rssservices IDC RSS alerts IDC PeerScape: Automation Practices to Achieve Business and Service Excellence <P>"Automation should never be seen just as a cost-cutting measure — it is a value-creation opportunity," said Jean-François Segalotto, associate director, IDC Energy Insights. "Companies can use automation as a tool to extract and operationalize data or to create applications that bring them closer to their users."</P> IDC PeerScape Sun, 23 Jan 2022 05:00:00 GMT Jean-François Segalotto, Gaurav Verma eSignature Adoption Driving European Process Automation <P>This IDC Market Perspective provides insight into the European esignature market, its role in the future work environment, and what it means for print vendors repositioning themselves as both print and process automation service providers. It includes examples of local European esignature market players.</P><P>"Clearer EU esignature regulation coupled with the process challenges during the pandemic have helped to drive European esignature adoption. The highly fragmented European esignature market presents global players with different competitors by country. MPCS providers need to decide which esignature vendors to partner with according to customer preferences including geographic presence. However, where esignature vendors offer a wider portfolio of process solutions, MPCS providers will be faced with partners that are also, at times, direct competition," said Jacqui Hendriks, associate research director.</P> Market Perspective Sun, 23 Jan 2022 05:00:00 GMT Jacqui Hendriks IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Services 2022 Predictions - Japan Implications <P>本プレゼンテーションは、2022年~2027年における世界および国内のサービス市場で予測される10項目の主要な動向(Predictions)をまとめたものである。米国において発行された『<I>IDC </I><I>FutureScape</I><I>: Worldwide Services 202</I><I>2</I><I> Predictions</I>(IDC #<B><A href="/getdoc.jsp?containerId=US46844221">US46844221</A></B>、2021年10月発行)』の内容を基に、国内市場の状況を考慮して一部変更を加えた。なお、本プレゼンテーション内の数値は、断りなく使用されている場合は世界市場の数値を示しており、国内市場の数値には国内市場であることを明記している。</P><P>世界市場で進む、企業のデジタルレジリエンシーの強化やサステナビリティへの対応、多様性や公平性の確保、これらを実現するための自動化やアプリケーションモダナイゼーションへの対応といったさまざまな動きは、サービスそのものに変化を迫るものであり、国内市場でもこうしたトレンドは(若干遅行しながらも)着実に浸透しているとIDCではみている。「サービスの多様な変化とベンダーの変革は、企業がデジタルトランスフォーメーション(DX)ジャーニーを進め、デジタルレジリエンシーを構築する上で効果的な支援を提供するためのものである。企業がより本質的な変革を迅速に進めるために、こうした変化する外部リソースをいかに効果的に活用していくかは、重要なポイントとなる」とIDC Japan ITサービスのグループマネージャーである植村 卓弥は述べている。</P> Tech Buyer Presentation Thu, 20 Jan 2022 05:00:00 GMT Takuya Uemura, Satoshi Matsumoto, Mimei Ito, Akihiro Kimura, Seiichiro Yoshii VSaaS: A Logical Evolution for Technology Vendors and Systems Integrators <P>This IDC Market Perspective evaluates video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) and its role in enterprises. Video surveillance as a service is increasingly an important part of the value proposition for camera vendors as well as video surveillance analytics vendors. VSaaS enables enterprise video surveillance capabilities to scale flexibly in response to business demands while helping manage overhead costs. In addition, VSaaS provides a platform on which to build additional business intelligence capabilities that will actively support the generation of revenue and the improvement of business processes.</P><P>"Video surveillance as a service is evolving to be an important offering for video surveillance technology vendors," according to Mike Jude, research director for Video Surveillance and Vision Applications at IDC. "Vendors for video surveillance technology will need to consider offering such VSaaS services as an adjunct to their technology solutions to remain competitive."</P> Market Perspective Thu, 20 Jan 2022 05:00:00 GMT Mike Jude What Capabilities Are Key When Selling Support Services Contracts? <P>This IDC Survey Spotlight highlights the results of an IDC worldwide survey conducted in September 2021 to understand the key drivers and requirements that matter when IT buyers evaluate support contracts. Of the 1,200 customers surveyed, technical expertise and effective communication as well as self-help capabilities were at the top of the list when providing support.</P> IDC Survey Spotlight Thu, 20 Jan 2022 05:00:00 GMT Rob Brothers What Compels Companies to Buy Support Contracts? <P>This IDC Survey Spotlight highlights the results of an IDC worldwide survey conducted in September 2021 to understand the key drivers and requirements that matter when IT buyers evaluate support contracts. Of the 1,234 customers surveyed, most realized it is not just about support, but it's about the experience; hence, most customers said they get improved hardware performance and overall hardware satisfaction when buying support contracts.</P> IDC Survey Spotlight Thu, 20 Jan 2022 05:00:00 GMT Rob Brothers Strategic Alliances Virtual Leadership Discussion, December 2021 <P>This IDC Market Perspective highlights key insights shared at IDC's Strategic Alliances Virtual Leadership Discussion held December 9, 2021. The discussion focuses on critical topics that will assist senior alliance leaders in creating and enhancing ongoing value.