rsssmb IDC RSS alerts 国内IT市場/第3のプラットフォーム市場 SMB/従業員規模別および地域別のDX向けIT支出動向分析 <P>本調査レポートは、国内企業における第3のプラットフォームの利用動向、およびデジタルトランスフォーメーション(DX)の取り組みの動向に関して、従業員規模別と地域別で比較、分析したものである。まず、2023年2月に実施した「国内ユーザー企業調査」における利用動向などの調査結果を分析し、従業員規模、地域での第3のプラットフォームソリューションの利活用とDXの取り組みに関する動向を検証する。また、国内第3のプラットフォーム市場の従業員規模別、地域別予測データのほか、従業員規模別、地域別でのDXの展望も提供する。</P><P>大企業および大都市圏の企業だけではなく、SMB(Small and Medium-sized Business:中堅中小企業)、大都市圏以外の地域の企業でも第3のプラットフォーム関連の支出が拡大し、DXの施策に着手する企業が増加している。特にSMBではデータ、IoT(Internet of Things)の活用による収益拡大など従来の生産性向上だけではない新しい目的でDX推進を開始している。ただし、小規模企業、または北海道/東北地方、中国/四国地方などの一部の企業では第3のプラットフォームの利用、ならびにDX推進は停滞したままとなっている。これは、経営体力、デジタル化を推進する人材/ノウハウの不足などの要因に加え、企業内においてデジタル化、DX推進の重要性を理解すると共に全社でのDX推進を支援する環境整備が遅れていることが挙げられる。したがって、「ITサプライヤーは、これらの企業文化の問題でデジタル化、DX推進が遅れる企業に対して、自社だけではなく地方自治体、地域金融機関、税理士/会計士などと連携してDX推進の環境整備を支援することが求められる」とIDC Japan、Verticals & Cross Technologiesのリサーチマネージャーである市村 仁は述べている。</P> Market Perspective Sun, 28 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Hitoshi Ichimura IDC Survey: Data and Analytics Technology Landscape for SMBs and Midmarket Companies in Asia/Pacific (Including Japan) — Adoption Trends in 2023 and Beyond <P>This IDC Survey provides an overview of how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) (fewer than 500 employees) and midmarket company (500–999) employees in Asia/Pacific (including Japan) (APJ) are being affected by the macroeconomic headwinds and their current state of digitalization. It examines the data and analytics maturity and adoption trends, top investment areas for the next 18 months, and critical factors and evaluation criteria for SMBs and midmarket companies when purchasing such technology solutions.</P> IDC Survey Thu, 25 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Supriya Deka, Daniel-Zoe Jimenez Spotlighting the Importance of Secure Digital Infrastructure: Key Retail Takeaways from the Comcast Business Analyst Conference <P>This IDC Market Note covers key retail takeaways from the Comcast Business Analyst Conference held in March 2023. It includes a discussion of secure networking and its importance for today's retail environment. </P> Market Note Wed, 24 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Margot Juros 中国中小企业及中端市场企业云态度调查:企业上云的关键能力, 2023 <P>本IDC调查焦点探讨了中国中小企业及中端市场企业在充分利用云服务方面需要培养的IT技能。云技术已经成为今天商业战略中不可或缺的一部分,中国小型和中型企业(SMB,员工少于500人)以及中端市场企业(500–999名员工)已经开始大量采用云技术,以寻求更高的可扩展性、业务敏捷性和成本效益。在企业上云从“资源为中心”向“应用为中心”转变的背景下,中小企业上云的关键目标是应对业务运营管理模式的转变和挑战。IDC亚太地区中小企业及中端市场企业云应用态度调查了1–1,000人的企业在未来12至18个月的云应用计划。中国企业对云应用的使用态度表现积极,但仍有大量的中小企业刚开始考虑云应用,或者它们的云投资是孤立的和非集成的。为了充分利用云服务的潜力,并在竞争激烈的市场中取得成功,中国的中小型企业和中端市场企业需要培养一些重要的技能。</P><P>IDC中国研究总监李连风指出:“对于中小企业来说,通过上云可以更加专注于自身的业务和创新,同时也可以根据实际需求来灵活地调整和扩展资源,避免资源闲置和浪费。中小企业在云计算的应用中心模式下,可以将应用程序和服务直接部署在云端,通过云平台提供的资源和服务来支持企业的运营需求。基础设施即服务(IaaS)、软件即服务(SaaS)和平台即服务(PaaS)等云服务,使得小型和中型企业以及中端市场企业能够应对来自外部因素的干扰,特别是应对来自全球供应链、技能短缺以及不断上涨的通胀和能源价格的挑战。</P> IDC Survey Spotlight Wed, 24 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Cynthia Li, Supriya Deka European Small and Medium-Sized Business Market Overview <P>This IDC Survey provides an overview of European small and medium-sized businesses' (SMBs') performance in 2022 and 2023 as well as their planned technology spending. It also identifies technological challenges that they expect to face in 2023, and ultimately, their planned investments in technology. IDC surveyed a total of 986 SMBs in Europe across the following European countries: the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. Small businesses in this survey are defined as companies with 1 to 99 employees, while medium-sized businesses are defined as companies with 100 to 999 employees.</P> IDC Survey Tue, 23 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Riccardo Barrai Impact of Fixed Wireless Access on Cable and Fiber Internet Access Services for Business <P>This IDC Perspective intends to illustrate the impact of FWA on cable, fiber, and DSL internet access connections over time in the enterprise and business services space. FWA is expected to gain a significant market share in revenue and connections over time, becoming a real alternative to cable broadband and fiber internet access services. This document dives into details on what is impacting these trends and future forecast. </P><P>"FWA should be viewed as a true alternative by the carriers and service providers. The focus should be on improving reach, reliability, and SLAs while offering a bundled solution of fixed and wireless as well as managed services offering. FWA is in a position to take market share aggressively from cable broadband and fiber internet services over time," says Jitesh Bhayani, research vice president, Worldwide Telecommunications Services at IDC.