rssservices IDC RSS alerts 2H19 Country Report on IT Services — Thailand <P>Even before the COVID-19 pandemic started to weigh on the global economy, Thailand's economic growth was already forecast to be lower than its average growth in the past years because of declining exports and weakness in domestic demand. However, since the impact from COVID-19 became more prominent, several measures have been imposed by the government, including a declaration of a state of emergency, which includes restriction of movement. Thus, overall IT investment and enterprise spending is expected to slow down.</P><P>Although the full extent of the impact of the pandemic on the economy is difficult to predict, IDC believes the impact will be substantial in the near to medium term. The IT services market will be impacted by a reduction in IT spending because of organizations' financial constraint from business operations disruptions. This will result in the delay of new IT projects and new investments over the next 12 months.</P><P>On the bright side, organizations are looking to undergo digital transformation to explore new business opportunities rather than merely focus on operational optimization or save costs. Thailand organizations are increasingly prioritizing uncovering business value over cost savings. </P><P>The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI)–related solutions is gaining traction in Thailand, with a noticeable increase in uptake of different industries, especially in the finance, manufacturing, and telecommunications sectors.</P><P>The delay in budget approval by the Thailand government has caused a slight delay in the approval of new IT-related project investments, which will impact the systems integration and IT outsourcing services market the most. However, the delay in new investments is not expected to be long term, with the IT services market expected to pick up by 2021.</P> Market Presentation Thu, 09 Jul 2020 04:00:00 GMT Prapussorn Pechkaew Buyer Adoption: Blockchain Implementation Services <P>This IDC Survey Spotlight looks at buyer adoption of blockchain implementation services across the implementation services phases (assess, plan, design, and build) and how spending is different for various demographic categories (company size, industry, and IT versus line of business [LOB]).</P><P>This IDC Survey Spotlight is based on a survey of 400 U.S. respondents within companies that have 1,000+ employees, including a mix of IT and line-of-business roles. Respondents are familiar with blockchain and play a role in their company's use of services from third-party service providers to support their blockchain technology needs.</P> IDC Survey Spotlight Thu, 09 Jul 2020 04:00:00 GMT Ali Zaidi COVID-19's Impact on Business Process Outsourcing and Business Consulting Services Spend <P>This IDC Survey Spotlight looks at COVID-19's impact on business services spend (including business process outsourcing services and business consulting services) compared with enterprises' originally budgeted 2020 spending plans.</P><P>This IDC Survey Spotlight leverages data from IDC's 2020 <I>COVID-19 </I><I>Impact on IT Spending </I><I>Survey</I><I>.</I> Global survey respondents are from companies of 500+ employees and a mix of industries and IT/business roles. Survey respondents are also primary decision makers or part of the team responsible for IT product/service spending decisions.</P><P>Data from IDC's 2020 <I>COVID-19 </I><I>Impact on IT Spending </I><I>Survey</I> was collected in six "waves" spanning from March 19, 2020, through June 15, 2020, in order to assess buyer's likelihood to increase/decrease spend over time.</P> IDC Survey Spotlight Thu, 09 Jul 2020 04:00:00 GMT Bjoern Stengel, Alison Close EMEA Business Inkjet Market Shares, 2019: Market Diversification Is Creating Opportunities <P>This IDC Market Share will examine the dynamics of the EMEA business inkjet industry in 2019, the winners and losers, and the technologies that are emerging as major opportunities.