</P><P>"Attempting to address increasing customer demands without the assistance of key partners is no longer a viable option. The importance of strategic alliances and ecosystems will continue as organizations face new challenges in addressing rapidly changing customer business requirements." — Christopher Webber, research director, IDC Strategic Alliances</P> Market Perspective Wed, 19 Jan 2022 05:00:00 GMT Christopher Webber, Steve White 2022年 国内の事業者データセンターにおけるインターコネクション動向 <P>本調査レポートは、国内の事業者データセンター(DC)におけるインターコネクションサービスの提供状況や各社の成長戦略を調査/分析したものである。ハイブリッド/マルチクラウド環境がエンタープライズインフラストラクチャとして採用される傾向が拡大するにつれて、相互接続を容易に実現できるインターコネクションは、DCが備えるべき機能として重要になっている。</P><P>「DC事業者が顧客ベースを拡大させるために、DC内の顧客/パートナーのエコシステムを拡充させることが重要であり、そのためにはインターコネクションの重要性はますます大きくなるであろう」とIDC Japan ITサービスのリサーチマネージャーである伊藤 未明は分析している。</P> Market Perspective Tue, 18 Jan 2022 05:00:00 GMT Mimei Ito Competitive Analysis of Leading IT Services Players in the Other Gulf Countries (Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain), 2020 <P>This IDC study identifies the leading IT services providers in Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain — including their market shares — based on their respective performances in 2020. The study provides information on the market size and shares of the top 5 service vendors in IDC's 12 foundation market categories. Furthermore, it examines the performances of the top IT services providers in key industry verticals.</P><P>The study answers the following questions:</P><UL><LI>What are the top IT services providers in the IT services market in Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain, respectively?</LI><LI>What are the top IT services providers in each of IDC's 12 foundation markets in the respective countries?</LI><LI>What are the top IT services providers for key industry verticals in the respective countries?</LI></UL><P>"The IT services market in Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain all experienced declines in 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations focused on ensuring business continuity and enabling digital channels for business operations. Many essential government services in these countries were moved online due to the pandemic, and organizations had to expand their online capabilities. However, organizations were also under pressure to reduce costs; therefore, they reprioritized their spending, resulting in negative growth. Organizations prioritized cloud-based investments, with prominent local IT service providers, global system integrators, and telecom operators as their preferred partners. At the same time, small IT services providers and niche players focusing on traditional IT services have struggled in the market due to the pandemic." — Research Analyst Suraj Godse, IT Services, IDC Middle East and Africa</P> Technology Segment Tue, 18 Jan 2022 05:00:00 GMT Suraj Godse, Eric Samuel IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Services 2022 Predictions — APEJ Implications <P>The world continues to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic with cycles of change and adaptation across industries. The latest IDC wave surveys also suggest that the Asia/Pacific region continues to remain positive in IT spending from the levels of 2020, indicating that enterprises plan to lean into technology and IT services to navigate the disruptions of the pandemic.</P><P>This study provides IDC's top 10 predictions for the worldwide services for Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) (APEJ) for the next five years (2022–2027). The document examines numerous topics such as sustainability, the cloud imperative, automation, application modernization, and resiliency. Some predictions in this study include:</P><UL><LI>Prediction 1: By 2023, 40% of organizations will be implementing sustainability-related considerations into their business life cycle.</LI><LI>Prediction 5: By 2025, reacting to societal shifts, to tap new talent, and to provide an inclusive culture, 25% of A2000 organizations will engage professional services firms to build and execute a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy.</LI><LI>Prediction 7: By 2026, more than half of all large enterprises will describe experience design as a top 3 business competency, alongside traditional areas such as sales, marketing, and logistics.</LI><LI>Prediction 8: By 2025, 50% of organizations will offer digital skills training to all employees "on demand," resulting in digital transformation (DX) initiatives being completed four times faster.</LI><LI>Prediction 10: By 2025, 80% of organizations will modernize their applications based on drivers, such as data security, organizational flexibility and agility, and productivity gains, versus drivers such as IT cost savings.</LI></UL><P>For each service prediction, this document provides an assessment of the key impacts and guidance on preparing for the coming changes.</P> Tech Buyer Presentation Sat, 15 Jan 2022 05:00:00 GMT Rijo George Thomas, Pushkaraksh Shanbhag, Linus Lai