</P> IDC Perspective Fri, 19 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Jitesh Bhayani, Jason Blackwell, Jason Leigh The Evolving Role of Telco Cloud Marketplaces as a Route to Market for European SMBs <P>This IDC Market Perspective analyzes Vodafone and Telefónica Tech’s cloud marketplaces and comments on the SMB opportunity within these platforms. Multiple cloud marketplaces claim to provide European SMBs with platforms to efficiently discover, purchase, and manage cloud-based solutions. Multiple European telcos have pursued this opportunity and attempted to establish marketplaces targeting SMB customers. </P><P>“As the use of cloud-based solutions including SaaS becomes more commonplace for SMBs, there is a growing opportunity for cloud marketplaces to serve as a platform in which customers can discover and procure solutions,” said Riccardo Barrai, research analyst, European Small & Medium Business & Startup Strategies, IDC. “However, running a marketplace comes with challenges, and among other things, technology vendors must ensure advanced tools and metrics are in place to deliver enhanced customer experience and measure the success of the platform.”</P> Market Perspective Tue, 09 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Riccardo Barrai U.S. SMB Communications Services Forecast, 2023–2027 <P>This IDC study analyzes and forecasts the revenue for the U.S. small and medium-sized business communications services market. The study provides IDC's definitions of SMB and telecom voice and data categories, and it presents a detailed forecast, beginning in 2020 and extending through 2027.</P><P>"SMBs continue to invest in technologies and services to solve business problems and stay connected to customers. This provides an attractive opportunity for vendors of voice and data communications services," says Jason Blackwell, research director, SMB Communications Services at IDC. "However, communications service providers need to be able to customize solutions and bundles to help SMBs through the uncertain economic environment."</P> Market Forecast Mon, 08 May 2023 04:00:00 GMT Jason Blackwell 2023 U.S. SMB Market Profile Update <P>This IDC Survey provides an overview of the current state of the total U.S. SMB market as well as small (1-99 employees) and medium-sized (100-999 employees) businesses in the United States. It provides demographic data on the U.S. SMB market as it exists today, including indicators of business health, and examines U.S. SMB business and technology priorities, business challenges, macroeconomic impacts, and overall attitudes toward technology.</P> IDC Survey Fri, 28 Apr 2023 04:00:00 GMT Elisabeth Clemmons, Katie Evans Digital Workspace Virtualization in the Small and Medium-Sized Business Markets — Trends and Impacts <P>This IDC Market Perspective highlights the trends and impacts of digital workspace virtualization in the small and medium-sized business (SMB) markets. Virtual client computing is emerging as a key component of small and medium-sized business endpoint computing tactics, enabling SMBs' talent and sustainability strategies. Underlying this shift is a dramatic uptick in automation (AIOps), both in fully managed desktop as a service (DaaS) and more generally throughout the market, an uptick SMBs are uniquely situated to take advantage of.</P><P>"Virtualization is one component of a larger intelligent digital workspace strategy in service of the organization's talent and sustainability strategies," said Shannon Kalvar, research director, Virtual Client Computing at IDC. "That small and medium-sized businesses can finally incorporate this component at scale to reduce costs and IT workload is a critical step toward building sustainable digital operations."</P> Market Perspective Thu, 27 Apr 2023 04:00:00 GMT Shannon Kalvar