</P><P>"Business inkjet devices are increasing their competitiveness in the EMEA office market and many organizations have already switched their print hardware from laser to ink as ink costs decline and the sustainability of ink raises awareness. These positive factors are opening up opportunities in new markets such as the public sector to capture page volume from increased hardware installations," said Phil Sargeant, program director, Imaging, Hardware, and Document Solutions.</P> Market Share Thu, 09 Jul 2020 04:00:00 GMT Phil Sargeant Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions News — July 2020 <P>This IDC Market Note includes news that occurred in June 2020 about imaging, printing, and document solutions vendors.</P> Market Note Thu, 09 Jul 2020 04:00:00 GMT Jacqui Hendriks, Julio Vial U.S. Colocation Services Market Shares, 2019: Global Market Leaders Expand Coverage <P>This IDC study examines the U.S. colocation services market (retail and wholesale), providing market sizing for 2019.</P><P>"The U.S. colocation market is driven by the momentum of digital transformation and edge computing and the continued demand from hyperscale providers. Colocation remains the epicenter for digital platforms, bringing together enterprises, network providers, and cloud providers," according to Courtney Munroe, research vice president, Worldwide Telecommunications research, at IDC.</P> Market Share Thu, 09 Jul 2020 04:00:00 GMT Courtney Munroe, Venkatesh Mahale Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Multicloud Adoption Workload Location Selection and Placements <P>This IDC Market Presentation analyzes the multicloud adoption in Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) (APEJ) organizations. It also provides insights into organization's preferences for different cloud deployment options based on workloads, multicloud challenges, and movement of workloads across different cloud deployment options. </P><P>The supply side data is presented from IDC's Server and Storage Workloads Tracker. IDC's workloads research tracks worldwide spend on server and storage hardware to power enterprise workloads across multiple deployment models and locations. IDC's Workloads Taxonomy classifies enterprise workloads into 18 workload types among 7 workload categories. The survey data presented within this document is from IDC's <I>Quarterly </I><I>Cloud </I><I>Pulse </I><I>Survey</I>.</P> Market Presentation Wed, 08 Jul 2020 04:00:00 GMT Prabhitha Sheethal Dcruz, Chris Morris IDC Directions Japan 2020:導入が加速するクラウド ~クラウドジャーニーが成長戦略の鍵~ <P>本Web Conference Proceeding: Tech SupplierはIDC Japan ITサービス リサーチディレクターである松本 聡による講演の内容をプレゼンテーションスライドと音声ファイルによって提供するものである。</P><P>新型コロナウイルス感染症(COVID-19)の影響は、クラウドの導入を加速するとIDCはみている。短期的には「コストの変動費化、削減」や「事業継続性」に焦点が合わせられ、ユーザー企業の「DX」に関する優先順位の低下が懸念される。しかし、既存ビジネスの維持/効率化からDXへと発展するクラウドジャーニーの波は早く訪れる。ユーザー企業のクラウドジャーニーを支援することが、ベンダーの成長戦略に欠かせない。本講演では、国内クラウド市場動向を考察する。</P> Web Conference Proceeding: Tech Supplier Wed, 08 Jul 2020 04:00:00 GMT Satoshi Matsumoto IDC Directions Tokyo 2020: Cloud to Edgeモデルで考えるデータセンター配備戦略 <P>本Web Conference Proceeding: Tech SupplierはIDC Japan ITサービス リサーチマネージャーである伊藤 未明による講演の内容をプレゼンテーションスライドと音声ファイルによって提供するものである。</P><P>メガクラウド事業者向けのハイパースケールデータセンター建設ラッシュが続いているが、過熱気味とも思われる投資拡大はいつまで続くのであろうか。その一方で、エンタープライズ系の業務システム運用に必要となる、非クラウド型データセンターの需要は今後どうなるのであろうか。本講演では「Cloud to Edge」モデルという考え方に基づいて、新たなデータセンター配備戦略の在り方を考察する。</P> Web Conference Proceeding: Tech Supplier Wed, 08 Jul 2020 04:00:00 GMT Mimei Ito IDC Directions Tokyo 2020:Future Enterpriseへの変革に伴走するサービス~新たな産業エコシステムに向けて~ <P>本Web Conference Proceeding: Tech SupplierはIDC Japan ITサービス グループマネージャーである植村 卓弥による講演の内容をプレゼンテーションスライドと音声ファイルによって提供するものである。</P><P>国内サービス市場では、顧客企業の業務領域に踏み込み、より広範囲に渡る変革を支援するサービスが拡大している。ビジネスコンサルティングとITサービスの融合、顧客企業との共創や長期的関係性の構築、複数のステークホルダーへの価値提供、インダストリークラウドの勃興といったサービス市場を取り巻くトレンドの中で、顧客や産業の変革を推進するためにあるべきサービスの姿とは、どのようなものなのか。本講演では、顧客の「Future Enterprise」への変革に「伴走」していくための、サービスの変革について考察する。</P> Web Conference Proceeding: Tech Supplier Wed, 08 Jul 2020 04:00:00 GMT Takuya Uemura