomas, Pushkaraksh Shanbhag IDC Survey Spotlight: Top Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery Tools to Support Native Cloud Application Development — Worldwide <P>This IDC Survey Spotlight illustrates which continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools organizations most want to support cloud-native development. The document contains data from IDC's <I>Application Services Survey,</I> which was completed in November 2022. IDC's Worldwide Intelligent Application Services practice conducted this survey to understand enterprise preferences for CI/CD tools that support cloud-native development. The overall goal of the survey was to identify how organizations' preferences around application development and life-cycle management tools are evolving and how application service providers can align their application services offerings to address varied customer needs.</P><P>"Application services providers should understand how buyer organizations are approaching cloud-native development and which technology platforms they should invest in skilling their talent to better support evolving customer needs as well as maintain deeper customer relationships in an increasingly competitive environment," explained Pete Marston, Worldwide Intelligent Application Services at IDC.</P> IDC Survey Spotlight Fri, 26 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Peter Marston Achieving Organization's Sustainability Objectives with IoT and Operational Technology Services <P>This IDC Market Perspective discusses achieving organization's sustainability objectives with IoT and operational technology services. Organizations are increasingly focusing on sustainability as one of the key focus areas, and next-generation digital technologies are constantly contributing to this agenda. When it comes to the role of operational technology and IoT services, it is not only limited to improving operational efficiency and improving process resiliency, but a lot has now been associated with enterprises' sustainability objectives and ESG goals. This document explores the use cases where operational technology and IoT services contribute to the organization's sustainability objectives while introspecting challenges that are evident from the proliferation of endpoints and increasing volume of data and how digital engineering and operational technology service providers can make, design, engineer, deploy, and manage OT and IoT services to address the prominent challenges.</P><P>"Operational technology and IoT services are contributing to an organization's sustainability objectives through use cases such as water management, energy/resource optimization, fault reduction, and avoidance of Scopes 2 and 3 emissions," said Abhishek Mukherjee, associate research manager, Worldwide Digital Engineering and Operational Technology Services. "Increasing breadth of IoT ecosystem and volume of data generated is expected to be challenging for organizations to manage. Here, engineering service providers are expected to play a key role in devising the OT and IoT solutions and services so that those can counter infrastructure and process-related challenges without adding to the carbon footprint," added Mukherjee.</P> Market Perspective Thu, 25 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Abhishek Mukherjee, Mukesh Dialani ChatGPT and Generative AI Courses: Recommendations for IT Leaders, Spring 2023 <P>This IDC Tech Buyer Presentation examines and recommends the best generative AI (GAI) courses available to enterprise leaders now. This document will be refreshed and updated quarterly.</P><P>"Enterprises are racing to get their teams up to speed on ChatGPT and related technologies," says Gina Smith, Ph.D., research director, IDC's IT Skills for Digital Business practice. "This document spotlights the best GAI courses, videos, and reference materials available to all levels of IT employees now."</P> Tech Buyer Presentation Thu, 25 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Gina Smith, PhD Worldwide Datacenter Interconnection Services Forecast, 2023–2027 <P>This IDC study analyses the worldwide interconnection services market. In addition to presenting key trends, the study forecasts interconnection services revenue through 2027.</P><P>"Growth of hybrid and multicloud networking and the need for automated real-time bandwidth deployment are shaping the provision of datacenter interconnection services. Colocation companies continue to innovate their interconnection fabric to meet evolving requirements," according to Avinash Naga, research manager, Worldwide Hosting and Colocation Services, IDC.</P> Market Forecast Thu, 25 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Courtney Munroe, Avinash Naga